The tears stream
down my face,
dancing down my cheeks
with beautiful grace.

They leave a trail
on my face covered with dirt.
I'm just a filthy whore
smothered in hurt.

The tears burn their way
down my skin.
They laugh and taunt me,
letting me know they win.

I just wish one day,
one night,
I wouldn't struggle
or put up a fight.

I wish the tears would cease,
letting me live my life.
But they don't,
they're a constant reminder of my strife.

It feels like I'm crying acid,
my eyes burn like hell.
Or maybe they're tears of blood,
I can't tell.

No matter how hard I try,
the tears still come.
I've cried so much
my entire body is numb.

I remember someone once told me
that every tear I cry lands in God's hand.
Well I think He's holding more of my tears
than He had ever planned.

I'm trying, okay?
Don't get on my case.
Telling me to stop being a baby
is not your place.