I only have ten minutes. Ten minutes to figure this whole thing out.
I'm stuck in a room, filled with monitors and no obvious way to get out.

I have ten minutes. Ten of these non-concrete items that have no harm in themselves. They are just catalysts for the impending doom that awaits me in these realms.

This should not be so depressing, i have shed too many tears of regret and cursing. I look at my body as the light keeps flashing and I begin my uneducated nursing.

I have five minutes now. Only five minutes and I still have no idea why I am trapped in this room. The monitors play back my memories, my mistakes and missed marks of maturity.

It's like someone is making fun of my life and gets a sick pleasure of rewinding back in time of my insecurity.

I look at the clock as the time with less down from 2:30 to 2:29 and so on...

It's so stupid to be thinking all of this right now, I am such a hopeless moron.

When the last minute hit, i felt a huge surge of energy tear a hole in front of the room and I saw a man who blinded me.

He began asking me what do I have to account for what I have seen and all i can do is scream as I withheld my urge to pee.

He came closer and I saw his face and he smiled at me. He extended his hand towards me and I felt the bonds on my body disintegrate.

I took his hand and that's all I can remember. I woke up beside my wife and understood the dream and laughed at my addiction to masturbate.

Now I know that I need to change, to start my life from a new beginning.

Without God, I would be electrocuted and from my body, blood would be the only thing spilling.