What it's Worth

I got new glasses yesterday.
They're ever so cool – tinted black lenses!
I think they're called "reactions".
So eagerly, I shove them on my face.
Anxious to see the colours
Of the world around.
And though I can see the
Shapes and faces that make up my world,
They have no colour. Like a shadow in front of my eyes.
As I begin to sniff gently, and sigh with disappointment,
I feel something hit the side of my face.
My mother scolds me –
"Do not cry empty tears that fall from eyes which cannot see."
- And it seems she is right.
For the glasses are now gone, and I am blind again.

It's like the sun has been extinguished in a single second…

Scrabbling around on the floor, not knowing where to look

– although what difference would it make? –
I hear the sudden sound of
C-R-A-C-K-I-N-G glass…

"Oh look what you've done!"

My callous father says.
"That's the last thing we ever buy for you.
Looks like you're never going to see!"
He laughs as he staggers from the room,
A drunken slur.
He puts a hand to my mother's back
And together they lurch towards the bedroom…

I hear them moaning and gasping with pleasure
Wrapped up in their petty desires.
As they get louder, I let a moan of my own escape my throat.
One of sorrow.

And the tears begin to fall from the eyes of one who cannot see.