The cool night breeze ruffled my red hair as I laid in a meadow, staring up at the stars and moon. The cold iron choker froze my neck, reminding me of all the things I couldn't be. The grass swayed and the light of dawn brought me out of my sorrow. I stood up and brushed the dirt off of my clothes, and then headed back to the place I hated. Master's transport wagon. A business that transported goods to people. But that wasn't the reason I hated it; it was simply the people who were there.

As I neared my destination, I quieted my mind and erased all of my emotions.

"Where were you, runt?" A gruff voice asked. I turned to face Senos, one of the three workers that I knew well, and not in a good way.

I simply pointed in the direction of the meadow I was just in. But didn't say anything, and I never would. As long as I kept my mask up, I would be fine. I would get less beatings and more time to be alone. The three workers, one of them being Senos, thought I was mute, which had its advantages and disadvantages at its own time. One of the advantages was not having to speak to anyone I disliked, one of the disadvantages was the fact that I forgetting that I could speak in the first place. I was forgetting what my own voice sounded like.

A bottle was thrown at me, and its shards scattered, leaving my crimson blood flow down my face and chest. I did not scream or even flinch. This was a life for one of the damned. I simply walked away from Senos, who was sneering at me, watching my every move. I walked over to the wagon and crawled underneath it. Master had said I was not fit or even clean enough to be even on the wagon, so when traveling I would run or walk next to the horses. A wood panel above me opened and a face appeared, Ishien's. He looked down at me and looked me over, watching my blood stain the ground.

"Did Senos throw another bottle at you?" He said worriedly.

I only nodded my head a little, still keeping my mouth shut. Though Ishien treated me the best, he cared for me, saying that no girl should be treated in such a way. But I'm not even human. Only a demon, in a human skin.

"We will arrive at a tavern by this afternoon; quickly heal yourself before Master wakes up." And with that final word, he closed the panel with a click.

I closed my eyes, and thought bitterly "Yeah, I wish it was that simple. I can't magically make myself heal in an instant. I would need ten minutes to heal this, and judging by the sun, Master wakes up in only five minutes, how bout you find a solution, dimwit!"

I started to heal myself slowly, but when I heard Master move in his bed, I hurried the process, making it extremely painful. I clenched my teeth tightly, making my jaw hurt within seconds. Just as Master got out of bed, my magic healed my wounds, the glass shards still inside my skin. I cringe inwardly at the thought. The slap of reins echoes and the wagon lurches forward. Once it clears my head, I jump up and run to catch up with the horses. I slow to a walk when I reached the head horse. I wear no shoes so I feel every grain of dirt underfoot, a white tank top which only hung an inch below my breast, and a pair of baggy red pants that ended half way down my shin. Two anklets on each ankle bangle with each step I took. I smile as a bird flies above me, free.


A few hours after lunch, which I only got a slice of bread, we arrived at the tavern. I tied the horses to a post and gave them water as Master, Ishien, and Senos went in to drink. I came in after them a little while later, who were ordering their drinks. The waiter was a boy my age, around fifteen, who was scrambling to write down their orders. He had light brown hair and gray eyes. He wore a baby blue T-shirt and brown pants. He wore an apron and a pair of shoes. He looked at me as I stood behind Master, and asked me what I would like to eat as well. I wanted to answer so badly, but I didn't.

Master's hand whipped out and slapped me across the face, sending me sprawling. My face stung and my body felt numb.

"I told you to never to get close to me! Filthy beast!" Master yelled.

"What did you do that? She's just a girl!" The boy yelled at Master, while helping me up from the ground. "Are you okay? You're face is red." He said, looking at my dead eyes.

Why did he even try? I touched my chocker to draw his eyes to my neck. His eyes widened in horror, my fingers slid over the letters and numbers; DG-00001.

His eyes flared in rage. "How could you do this to a girl? You made her a slave!"

Everyone in the tavern was drawn to us, if not they already were. I slide behind the boy, not wanting to meet Master's anger.

"I'm not the one who made her a slave. The government did. I simply bought her. Don't waste your breath questioning her, she's mute, forgotten how to speak. I don't know why you're protecting her. Do you know what 'DG-00001' means?" Master questioned, a sneer on his face.

The boy didn't answer, I guessed because he didn't know the answer, jackass.

"It means she's not human, stupid. DG means 'Dragon Girl'. She's a monster. She can't even say anything.-" Senos said.

I couldn't take it anymore.

"I can speak you dimwits! I don't care what you say about me, but I will fight for my life and I am proud to be a Dragon Girl!" I shouted, making my throat hurt. Everyone stared at me in shock. I wasn't a monster that couldn't speak.

"Well now. The price on your head just went up, so, Senos, how much money will we get if we sell her now? A million? Two million, maybe." Master said, smiling.

My face fell. They had been waiting for me to speak. They waited till I had the nerve to talk, then they could sell, and then the cycle would repeat. Over and over would I be sold. And standing in front of my fate was a boy. A weakling who would die in an instant against them. I prayed to a god, any god, in hopes of that he wouldn't say the one thing-.

"I don't care who she is! She's still a girl! She doesn't deserve to be treated like this! You're a pig, hurting those weaker than you!" The boy shouted at Master, anger dwelling inside his soul.

I jaw dropped. Was he insane? Apparently he was! Did he have no fear for his life? And did he just call me weak! I am not weak! How dare he say that about me! The only thing I wasn't good at was healing, and he says I'm weak!

I look up at the boy, who had turned his head to grin at me over is shoulder. My glare turned into bewilderment.

"What was are you doing? Are you trying to get yourself killed?" I whispered to him, fear in my voice.

"Hm...Nope. Not trying to get killed, just...protecting someone who needs protecting." He smiled.

I couldn't believe it. The men who I feared all my life for years on end were being stood up by a waiter. I looked into his eyes to find no fear, no hatred, and no distgust when he looked at me. The only thing I saw was determination. Determination to protect me.

I looked over at Master to face red with anger. He then set his sights on me.

"Look, come over here, where you belong. You don't belong with him, you belong with us. We have given you food and water, a place where you could see the world. If you stay with him, what's going to happen? Rot in a tavern and work for the rest of your life? Come with us." He said, smiling.

To me, working in a tavern for the rest of my life sounded like heaven. All you had to do was get people's orders, serve them, and deal with a drunk or two per night. That or get beaten and get bottles thrown at me for the rest of my life. I look down at my chest and stomach, and remembered the glass shards that were still inside me.

I looked up, determination in my eyes. "Never." I growled, almost threatening Master to lay a hand on me.

The boy looked down at me, and smiled. My heart swelled and happiness grew within me. I had the strange urge to smile back, so I let out a half smile. He practically beamed when I did. I got caught up in the moment when I suddenly heard a crash. My head spun to Master, who had broken the stone counter with a single throw of his fist. My eyes widened and I started to shake. My body remembered the pain be had given me, the beatings that were meant to kill, but because of my small healing powers, I had only gotten away with many scars.

My feet moved back without me knowing, my body trembling. I snatched the waiter's hand, wanting to run away. The waiter flinched at my strong grasp but I only squeezed his hand harder. He looked at me with a smile on his face, trying to brush off the pain. I shook my head a little, trying to make it clear that we needed to run. I knew it was cowardly, but I would rather be a coward than a fool, and die a slow and painful death. He squeezed my hand slightly and nodded slightly, failing to reassure me. I saw Master in the corner of my eye, pulling out his gun. I heard the click of trigger, and I pulled the boy away, using my body to shield him from the lead bullet. I heard the bang and I clamped my eyes closed, tensing up for the pain that I would feel. Once I did feel it, My eyes snapped open and I could feel the waiter relax in shock as he felt the impact through my body. I almost see my blood flow from my back and drip onto the dirt floor. I clenched my teeth and I could hear Master loading another bullet, and I could bet my life that I wasn't going to stick around for the next bullet. I grabbed the boy's hand and took off out off the tavern and into the darkness.

The sun had set while we had been in the tavern and the stars were now shining. The air was cold and the ground was dry. The dirt was rough underfoot as I dragged the boy away from his home, the home where he most likely grew up in, the people he knew, and his friends and family. But if I did not take him, he would be slaughtered like an animal. I shook my head of all of my unworthy thoughts and focused ion the task at hand; surviving.

I picked up my pace and lead the boy to an edge of a forest, thick with vegetaition and life. I ran forward, earning a frighten glance from the boy. We dived into the forest and charged ahead, not sure as of where I was going. My back started to feel numb, my legs now starting to numb as well. My started to lag and the boy now took the lead, smiling as he passed me. I let him lead as we weaved around trees and brush. After what I had guessed a mile, we slowed to a walk, the waiter practically dragging me.

The boy sighed and turned around, not once letting go of my hand, and picked me up bridal style. I struggled at first but gave in at the end. He looked around and sat me down, leaning me against a tree.

"Stay, what's your name?" He asked.

"...Anvi, that is my name from long ago." I told, looking up at him.

"Hm...that sounds familiar...what is it?"

"It's Ancient, a now lost language." I said, now glaring at the ground.

"That's not true, a few people in the government circle know it, so it's not completely lost."

"But those people are the government, they are tied by the law to do as they're told. Same for us slaves, we are bound never to speak our native language, so, after time, we forget. We forget the past and we are forced to do as we are told, that is until the day we die." I glare at the waiter, still not fully trusting him.


He looks at me, almost evaluating me under his glance. I squirm under his gaze and he notices my discomfort.

"My name is Eric, we're going to be here for a while, at least until the sun raises, so why don't we get to know each other?" He says.

"I don't trust humans. Never will." I answer coldly.

He looks me over. "Look, even if you don't trust me, Anvi, we need to get that bullet out of you. Okay?" He said, smiling warmly at the end.

I glare at him, but I still lie down so he could take the metal bullet out of my back. I tense up when he pulled out a pair of tweezers and began to dig out the bullet. I cringe when I start to feel the actual bullet being pulled out of my flesh. I could feel warm blood trickle down my back and stain my white half-shirt. I close my eyes, and really think about the day's contents.

'Let's see. I watched the stars, got a bottle thrown at me, got Master mad, ran away from my 'home', and I am now lying on the ground, bleeding, and letting a human touch me. Bravo Anvi, you have now completely gone over the edge.' I think bitterly, my face souring.

I flinch as I notice Eric start to bandage me. I slowly pull his hands away and start to unwrap the already bloody bandages. I sit up and sit cross legged, and I focus my energy to the pain in my back. I feel the warm glow of my healing magic take affect and my skin slowly weaved itself back together. I look up at Eric to see his face covered in shock. I smirk.

"I didn't know..." He starts.

"Didn't know that I could heal myself? Or did you forget that I'm not human?" I ask, a sad smirk still playing on my lips.

"N-no! It's look human so I didn't think...that, well, you could protect yourself." He stuttered, and then looked down at the ground.

"Are you implying that I'm weak?! I am not weak! You don't even know me so how could you know whether or not I was weak?" I rage.

"N-no! Not at all! I was just..." He stuttered, trying to erase his mistake. He sighed in defeat and muttered a 'sorry' that I could barely hear.

I relax and return to healing myself. After around fifteen minutes, the bullet hole was gone and I relaxed back on the tree, looking over Eric who was just sitting there, afraid of my presence. I inwardly smirk and a thought hit me. What was going to happen now?

I touched my choker and I look up at the sky, the moon full and bright. I sigh and look back down at Eric, who was trying not to look me in the eye. I sigh again and lie down on the cool earth and stare at Eric. He looks down at me and smiles.

"Why do you always smile?" I ask, my face emotionless.

"Why do you hate humans?"

"I asked first." I say, closing my eyes.

"Simple. I would rather walk around smiling than frowning, maybe you should try." I answered. I could tell he was smiling again, prodding me to answer his question.

"For me, I have many reasons why I hate humans. Too many to count. They killed my kind, my friends, my family. And I watched it all."

"I'm sorry"

"...Ignorant human." I whisper, and I doze off into a deep sleep.



My eyes shoot open, and my gaze is right next to Anvi's. I look at her, her breath ruffling my bangs. Her long bright red hair was all around, and her face was relaxed and innocent. How could a girl like her have such a hatred locked inside her heart? It was pitiful.

The looks of fears she had given me as she wanted to flee. The looks of sadness of when she touched he choker, the anger of being called, the pain of the bullet, the loneliness of never trusting humans. All of those emotions were never on her face, but in her eyes.

I sat up and looked around, my eyes scanned the area, trying to find anything out of the ordinary. After nothing had caught my eye, I looked back at Anvi.

I remembered the night before, the time I had taken the bullet out of her back. Her back had been covered in deep scars and gashes, some fresh and some worn by time. Her clothes were a bit weird as well. She had no shoes, two anklets on each foot, baggy red pants that went only half way down her shin, and a white tank top that was only ended an inch under her breasts. It was...different.

I snapped out of my thoughts when she muttered in her sleep.

"Eden...Toku...d-don't die...please...DON'T LEAVE ME!" She screamed, bolting up right, wide eyed.

After she calmed down, she slouched and I noticed that she was sweating. Anvi caught my glance and I looked away. In truth, I was partly scared of her. Not because of the fact that she wasn't human, but because the look in her eye and the way she walks and stands. It's because of that I can tell that she's killed people.

Anvi stood up and looked down at me. I looked up and smiled, hoping that she would smile back.

"Now what?" She asked coldly and my face fell.

"I don't know. Either we go back to the tavern and hope that that man will not be there, or, we can continue into this forest, and hope the forest won't eat us alive." I close my eyes.

"You can go back to the tavern and I'll continue on. Go back to your original life and be happy, I'll be fine." Anvi said as she started to walk deeper into the forest, leaving me behind.

I stood up and ran to catch up. After I did I tried to start up a conversation, but failed miserably.

", what does your name mean? I mean, almost every name in Ancient has a meaning." I smiled. But even I knew, it was the worse conversation starter EVER.

"It means 'Fire Leaf'. A fitting name." Anvi answered, still staring straight ahead.

"What do you mean?" I question.

"Nothing." She glares, and the topic is cut off.

" are Eden and Toku?" I ask, trying to get somewhere with her.

She stopped dead in her tracks, and gave me a death glare that could kill a thousand men. She suddenly disappeared. I looked around frantically for Anvi, and she reappeared in front of me. I leaned back in shock, and I reminded myself that she wasn't an elf or something, but the last dragon. In less than a second I was pinned to a tree, her right hand at my throat, choking me, and her left at her side. She was hovering in the air, magically, making my feet not touch the ground. I tried to pry her hand off of throat, but to no evail.

"How do you know those names?" She asked deadly calm, but her voice was different. Her voice was deep and rough as she practically growled the words.

"You said their names when you were asleep, s-sorry." I said, trying not to upset her even more.

Anvi's hand relaxed and she dropped me to the ground, the impact hard. I quickly look up to her staring up off into the sky, thinking. I wasn't sure what, but it wasn't any of my business to ask or pry into her past or thoughts.

"What are you going to do to me?" She muttered, but loud enough for me to hear.

"What do you mean?"

"Are you going to make me your slave? Or are you going to kill me?" She looked down at me, as if her fate was in my hands.

"Why would you think that? I rescued you so you could be free, not for my own game." I answered, smiling.

Anvi came down a little but was still a few inches off the ground, not sure whether or not to trust me. I reached out my hand slowly to touch her cheek. Once my fingertips connected to her cheek, she flinched back, but I didn't stop until my whole rested on her cheek. It was soft and smooth, but her skin wasn't really skin. Here and there were...tiny scales, too small to see from two feet away.

I smiled and looked into her eyes. They were...happy. I saw her lips twitch and she smiled. It was a half-smile, but, a smile was a smile. I grin widened and she gently touched my hand and closed her eyes.

'I don't get you, Anvi. One moment you can be silent and then be full of fear the next. One moment you can have unimaginable determination and then you want to run away. One moment you can be amazingly angry and then content and happy. I don't want to be your Master.'

Anvi touched the ground lightly and let go of my hand, heading deeper into the forest.

'But what do want is to get closer to you and be your friend.'


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