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I woke up the next morning with a major headache, bandages practically all over, and in a room with an idiot sleeping in the next bed over; him lying on his stomach, limbs sprawled out, snoring loudly, and twitching once in a while. The last thing I remembered was a monster had come into our base, the same girl I had met at the river, the same freak who said she was 'nobody', when she was clearly something more than meets the eyes. She had killed my men within an hour; yet, she seemed to have held back on my men, as if they were easy prey, dancing in the palm of her hand. But, she had also played with me, making it seem as if she was struggling. That, or she was, but something was locked inside of her, something unimaginable.

I quietly sneaked out of the foreign bed, and crept across the room, to the window. Sunlight was running about the room, and the sun hung in the sky; about ten o'clock in the morning. I gazed down at the small town below, people rushing about. I looked once more around the room, finding an empty bed on the far end, the sheets crumbled, as if someone had just gotten out of bed and left, not bothering to wake the idiot next to them.

I looked down at myself to find myself in only my pants, and bloody bandages covering my neck, chest, and arms. I looked around the room for my sword, or at least my clothes. I limbed over to the wooden door, and opened it, the hinges creaking loudly. I snapped my head over to the boy still sleeping, not wanting to wake him. I didn't need any unnecessary trouble. I slipped out of the room and walked down the hall, passing multiple closed doors.

I walked onto a balcony, overlooking to a lobby. I looked around the milling of people, trying to find any familiar faces. I scanned the room for the third time, and found no one. I closed my eyes and sighed, given up. I leaned on the smooth wooden railing, watching people go in and out of the hotel endlessly. No one noticed me, and no one came up the stairs towards the balcony I was on.

"You're up early. Even for someone of the government, Kuna." I voice called, leaning on the railing as well.

I saw a flash of bright crimson next to me and I jumped back, only to see the one thing I didn't want to see. It. The monster that had killed my men, and the only one to beat me in a fight. She looked out at the sea of nameless people, her eyes dead. I couldn't see a trace of blood, gashes, scars, or even scratches left over from our fight.

I glared at it. It had long messy crimson hair which went to her hips, a steel choker around her neck, a woven white shirt made by trolls, hanging only an inch below her chest, and red pants which ended half way down her shin, made by the centaurs. She still had the elven anklets, shining in the sunlight.

"What do you want?" I asked, holding my glare.

"What I want? I'm not sure. But, I do know one thing. And that's to bring down the government, and then everyone in this world to live like equals. You might think that we are monsters, demons, hellions, spawns of Satan, one of the damned, things, scum, or even incarnations of the devil, but we're not. We have souls like everyone else, like humans. We, like humans, can feel pain, we can laugh, we can fall in love, we can feel loneliness, and we can die. But, unlike humans, once we die, our souls simply wander in darkness for all eternity. We are lost in the darkness, alone, forever forgotten. No one, not even God, not even the bloody damn devil, reaches out to us. We don't go to Heaven, and we don't go to Hell. We are nothing, even to them."

I stared at my attacker, suddenly realizing why she had attacked us. She attacked us not only for her own revenge, but for her people, for her family and friends who were probably dead. She would never see then again, never talk to them, only hear them. Their screams as they died. She was used to people hating her. What she wasn't used to was the fact that she was one of the last of her kind.

"The reason why I killed your men was only the fact that it was convenient. It was like waving a steak in front of a starving man. I took my opportunity, and the man snatched the steak. I killed, and he ate. So don't think I had an exact reason to kill your men, they didn't die for a noble cause. Just be happy you're alive, I would've killed you, but I didn't have the time. Be thankful." She closed her eyes, sighed, then opened her eyes again, and then walked towards the room I was in, along with the idiot.

'So don't think I had an exact reason to kill your men, they didn't die for a noble cause.'

Her words replayed in my head over and over. They didn't die for a noble cause? If they didn't die for a cause, then why did she kill them? She compared herself to a starving man, desperate for food. Does that mean she was desperate enough to kill, just so she could get her revenge? If so, then how far deep did that revenge run inside her veins? She said that even God had left her behind, what did that mean? Did it mean that mythical creatures weren't allowed in churches, or the fact that no one, not even a single human, had helped her when she needed it most? What did she mean by once they died; they swam in eternal darkness, forever alone? Did that mean she herself had died for a short period of time or something of the sort? Why did she tell me, the person who tried to kill her? What exactly was this girl, who felt safe enough to tell me everything?


I stomped after the girl with the red hair and burst into the room, finding her sitting on the bed, and the idiot who was sleeping up and packing his few belongings. I looked around the room once more for my things, to no avail. I glared at the red head, but she either ignored it, or she didn't notice.

The idiot looked up and noticed my glare. He smiled an idiotic grin at me, and then turned to the red head.

"Anvi, why is that guy glaring at you without his shirt on?" He asked curiously.

'Anvi. Her name's Anvi?' I thought.

"I dunno, maybe it's because of you. Too damn happy in the morning." Anvi smiled a half smile, mixed with a smirk.

"Oh. Ok. But, why doesn't he have a shirt on, or shoes? Did you rob him?" The bot asked, completely ignoring me.

"No, I didn't." Anvi said calmly.

"She stole my clothes!" I shouted getting sick of playing around with brats.

"I did not! I threw them away! Eric, he's falsely accusing me!" Anvi complained, pinning this on her companion.

"Falsely accusing? How? You attacked me, dragged me to this town, which is in the middle of who knows where, healed me, and then threw away my clothes! You probably threw away my sword as well!" I shouted, pissed off.

"No, I didn't! I kept your bloody damned sword, be thankful!" She shouted back, getting off the bed.

"Anvi, who is this? How do you know him?" Eric asked, looking between us.

"…..This is Kuna, Eric. He's a soldier at the government tower I saw three days ago. He's the only one I left alive. I slaughtered half of his men, and then burned the other half alive. I-"

"You what?!" I hollered, rage consuming me.

It was one thing to kill them in battle, and then burn them alive, listening to their screams as they ripped at their flesh, trying to escape their fate. She probably laughed along, like the monster she was. She wasn't even fucking human; this is the exact reason why her kind is enslaved. They're all beasts.

"I-I'm sorry." She muttered, her head bowed, a shadow covering her eyes.

"No, damn it! She burned my men alive!" I yelled.

"Hey." Eric tried to cut me off, but I didn't let him.

"She deserves to die! She deserves to die along with them! You're a beast! A monster! A freak! There's a reason why your kind is enslaved, because you all are beasts!" I shouted, letting the words fly out of my mouth.

"Hey! Enough! Anvi's sorry about she did, can't you see that. Yes, she may have killed your men, but it doesn't mean you can kill her. Yes, what she did was wrong, but realize what you and the government did to her." Eric said, clasping his hand on my shoulder with so much force it made my knees buckle a bit.

Through his hand, it was a clear statement that if I hurt her, it would settle in a fight, and by his grip, it wasn't something I wanted, especially without a weapon. I glanced at Anvi, noticing why Eric had stopped me.

Anvi was sitting on the floor, in a tight ball, as if bracing for a beating.

'We, like humans, can feel pain, we can laugh, we can fall in love, we can feel loneliness, and we can die.'

'We, like humans, can feel pain'

I stood there, finally realizing the reason for some of her words.

Something had happened to her, something to make her this way, something which changed her life forever. Only, I had the feeling even Eric didn't know the whole and major truth.

I watched as Eric lifted Anvi off the floor, and onto her bed. He pulled the sheets up to her chin and watched her ever so slowly, uncurl into the sheets. I tore my glaze away from Anvi, as she shook in fear, her eyes clamped shut. I felt a hard push from behind, and walked forward, only catching a glimpse of Eric's deadly glare.

We walked to the balcony and I leaned on the railing once more, overlooking the still busy lobby. I saw Eric lean on the railing as well, rest his elbows on the smooth wood, facing the corridor we had just been in. The silence went on for a while, unbearably tense. Eric was the first to talk.

"You shouldn't have done that."

"She burned and slaughtered my men like pigs. She's a monster, there's a reason why her kind is enslaved." I spat.

"Her kind? Do you even know what she is?" His eyes were covered in shadows.

"I dunno. An elf with a messed up custom." I guessed, my voice still cold.

"Anvi is the last dragon alive. From what I guess, she watched her family, her friends, and her whole kind fall by human hands. When I first met Anvi, she was a slave. She belonged to a man who hit and beat her. Her back is full of scars, new and old." Eric looked me in the eyes, but I couldn't meet his.

I didn't respond. I couldn't. The reason Anvi got freaked out was because she was afraid I would hit her. She feared me. Me.

"One evening, after setting up camp, I watched her take my knife and dig out shards of glass out of her torso, glass from a bottle which was thrown at her. She was target practice to them. So, do that again, and I'll make you wish you were dead. I'll make sure of it."

I could feel Eric's glare pierce my skull, and I shifted uncomfortly. I spoke just as Eric got off the railing.

"Why do you protect it?" I asked.

"Because she needs protecting. She has lived a life of fear, so I want to bring her into the light." Eric smiled an idiotic grin.

"Why? She's a monster!" I spat.

"She didn't choose to be one, you know." Said Eric, his voice strong and firm. "She didn't want to be a dragon. Realize that, and she's just a normal girl. True, at first I was terrified of her, but she still has a soul, and she still has feelings. The trick is just not to piss her off." Eric walked down the hall and into the room where Anvi lay, while I stayed, staring at the door like an idiot.

'No one, not even God, not even the bloody damned devil, reaches out to us.'

'We have souls like everyone else, like humans.'

Anvi's words echoed in my mind. I smiled a bit, only now realizing that all of Anvi's words had a double meaning. She made sure she spoke her mind, but not her heart. She had built a sturdy stone wall around her heart. She would lure people like Eric inside, but then sing the song of a siren, killing them and bringing them to their doom. That, or I had the opposite conclusion, and all that she was, was a girl cursed by fate.


I wandered in darkness, shadows flowing for all eternity. I saw a silhouette up ahead, and I cautiously approached. I recognized the crimson hair and called out to Anvi, not sure why she was here. But, when I opened my mouth, not words came out. I grasped my throat, but quickly pulled away, blood covering my hands. I looked up in horror at Anvi, as she turned around. She wasn't Anvi. It was the girl who killed my men, a wicked grin spread across her face, and her eyes gleaming. Blood trickled out of her mouth and fangs, as she dropped a windpipe. Droplets of blood scattered her face like freckles. Anvi tilted her head up, and laughed, only no sound sounded. Only silence, but I knew what was going on.

Anvi walked up to me, and grasped my throat, and spoke. Only, this time, her voice shattered the silence.

"What you see is me, ignorant human." She then used her other hand to grip my hair, and let go of my throat. I groaned as I felt my hair getting ripped out of my scalp. I saw as Anvi tilted he head and clamped down on my windpipe. I gasped for air, and her head whipped back, a part of my throat in her mouth. I was dropped to the ground and Anvi walked away, disappearing into the darkness.

I opened my eyes to the darkness of the hotel room I was staying in. I sat up and looked across the room to find Eric sleeping like an idiot once more, and Anvi's bed vacant. I looked around the room to find it empty, safe for me and Eric.

I quietly got out of bed and out to the hallway without Eric waking up, and crept down to the lobby, which was unoccupied. I strolled out the front door, and looked up at the moon, but a pair of dirty feet blocked my view.

I saw a latter a few dozen feet away, and climbed up the wooden pegs. Once I reached the top, I saw the least expected person. Anvi. Her hair lit the light, her golden eyes dazed as she gazed at the night sky, which stretched for all eternity, littered with stars. The moon hung in the sky, full. I pulled myself to the roof, the cold tiles underfoot. I walked over, standing above Anvi, her still dazed eyes staring back at me.

I wanted to talk to her, but I couldn't. The grudge left from mythical creatures was still scarred deep inside my heart. I couldn't speak to her, I couldn't make amends. I wanted to, the sight of Anvi, on the floor, coiled up in fear. That one image wouldn't leave my mind. Yet, I was of the government. It was our job to enslave and kill her kind. Her kind…

Dragons. They were extinct, except one. Now, there were two. One in front of me, and one sealed in the government's central base. That dragon was so strong; it couldn't be killed; only sealed by the nation's best priests and enchantresses. It was from one of the tribes in the south, in the polar regions. It had lived where not only ice was common, but also fire, from the volcanos. Dragons from those regions were deadly, and had scales as tough as armor and steel, and their horns so strong that they alone could wipe out a city in one smash. From seasons to seasons, their scales changed color, to blend into their surroundings. Gray and white for winter; sky blue and brown for spring; crimson and white for summer; and emerald green and brown for autumn. But, the tribes in the polar regions had been wiped out in the first few years of the enslavement era.

"Anvi…" I muttered.

Her eyes instantly cleared, and she looked my way, face emotionless, yet her eyes held a mixture of hate and wonder.

"What?" She asked, cold.

There was a pause before I answered. "I-…um. I'm so-sor-" I couldn't finish. It was like my whole core forbid it.

I heard a laugh escape Anvi's lips, the problem was that it wasn't a nice laugh, but instead it was heartless and cruel.

"You can't say a simple apology, typical." Anvi smirked up at me, her eyes cold and hard.

"What do you mean 'typical'?!" I shouted.

"I mean that it's typical for a soldier of the government to not know how to apologize to a mythical creature. You are no different from the soldiers 3,000 years ago." Anvi said, closing her eyes.

I didn't respond. It was true. We were taught to never apologize to things other than humans, and the fact we still didn't know how to create charms or other magical items, unless we forced an elf to make one for us, but those always turned out to amplify the magic against us. The only change was the better weapons.

I sat down next to Anvi, keeping my eyes from meeting hers. She went back to staring at the sky, almost as if waiting for the stars themselves to fall from the heavens and drop down into her hands.

We waded in silence or what seemed eternity. It was I who broke the silence, unable to go deeper into the night without words.

"What did you mean my men didn't die for a noble cause? They died so you could stop enslavement of mythical creatures. Isn't that noble, to you?" I asked, looking her in the eyes.

Anvi met mine, but tore away. "Killing humans who had no part in the war is no noble cause. They, like you, didn't know how long the enslavement has been going on. They spilled their blood for a dream which most likely won't happen. Things will never be the way they used to, it's a known fact. So, how is killing just?"

"It's not. It's just how the world goes on, its fuel its inhabitants blood."

I looked up to sky, finding a shooting star go in and out of sight. Anvi's next words settled into the night, holding its grasp to the night sky, along with the stars.

"Another of my kind died, its soul forever in darkness."


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