in the dark,

she lies in her bed crying.

she is quiet,

quiet so that no one guesses

she is sobbing.

no one else is awake,

but she is still careful.

no one would guess she cries

every night,

and she likes it better that way.

as soon as the sun rises,

she is alert and happy,

pretending she is not loosing sleep,

not crying all night.

lying hurts,

but she would rather lie than

tell the truth.

there are five of them,

sitting on the grass together.

friends, they laugh.

they are all laughing hard, but one

stands out.

he is not actually laughing, but crying.

the laughter of his friends covers his tears.

here, out in the open, he hides his pain.

no one looks for it behind

the smiles and joy

of his friends.