the goddess stands on the edge of

the cliff.

she says the word and the world


"rise!" she say, and the waters


"grow!" she says, and the plants


"blow!" she says, and the wind


"burn!" she says, and the fire


the goddess is angry.

she is angry at a people who

defy her.

she is angry at a people who

invent their own rules.

she is angry at a people who

lost their respect.

she is angry at a people who have

lost their soul.

she is angry at us.

we, who have built our own


we, who do not accept what we are


we, who please only


we, who have forgotten where

we come from.

we, who have forgotten we are

one people.

we deserve her anger.

we deserve the world's angry.

we deserve to have the seas call is filthy

when we enter.

we deserve to have the plants cry

when we mutilate them.

we deserve to have the wind whisper insults

in our ears. and

we deserve to have the fire

burn us off this broken world.

we broke the world.

we break the world still.

we will break the world for as long as we are blind

to the consequences of our actions.

the world has a soul.

the goddess is alive.

we treat the world like a thing

put there for us to use.

the world is not ours.

we are the world's.

a/n: i don't much like this, but i'm posting it anyway, because i like the idea. credit for the title goes to the Steam Powered Giraffe song Scary World.