Somebody that I Used to Know

There were hours we spent talking on the phone
And then there were the hours I spent mailing you
Because even though they say long-distance relationships don't work out
I strongly believed ours would hold true.

But you proved them right
Breaking my heart over the phone
But, not a word did I say to anyone else
About how you left me on my own.

Maybe I was wrong to keep quiet
But I had just moved to a new city
How was I expected to make real friends
If all they felt for me was pity?

Then again, that is probably just another cover
Truth is – I didn't want them saying bad things about you
But saying that out loud would only raise questions-
"Who was it that broke up with who?"

You said that you would keep in contact,
And I won't deny that you tried
But the fact is that you left me for someone else-
Starting a new relationship before ours died.

It's weird, you know
Because I knew you inside out
From your favorite color, to the fact that you didn't like reading
And even what all the fights with your brother was about.

Now, strangely enough, when your name appears on my screen
I pause to place the name to your face
And each time this happens, I remember the time
When just your name used to make my heart race.

Long gone are the days when
I used to remember each word that you had said
So, I'm assuming this means I'm over you
For you are no longer a thought in my head.

Getting over you was not easy-
The months were difficult and slow
But I'm probably a better person because of it
And now you are just somebody that I used to know.

© HalfPast12

Monday August 13th, 2012

2:09 AM