Dear People,

You are something exceptional, something extraordinary. I truly love you, but I can't stand you at the same time. Having to put up with the complaining and the blaming games that you like so much to play is frustrating. None of us enjoy hearing your complaints, and none of us are the toilets to your useless, soon-to-be-forgotten emotions. I simply hate how you love to start quarrels and ruin the lives of others, because you cannot sit still for a second and let the peaceful air blow into the world. Of course, you're blinded with money and other material riches, and you think that it's everything that will save you, but you're obviously deluded. Money cannot save you from everything; money cannot save you from Death.

You're simply everywhere and whenever you do something wrong, you concentrate your strengths towards finding someone believable to move the blame upon, instead of focusing to correct the wrong. I loathe it when you complain and talk about someone else while being wrong yourself, and judging shamelessly your peer, your equal, your friend.

Where have you learnt to judge?

For what reason?

I truly believe that you can improve, but it will take so much time, you'll think the improvement useless... I only hope the best for you, but now I am unsure as to what this "best" is. I am awfully tired seeing the world crumble apart from your hands. You should know that it is never too late to learn how to save yourself-

I cannot describe nor draw what I feel towards you, but I assure you, I will never hate you as a whole. I might dislike and loathe the tiny, changeable parts of you, but I do not hate you. That is simply because I am certain that by trying your hardest and learning from your past mistakes, you will find a way to improve and renew yourself.

I have a great amount of hope, and I wish that when the change occurs, you will look back and feel appalled at your horrible actions. I hope that you will realize none of those decisions were worth the hurt they caused; none of them were worth the quarrels and the separations.

I love you with all my wicked heart, and I wish you all the best.

Yours forever,

Nami Child