Hayley sheathed her sword when her enemy had fallen. It returned to its original state, a bracelet. Her armor curled itself up into the folds of her leather jacket.
Hayley took out the walkie-talkie "Vector's down, what about the Haddon?"
"Give me a sec, would you? Six heads are worse than tentacles." her partner replied.
"All right, Jen. Just waiting on you." Hayley paused and checked behind her.
"Hayley!" Jen shouted into the walkie-talkie.
Hayley sprinted to where Jen had been fighting the Haddon.
Jen was on the ground, sword flung a few feet away from her, the Haddon's heads ready to move in for the kill.
"Come at me, bro!" Hayley shouted.
The Haddon turned and hissed at her.
One of the heads snapped at Hayley, but her armor materialized and blocked the bite.
With one swipe, one of the heads rolled away.
Hayley fended off the remaining five heads, hacking and slashing.
There was a sudden pain in Hayley's leg, distracting her.
The Haddon's head had latched onto her calf.
Another one of its heads latched onto her arm and threw her.
"Graaaagh!" Jen shouted, stabbing her sword into the Haddon's body.
It vaporized, disappearing in a puff of air.
"Hayley, you okay?"
Hayley pushed herself up. "That...is...the...LAST TIME I am fighting a Haddon!" Hayley groaned, sheathing her sword.
"Oh, come on, there's bound to be another one someday." Jen laughed.
"Well, then you can take care of it."
"Haha, no." Jen said. "Let's go back."
Hayley threw down the keys to the house and plopped down on the couch.
"Hayley? How was fencing?" Her mother called.
"Pretty good, we had an outdoor lesson today." Hayley said, hiding the bandage on her arm.
"Wonderful. Dinner's in an hour, so get cleaned up."
Jen called Hayley half an hour later.
"Hey, did you ever notice that the Haddons are mainly yellow and orange?"
"Sorta, but I thought that was their natural color." Hayley said as she typed into her computer.
"Yeah, but I was talking about the Summoning Symbol on their backs."
"Hey, you're the only one who saw its back." Hayley said.
"True. So, are you sore yet?"
"I've been sore since the moment I met you." Hayley said.
"Meh. Anyways, I want to patrol tomorrow and Thursday, you in?"
"Again? Isn't once enough at the moment?" Hayley asked.
"No. So, I'll ask your mom if you can sleep over tomorrow after fencing and again on Thursday. Have a girls" night out, okay?" Jen asked.
"Fine, but you'd better have the Nutella this time." Hayley said.
"I'll pick some up tomorrow."
"Okay." Hayley laughed.
"Hayley! I need you to move the couch!"
"All right! I gotta go." Hayley said. "See ya tomorrow." Hayley hung up.
Hayley went downstairs only to find her mother and father attempting to slide the couch.
"Oh, Hayley, help me move this. One, two, three!"
Hayley and her father lifted the couch with ease, moving it three feet to the right.
"There we go."
Hayley threw herself down on the couch and laughed at her mother's attempts to move the single seat.
"Hey, Mom, can I sleep over at Jen's tomorrow and Thursday?"
"Sure, honey, if her parents agree."
Hayley sat up on the couch when her mother rushed back to the oven.
"Oh, no! The steak is a bit medium, but we can last that, right?"
Hayley looked at her dad.
"Just kidding! Medium rare, just the way you like it!"
Hayley and her father dug into the steaks hungrily.
"This is amazing, honey. You should cook this more often." he said through a mouthful of meat.
Hayley said nothing, but tore through the steak.

Hayley's blade sliced through the air, hitting Jen's with a metallic clash.
They circled each other warily, blades at the ready.
Hayley lunged when she saw Jen falter in her footing.
Jen swung aside and jabbed her sword for Hayley.
Hayley blocked the assault and retaliated, kicking Jen's leg from under her.
"Ooh, fancy." Jen's knife sailed through the air and pinned Hayley's shirt to a tree.
As Hayley struggled to free herself, Jen attacked, sending a barrage of hacks and slashes.
Hayley warded off the blows.
The crystal around Jen's neck glowed.
"Trouble!" Jen tugged out her knife and sprinted off.
Hayley dashed after her.
She found Jen and a Drakoon locked in battle.
A drakoon was no ordinary monster. It had one head, two mouths that could spit acid, and a snake tail.
Hayley circled around behind it, catching the attention of the snake tail.
Hayley eyed the snake warily. It hissed and snapped at her, missing because of the distance between them.
Hayley prepared for the next attack.
Right as the tail lunged, Jen cried. "My eyes!"
The snake latched onto Hayley's shoulder and slammed her on the ground repeatedly.
Hayley struggled to cut the snake but only managed to pierce the hide.
Hayley grabbed the snake with her hand and chopped, causing it to drop her.
She rolled aside, tearing off the snake head.
There was a piercing scream as the drakoon spat acid over Jen.
"Jen!" Hayley sprinted and leapt onto the drakoon back and ripped her sword through its neck.
She landed on her feet and rolled to throw off the momentum.
Hayley heard the distinguishable hiss of a Vector.
A tentacle wrapped around her neck and pulled her towards its mouth.
Struggling to breathe, Hayley swung her sword wildly.
Her sword managed to slice open the tentacle, which dropped her.
Gasping for breath, Hayley pushed herself up and charged the vector.
She launched herself onto its back and stabbed.
"Jen." Hayley ran to where she was.
Hayley found nothing except the remains of her armor and her sword.
Hayley threw down her sword and dropped to her knees.