October ,5,2011 9:30 am

Dad and Rosie allowed Carley to be late for school so she could say goodbye. I promised to call her and send her lots of pictures. My mom had talked my dad into letting her take both Josh and I after convincing him that he didn't need another kid along with a twelve-year-old step daughter and a newborn baby girl. I think that stinks because I was counting on getting to stay here with dad and Carley. I'm defiantly going to miss Carley most of all. Ever since our parents got married we did everything together. Literally everything. We had all the same classes, all the same friends and we went on all the same trips. The thought of doing anything without her just didn't feel right. She promised to give my goodbyes and any other information I give her to our friends. I made a mental note not to give her my address because if I get one more goodbye letter I'm going to cry. I already have because I have lived in Georgia my entire life in the same house and no matter how great my life in Chicago is I will NEVER call it home.


We are at the new house and I have to admit it is pretty cool. It's a huge three-story house but like I said this is NOT my home. I think Sara feels the same way because she cried the entire way here. The minute I was in the house I locked myself in a room and dumped my backpack. A pile of goodbye letters, my scrapbook of home, my iPod, and cell phone fell to the floor. I dug through the pile until I found a picture of me and Carley standing on the coast of South Carolina on our last vacation three years ago. I tore out my iPod and tried to lose myself in my songs. It wasn't long until I heard a raping on the door. Of course I assumed it was Sara. She is always looking for me or Carley to comfort her. I ignored it and still am at this point a whole hour later. Okay I can't stand it anymore I am getting the door.


Remember when I said I was getting the door? Well either that was Sara or a ghost was eating her body! I opened the door and a... well I don't know what it was but I'm sure of one thing. IT WAS NOT MY SISTER! I opened the door and some ghostly creature flew into me then I couldn't move. There was a heavy weight on my head. More than anything I wanted to close my eyes so I couldn't see what horror stood before me. But of course I couldn't. A voice spoke in my head. "I HAVE BEEN DISTURBED!" Followed by a series of screams. A face began to form in front of me out of the fog that now filled the room. A huge red face. The eye sockets were pure black as if they were hollow and the mouth blood-red. I tried to scream but I couldn't and I wasn't even sure if I was breathing. Finally I broke free, grabbed my backpack and ran towards the door. Before I fled the room I stupidly looked back only to see the face and her the voice scream even louder. "I HAVE BEEN DISTURBED!" "RUN" that was all I could think. Out of the room down the hall and out the door. Once in the back of Bob's pickup truck I took a look at what I had recovered from the room. My phone, iPod, and the picture of me and Carley. The picture was covered in blood.