Today was my first day of school. Guess what didn't go well. The only problem was that I didn't sleep last night. The whole incident with the ghost left me to frightened to fall asleep. On top of that I tried and tried to clean my picture but I only managed to smear the blood all over. The first few classes went along normally. Social studies, language arts, science and that was when I fell asleep. My teacher woke me up about ten minutes after class ended making me late for lunch. Of course it was my first day at Swan Lake middle school so I had no idea where the cafeteria was. Also it didn't help that it was a two-story school. Mrs. Carter a seventh grade math teacher finally led me there but there wasn't an empty seat near by. I was considering eating on the floor when a girl's voice called"Hey Cleo come sit over here!" I turned around and saw an empty seat across the table from a girl with long wavy blonde hair wearing a plain purple sweater and blue jeans. "Hey" I said "How do yo know my name?"

"Oh you're in my home room. Ms. Martinez's class." she said with a big smile.

"and so is everyone else at this table."

I turned toward the other kids and waved and said "Hi I'm Cleo." no answer.

"They are a little grouchy towards the new kids you just have to get to know them." the girl said sounding a little embarrassed. "I'm Alyssa and over there is Ethan, Angela,Mia and Jordan." she added "So where do live?" the red-headed boy Ethan asked. "Down on Parkside road." I replied. Everyone froze. They all exchanged a look of horror but nobody looked at me. "Guys.." Alyssa began "I'm sure it's not.." Ethan interrupted "What is your house number?" he asked "5347. Why?" I asked and that was when they all left and half sprinted to the other end of the cafeteria eager to get away from me. That left me alone with Alyssa who sat frozen in her seat mumbling to herself "What if it happens again? We are all doomed!" "Alyssa?" I asked "What is it?" She shook her head and got up from the table "Nothing nothing it's just kids are paranoid." and she walked away to join her friends. Word must travel quickly because nobody talked to me for the rest of the day.

Apparently Josh was smart enough not to give out his address because he was perky as ever when he got off the bus. Jumping in front of me as soon as the bus pulled away from the curb he immediately stared drowning me with questions. "So how was your first day? Did you make any new friends or does everyone hate you?". On and on and on he continued talking but eventually I interrupted him. "Josh" I began. "Do you believe in ghosts?" I regretted the question as soon as I asked it. My brother stared at me with one of those " seriously just what on earth is going on in your head" looks. "Of course I don't that's so stupid. Why?" "Oh! uh..." I said as I struggled to find an answer. "A bunch of kids said that they were going to explore a so-called haunted house in some bodies neighborhood. They invited me to go and I wanted t know if I should or if it will turn in to a night of everybody getting bored and screaming at random times just to scare everyone else." I attempted to pull off a smile to make this seem true. "Oh ya don't go there. Who ever said that probably has an older brother with a gang of friends plotting to dress in a black cloak and chase them with a chain saw. Or maybe drop water balloons on them either way its a prank." To this I nodded in agreement and didn't say another word until we got to the elementary school where Billy and Sara were playing four square with the other kids waiting for parents to pick them up. Sara talked the whole way home but I didn't listen. I was lost in my own thoughts about what history my house has that scares the town so much.

After we all got home I decided to go for a walk. Anything to get as far away from that house as possible. Josh stayed home with the kids because our parents were at work. But in the back of my mind I still wondered if they were safe in that house. Ten minutes later I finally stopped long enough to figure out where I was going. That's when I heard Alyssa's voice coming from the ally way a few paces ahead of me. "But remember what happened the last time! Her and her family should get out of there!" she screamed. "NO! Alyssa if they know what happened they could go looking for the source and honestly that family awaking a dangerous presence is the last thing this town needs!" The voice didn't sound familiar so I inched a little closer to the opening to find its owner. It was the blond boy Jordan and next to him stood Angel, Ethan, Mia, and a younger looking girl who slightly resembled him but whom I didn't recognize. The little girl looking a little frightened decided to speak. "But she's right if they don't get out of there soon they could accidentally get into trouble." "RAVEN YOU ARE MY LITTLE SISTER AND MOM SAYS YOU NEED TO AS I SAY WHEN SHE ISN'T AROUND! WE ARE NOT GOING TO TELL CLEO AND THAT'S FINAL!" Jordan's big voice startled me a bit so I wasn't surprised when Raven backed away in fear. She's afraid of her brother. Angela who had been slouched against the wall, arms crossed, looking very annoyed with the situation decided it was her turn to speak. "Look guy's we don't even know if it was true. They family might have been mentally insane and caused everything!" Ethan took a step closer to her "Look something is seriously wrong with that house nothing is accomplished by being a skeptic." Angela stepped up looking furious and I noticed for the first time how mush she looked like Ethan. "YOU KNOW IF YOU WEREN'T MY TWIN I'D PUNCH YOU!" she screamed and Mia threw herself in between the two to prevent blood shed. "Look" she said trying to sound calm. "Alyssa I know you have always had a strong belief in ghosts but Angela's right they might have been crazy. I'm not saying either of you are right or wrong but the best thing to do here is to let events take their course. If it turns out that everything is normal she never has to know. But if there's any sign that history could repeat itself then let Alyssa explain everything to Cleo and we'll see if she chooses to believe us." Given the circumstances I wondered how Mia could stay so calm, cool, and collected. Alyssa and Raven slowly nodded. Angela and Ethan continued to exchange identical looks of anger and Jordan was just plain hard to read. Eventually Jordan grabbed his sister's arm and dragged her behind him exiting the ally way Followed by Angela and then Ethan. As they all filed out I crouched behind a trash can hoping they won't discover that I had been spying on them. Mia stood still for a moment looking at Alyssa waiting to see if she would stay or leave. Finally she gave up and began to walk away. "Hey Mia!" Alyssa called. "Why don't we just get pizza like old times?" Mia smiled revealing red and blue braces. "I like pizza. How about we invite Cleo. She seems like s cool friend." "Not right now." Alyssa replied. "I'm just going to work out how to tell her everything at school tomorrow. I know it's a bad idea but its killing me it really is. I promise I'll tell her they might have been crazy and she doesn't have to worry much but at lunch tomorrow I am going to tell her no matter what you, or Jordan, or the twins have to say about it." "Or maybe..." I said emerging from behind the tin can briefly shocking the two girls. "You could tell me now."