Author's Note: I'm not sure how accurate this is. I wanted to capture the thoughts Caty Littlefield Greene while she watched her husband Nathanael Greene die. The two main characters are actual people in history.


~A Story of the American Revolution~

He was so young and handsome when we first met. I was a young maiden, who had never been left alone with a man. Though he was a dozen years older, he promised to wait for me.

And wait for me he did.

Once I became of age, he and I were wed at what I thought was the most beautiful wedding there ever was. Soon after he was called away to fight against the British and I found myself with child. I wanted to be with him when the time came and went to meet him.

While following him, I discovered that I had a knack for cheering soldiers up. You could say that I was a flirt, just an innocent one. I could see the difference I was making during that awful winter at Valley Forge.

We had more beautiful children during the war and afterwards. He made me happy and he was always there. He was there, no matter what anyone said about me.

He was there for me and now I will be here for him. I will stay until the end. I do not care how tried I become; I will not leave his side.

He is my Nathanael and I will stay with him until the end.


The Family Greene by Ann Rinaldi