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VECTOR STARED OUT the window. He could see rolling hills of red sand from countless battles fought here. It hadn't been easy to find a secure center for Traener, but German Martial had done it. A century ago.

But recently the going had been rough, as well as slow. And now…

Vector turned his head to look at the body lying on the floor. Even when caught by surprise, the attacker had almost managed to take off his head. He gripped his shoulder even more tightly as blood flowed from it freely. The sword lay on the floor beside the body.

There were yells down the center hall as guards finally made it to their destination. When they saw the scene, they froze, all fifty of them.

"Take the body to the morgue and burn it," he commanded when they continued to stand still and stare. "Put the sword in my headquarters. And I need medical attention."

The words from their leader jolted them to attention, and they moved to carry out his orders. Two guards picked up the body, dragging it between them. Two others picked Vector up carefully and another grabbed the sword still laying on the ground. The rest of the guards spread out and were dispatched down the halls to relay the news.

Vector watched as they left. Then the guard with the sword walked away. And he watched as the other two remaining guards dragged the body away.

"Let's go," he told the two soldiers holding him. "Quickly now. I must address the nation."

"Sir?" one of the soldier asked hesitantly.

Vector nodded at him to speak.

"Who was responsible?"

"We are not sure, but they will pay," the Martial replied.

"I meant-"

"It was Titania."

Both soldiers gasped, staring at him. "So…you're stronger than Titania?" He sounded amazed.

Vector shook his head. "No. Titania is stronger. I was only lucky."

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"Are you sure?"

"You really have lost your memories haven't you?"

"His name is Vector."

"No! Don't!"

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