Chapter One

July 14, 1896

Dear Diary,

This is my first entry in your slightly yellow pages, so please, listen well. I might as well tell you about myself. My name is Emma McGaphy, and I am 7 years of age. My mother and father is moving me and my older brother to America, the Country of Gold. Mommy said that the reason why we are moving from Scottland is beacuse we didn't have the nessassary needs. Daddy said it's because we couldn't afford our house anymore and survive.

And before you could say what big words I'm writting, Diary, is becuase my older brother Eric is helping me spell these hard words, making me sound smart, like him! Eric is my older brother by five years, and it makes me angry sometimes when he can do big kid things that I can't do. Oh! And before I can forget, Diary, my family is really weird. My mommy's sweddish, and my daddy's scottish. Mommy told me how they met every time I ask her about it. I find it very confusing, so that's why momma explains it every time. She said that daddy was a traveler, and he bumped into her by accident, making him topple over onto momma. Da appologized and treated her to dinner, and she said the 'romance' started there.

Anyways (Eric helped me with that one.) we're on a boat with a lot of other passengers. My family was sharing two cots next to this Japanese family. They had a little girl that is the same age as I am. Atleast, I think that's what they said. I had a difficulty (Brother helped me with that one too... :( ) understanding them with they way they talked, but the little girl had no trouble. Her name was Yuki, and I told her mine. I think that we became friends after that. I wasn't so sure though, since she kept on bowing at me.

And I thought that Yuki was very pretty. She had pretty dark brown hair and light brown eyes. She was also pale, like all the others of her kind. I didn't want to sound offensive to her in you, so I tried to put it nicely. So please don't judge me. But back to what I was explaining earlier. The boat rocketed back and forth, making my mother seasick. And even if she was sick, she was still pretty. She had my auburn hair and grey eyes, and long thick eyelashes. Every night before we go to bed, I hear daddy call her his little ray of sunshine, since she could smile her pretty smile anytime.

While she was this 'seasick', daddy comforted her. He was okay looking to me, since he had brown hair, green eyes and curvy eyelashes. I told Eric why I didn't see daddy like I saw mommy, and he said because I was to young to see looks in other genders. Whatever that means. Whoops. Daddy is making me and my brother go to bed now, so I have to stop and put you away under my pillow, along with a picture of one of my best friends. She's from London, and she told me that she was planning on coming to America too with her own family. I'll tell you her name later, when I have time another day. Good night, Diary.


Emma Harriet McGaphy, age 7