Chapter Two

September 5, 1896

Dear Diary,

I know that I haven't written in awhile, but I've been busy with unpacking the boxes that was shipped over before we came. Next door to us, is Yuki, the Japanese girl from the boat ride here. We were in Seattle, a city that was the talk around the world, along with the others called New York city and Boston. It was weird to be in a huge city with lots of people, instead of not many people in one little city in Sweden. But enough about that, back to the few months that we were apart.

My friend, you know... the one from my last entry, she wrote me, saying that she was coming here around October or November. I don't think I told you her name yet. She looks like one of the dolls my brother gave to me from one of his friends, a boy from back home. Anyways, her name is Charlotte Woodhouse. Last time I saw her, she had shoulder length brown hair and pretty brown eyes. Yes, she did look like my dolly. She's brittish, and it was pretty weird on how we became friends.

We were heading to the boats to get our tickets early, and we planned on staying in London untill we left. We got our tickets in January, and it was very cold. Ma had to use her extra jacket. She said she was freezing, and I asked if I could use my own extra jacket too. I wasn't that cold, but I didn't want Momma to feel left out. And one day, in London, Eric and I were playing outside, throwing snowballs at eachother like there wasn't a care in the world. One of the snowballs I threw missed and hit a girl in the back, making her shake her shoulders like she was crying.

I ran up to her, instincts (Brother helped me with that...) kicked in from seeing so many younger kids in my town crying from being hungry or sick, like my Aunt. I walked up to the girl, asking why she was crying. I had little food to offer her, if she was hungry, and if she was sick, Eric would pull me away from her to make sure that I wouldn't get sick and probably die. She said that where I hit her hurt, so I appologized, trying to explain what my brother and I were doing together outside in the falling snow of the new year.

After that, we started hang around eachother, becoming friends. That was awhile ago now, and I miss her. Not that I have a friend now, but what would you do, Diary, if one of your friends were far away, and it takes a long time to make contact with them? But no more sad stuff before bed! Daddy said that if you stress and worry and get scared before bed, you don't have nice dreams. And I like my dreams. Even this one dream, where I was riding a animal called a unicorn, and magical fairies came out, and we danced around and played untill the blue sun went down to the purple grass on the other side of the world and that the sparkly moon came out in front of the green sky.

Yeah, Eric said that I have weird dreams, but when I told Yuki about my weird dreams and what Eric says about it, she said that being weird, is better then being odd. She makes me happy, like Charlotte did when I was in England. I'm happy I came here.

But now it's time for me to go to bed, like last time. It always happens, everytime. It's like when my teacher reads a book during lunch, and she stops right at the good part, but it's when I'm doing something fun and what I want to do, Daddy and Mommy tell me and Eric, who sits next to me at the dining room table reading or doing something he does, that it's time for us to go to bed. But, I have to do it. Good night, my beloved Diary...


Emma Harriet McGaphy, age 7

P.S. Eric helped me with the hard words, which sucks. Just proves how much smarter he is then me...