Aerith's P.O.V.

Of course, I have no idea where I'm going. This castle is a labyrinth of staircases and hallways, totally unfamiliar. The constant giggles and shuffles of feet coming from the doorways and corners was bugging me even more. How long does it take to wake up from a dream like this? When will my alarm clock wake me up? I set it for six forty-five.

Oh, who am I kidding? This isn't a dream. All of this is horrifyingly real, no matter how much I tell myself differently. I seriously needed to lie down, my head is spinning like a tornado.

As if by bizarre chance, I come across a large mahogany door lined with a large gold doorknob. AERITH is written above the door.

Oh, flick it, what else can go wrong?

I push the door open.

The floors are made of polished wood, covered with white carpets, and the walls are decorated in silver and gold, covered in photos of unknown people. There's a queen-sized bed to the left of the room, covered in ivory and gold blankets, with feather-filled, silk-covered pillows. Gold curtains are pulled to its oak posts, tied to a feather-decorated dome. The arched windows are draped in the same curtains. There are no electric lights, but instead, there are white candles on every surface that give off silver sheen. There's a mahogany desk pressed to the wall next to the bed, with a mirror and a gold rolling chair. To the other side of the bed, there is a nightstand and a comfy gold armchair. A tall mahogany dresser is directly in front of the bed, on the opposite wall, and a partly open drawer tells me that they're already filled with my stuff. There are white doors on either side of the dresser, one of which is a closet and the other a bathroom.

With a huff, I collapse onto the bed, pulling a pillow over my head. I lie there, smothering under the pillows, when I hear the door open. With a groan, I turn my head so that my voice isn't muffled. "Please go away."

"No thanks," Edrian says, and I can hear him sitting down on the seat next to the bed. He's silent for a moment before he says, "So...are you OK?"

I glare at him.

"Right. Not OK. But you know this isn't a dream, right?"

I huff and smother down into the pillows again. "Yes."

"And this isn't some kind of sick joke?"


"Then why are you so mad?"

I groan. "Because this is a lot to take in and it doesn't stop coming."

"OK, I get it. You're tired and you need a break."

"Break is an understatement."

"We didn't mean to be hard on you. We just thought you'd be happy to know. But I guess you're not."

"No. I am. Sorta. Kinda. I don't know. This is just so confusing I don't know what to think."

"Well it's alright. When you want to take the next step, just say so."

I lift up the pillow to look up at him. "Anytime?"

"Whenever you feel like it." he smiles at me, and I give him a small smile back.

"Sorry about what I said. You're real."

"Well, that's a relief." he chuckles.

Before I can reply, there's a round of gleeful screams from outside. I jump right up, my eyes locked on the arched window. "What was that?"

Edrian smiles at me with a twinkle in his eye. "You didn't think we were the only ones here, did you?"