Lightning struck down from the skies and black clouds tainted the skies. Powerful winds threw up dust and leaves, challenging even the most powerful trees. There were none who watched this, for the only living beings in the area all residing in one place, an enormous black castle. It was so sturdy that not even a single chip of stone or metal fell off the building. Inside, a group of a five sat around a table, each dressed in a black cloak.

The man at the head rubbed his hands together with a smile. "Don't you love the sound of Halloween night?"

A woman sitting at the opposite end of him blew a quick raspberry. "Stop overusing that joke over and over again."

The other three remained quiet, the leader speaking up once again. "Well, now...I never said it was a joke, right? Remember? Every Halloween night."


The morning was usually the time for the normal person to wake and begin their long 24 hour day. This was true, for most people.

On a narrow pathway in a quiet landscape surrounded by small mountains, there was commotion that shattered all silence. There was no sign of life except for three figures, a man, a woman, and a strange figure.

"Okay, stand still," a man spoke. He was suited with a stainless white coat that fit very well with his brown slacks. Under his white coat was a white shirt of the exact same shade of white, making it seem as if the man had only a single top. He slowly inched his hand forward, reaching to touch the young man's head. "This won't hurt a bit."

This was no ordinary young man though. He was one that needed help. Unlike the previous man's fair skin, his was dark green and his muscles were mushy. He had a shaved scalp and one of his eyeballs were missing. There was nothing right about him and nothing anyone knew about, other than one thing. He craved brains. That's right. Brains. "Br-Brains..."

The man sighed, scratching his stylish black hair with his free hand. "I hate dealing with zombies...I've cured so many and all I get as thanks as that same phrase over and over." He latched onto the zombie's head with his right hand and added pressure to it. "Hold still!"

A flash of light blinded the area. Blue and white flashes beamed everywhere from the man's hand, quickly enveloping the zombie in the light. "Be purified!"

With one quick spark, all of the lights immediately vanished, leaving himself alone...still with the zombie. He was silent, not a word on his mind. "...That's total bullshit." He sighed, and patted the dust off his white pants. "Well...Looks like he's gone past the halfway point...I'll have to get my backup to take care of this th-"

A strong fist smashed the man across the face, sending him plummeting to the ground, clenching his face in pain. "No. You are the underling, Daevon Harkingbird." A young, pretty woman with black hair that extended just below the shoulders stood tall over the body of her partner, kicking him repeatedly...not holding back either. Red and white streaks colored a few strands of her hair, giving her a more lively look. Her gray eyes glared at Daevon, showing nothing but anger and annoyance. "We've talked about your position under me many, many times!" Her signature dress revealed her shoulders and much of her slender legs. Black arm sleeves covered her arms from her elbow to her hands and grey socks covered up to right below the knee.

Daevon smiled mischievously. "Any closer and then I'll have a pretty nice view of your panti-"

Using her right foot, the woman dug her shoes harshly into the man's face. "Underlings should stay quiet!" The woman eyed the zombie with a killing intent. "And you must be today's opponent...No..."

The zombie stood, staring at the woman blankly. "Brains."

The woman held her palm out and immediately, a black mist took the shape of a long sword. With a strong swing, the darkness on the sword fluttered across the ground before vanishing into thin air. "Poor trash. It's too bad that you didn't take the change to be purified."

Using Daevon as a running start by kicking off his face, she ended the battle in an instant, slashing the zombie across the torso. Blood splattered out of its body as it crashed down to the ground, still breathing due to the zombie's persistent body. "Pitiful..." She kicked the zombie's head once. "Grovel before me!" She held her blade of shadows high, preparing to deal the final blow.

However, the attack never came. Her arm was stopped by a man's grasp.

The woman gritted her teeth, pulling her arm away from him. "Daevon! Do not stop me in the process of a killing."

The man formed kitty lips with his mouth. "Oh, do not stop me in the process of a kill-Ow ow ow!"

The woman stomped on Daevon's foot with all her might, her intent being to crush every bone there. "Do not mock me."

Daevon stepped back, limping on one foot. "Jeez! Cynthia...That hurt!"

She look fiercely at him with her foxy eyes and growled. "Oh, I'm sorry...Would you like a broken foot? Or maybe a severed one? I really hope you choose the latter."

"Crazy bitch," he muttered to himself. Daevon approached the dying zombie and examined his wounds, which were clearly fatal. "Crazy bitch!" he yelled, this time so that Cynthia could hear.

Before the woman could react and punt the man back down to the ground, Daevon touched the zombie's wound. Cynthia stood beside him, curious as to what he would do next. And then she realized it. "Wait. You're not planning on healing this weakling are you? You promised me-"

The man watched the wound slowly patch up as white light overflowed out of his hand. "The job of an Exorcist is to protect the save the people...I'm not letting this innocent man die, Cynthia."

The woman huffed in annoyance. "Hmph! I see, ignorant and stupid as always. The day we agreed to work together, Exorcist and Possesson, you clearly agreed to rid the world of the weak Possessons."

Daevon nodded. Seeing that the zombie looked fine, he pulled his arm back. "But that was a side condition. You told me that your true intent in collaborating with me was so that you could use me to lure the more powerful Possessons. And don't forget your side of the deal."

Cynthia laughed. "You fool. Both conditions must be fulfilled...Ha! I could always just leave you right here, right now...but then...Exorcists like you are so very rare."

The exorcist didn't respond. Instead, he grabbed onto the zombie's face and emitted a powerful blast of bright white light. "I don't kill. The Code of the Order doesn't require the murder of Possessons...and besides, it's what's right."

Cynthia shielded her eyes from the blinding light, only to reopen and see that the monster had now become a normal, young man. A green zombie costume sat on the ground beside the man, dull and lifeless.

"May you be blessed from this day on," Daevon muttered, thrusting his palm into the man's head, creating a bright symbol in the shape of a shield. His green skin had returned to normal, but no one could say the same for his bald head. "...No more Possessons will harm you again." He grabbed a cherry-flavored lollipop from his pocket and remove the wrapper. He then stuck the candy into the unconscious man's mouth.

Daevon stood up to his feet and turned his eyes on Cynthia, who watched him grudgingly. "You'd save a Possesson from certain death..." The woman chuckled in a sinister manner. "You interest me, Daevon."

The man's eyebrows twitched. "Stop talking like a creep." He picked up his white knapsack and threw it around his shoulder. "You should be glad. That's one less Possesson you're going to see around."

Cynthia folded her arms and shot a glare at the exorcist. "And if he gets infected by another Possesson?"

"That can't happen," he replied instantly. Daevon held his palm out, showing it to his female companion. A small shield created out of white light sat on his hand. " the Shield of Order, remember?"

Cynthia nodded. "Right...You Exorcists use this miniscule item to block off physical encounters with Possessons."

Daevon closed his hand and smiled. "So you do remember."

"I do,'s not like I care." Cynthia walked past the man, looking to hurry and arrive at the next area. "To think that America could have fallen to such a curse."

The man followed her down the path towards the city, quickly catching up. "Well, those two of the three top-secret stones did get stolen, and since no one knew about them, there was nothing anyone could do."

Cynthia shrugged. "And like that...all us Possessons were born...Sealed to our costumes on Halloween." The woman chuckled wickedly. "But, oh the power that it gave us all!"

Daevon frowned. "That's not a good thing...This country would have gone to hell if that third stone was stolen too. The Stone of Order...That little thing is what gave power to us Exorcists, the ones that didn't dress on Halloween. It's our job to return America to what it was before." He took a step forward, ahead of Cynthia. "Purifying the soul, one monster at a time."

Cynthia slapped the back of Daevon's head in frustration. "You need to stop saying that. It's not making anyone in the world think you're cool."

"Ow...Jeez..." He rubbed his head, passing by and noticing a small sign on the side of the road. It read 'Purify City, 1 mile away.' In the distance, the pair could already see the large buildings of the Exorcist-run city.