This is an old piece that I did about two years ago now. It's from when I was first getting into these 'snapshot' form pieces, so it's not great, and it was inspired by a science video... Goes to show how focused I was in class.

Mostly uploading this to get my five needed pieces so I can get my beta profile going asap.

It was a weird feeling, watching the edge of the ice disappear. The harness bit into my skin. The heavy winter coat was useless against the rough ropes, but a much appreciated barrier to the wind and freezing temperatures.

As I was propelled further down into the cavern, the voices of my coworkers faded until they were no longer audible. The running water of the small waterfall behind me commanded what I was hearing. The persistent roar dominated all other sounds.
Mist from the speeding water dampened my coat, causing the temperature to seem colder than it actually was. When I reached an adequate distance below the surface of the ice, I stopped my descent and looked around for the first time, actually seeing what there was to look at.
The sun was shining at just the right angle. A few rays hit the edge of the opening, shining through the ice at the top. The majority of the light shone into the cavern, illuminating the walls with a yellow-orange tint. The light traveled through the small waterfall, making both the water and the ice behind it glow.
I found a good angle and took out my camera. The sun continued its descent, resulting in more sunlight shining through the ice at the top. I snapped a few good shots, then tugged on the rope lightly, signaling that I was ready to come back up.
My team helped pack up all of the gear, then move it into the boat so we could get back to our little camp. The ride back was mostly uneventful. There was nothing noticeably different about the glaciers and ice formations. We were almost there when I spotted the effect the reflection of sunlight on water had on the ice formations.
The golden rays of sunlight were being reflected off of the surface of the water, directing the light underneath the ice formation. The glacier looked as if it were lit from within. The golden light turned blue from the water and ice.
It definitely was a sight to see. I took a few pictures, trying to capture the beauty. It was an amazing feeling, thinking the world would be able to see this, too. With any luck, this beauty will be here for generations to come.