They call him The Master, and I've heard rave reviews of his shows. Tonight is the first time I will attend. I walk through the large wooden doors. All activity stops on my account. They just stare at me. Then I spot a friendly looking gentleman greeting people. He must be The Master.

"Good evening milord," he greets reverently. I hate that title. I've only inherited it a little over a year ago.

"Good evening to you-," I pause.

"They call me The Master, but you may refer to me as Erik. I don't dare dishonor you milord."

"Good evening Erik. I've heard many terrific things about your show."

"You have? I'm very flattered. Tonight is going to be a good one. I have my star tonight."

"Is he a mortal?"

"Oh no milord. He was once, but I decided to keep him for myself. He's a dancer and he helps me with the mortals I do bring in."

I'm a little taken aback by his earnestness.

"I expect an excellent show then."

"You shouldn't expect any less milord."

He bows and I make my way in to the great expanse of the theatre. I make my way to the very center of the seating. I want to have the best view. It seems like an eternity when the lights finally dim. Erik makes his way center stage and gives a speech. The curtains open when he finishes and a young man walks on stage with nothing but a loin cloth. The gracefulness he exhibits is the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life. His lithe body gentle but strong. His brown hair curled just so. Another man is thrown on stage, but my eyes are glued to the first one. I hear whispers that the first is the one Erik claims to be his star. What extravagance. But I see a sadness in his eyes. He makes eye contact with me. His eyes almost pleading. Like he wants to escape. I must see him. After the show I approach Erik.

"May I inquire about the dancer you have?"

"I see you've taken interest."

"May I see him?"

"Anything for you milord. May I indulge a secret?"

"Yes you may."

"Occasionally, I allow a few associates to indulge sexually with the boy."


"That's the fun of it. To see him struggle I mean."

"Is that so? May I be alone with him?"

"Of course milord. Call me, or one of my associates when you are finished."

He leads me to his room underneath the stage once everyone has gone home for the evening. His personal quarters are quite a sight. He opens a wooden door inlayed with gold to reveal a bed with a black and red canopy. His bed sheets made of a fine silk. Everything in the room is beautiful, yet the most beautiful thing in the room is the dancer, hidden by the fabric of the canopy.

"Hello my little star," Erik gently says, "I have a friend to play with you."

"Please leave us Erik."

"As you wish milord. Remember to call once you've finished."

Erik leaves and shuts the door behind him. I slowly move to the bed and part the canopy. The boy, looks about eighteen, sits there unmoving. Not even taking a glance at me. I reach for his chin. He flinches away. I can tell there are tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

"What's your name boy?"

"Andy," he says quietly.

"You don't have to fear me."

Then he does what I would have never expected. He kisses me hard on the lips. Almost desperate to please. I grab his wrists and pin him on the bed. His breathing becomes a bit labored. I can see the tears threatening to spill down his lovely face.

"I'm not interested in that. I just want to talk."

The tears start flowing down his cheeks. I pull him toward me and embrace him.

"I have a brother that's about twelve now. You remind me of him."

That seems to put a bit of a smile on his face as he looks up at me with those large chocolate brown eyes.

"Will you take me with you?" he asks shyly.

"Yes, I will. I will take you away from the pain. We need to act quickly."

I take Andy by the wrist. He jumps at the surprise, but he quickly understands. We quietly exit the room, Andy right behind me. I can feel his breath on my neck. We sneak off towards the main stage area, hoping that no one spots us. I watch around the corner and see that the coast is clear. My heart is nearly beating out of my chest as I'm sure is the same for the boy. We make it half way across the stage when we're stopped by a figure that appears out of nowhere. It's Erik, and he seems furious.

"What are you doing milord?" he asks with venom at my title. Andy shrinks behind me, terrified of the man blocking our escape.

"I'm taking the boy with me."

"Though you may be the new lord, I am millennia older. I have been strengthening my power over that time. I've heard that you've only become immortal one year before."

This puts me back. How did he know? No matter. Along with my lordship, I was given the dagger that can kill immortal beings. I've had training on my side. I take out the dagger.

Erik lunges at me. He is much faster than I anticipated. He dodges every one of my thrusts. I don't think I can get a good blow in. I try to keep up with his movements but he is simply too fast. I don't see him as he knocks the dagger out of my hand. He appears behind me and knocks me to the ground. I can't react. Erik makes his way to kneel next to me. He reaches out and grabs my throat and lifts me up in one swift movement. I can't believe this is happening.

"Nice try milord. You won't be taking my star attraction. Now I suggest you leave before-"

Erik is cut off by something. I see Andy standing behind him with both hands on my dagger which he has sunk in to Erik's spinal cord. He drops me and I gasp for breath. The corner of Erik's mouth has some blood trickling out of it. Andy pulls the dagger free. Erik stumbles by the side of the stage and falls in to the orchestra pit. I rush over to the edge to see nothing but his cape at the bottom. Andy collapses on the floor and begins to sob quietly with the bloody dagger still in his hands. I embrace him in my arms.

"Come with me. I will give you the love and respect you deserve Andy. I promise to love you forever."

I plant my lips on his. The promise is made.

A.N. This is the final chapter of this story. I know, sad. But there's a reason why it's so short. This is a short story that leads to a bigger, and hopefully more epic story that I had the idea for years ago. Watch out for it because I believe it will end up being one of my best works. These two love birds will be a huge part of it. For my fans, continue reading and reviewing.

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