You look, but you don't talk,
You speak, but I hear no sound,
I try to talk, I can only look also,
I make sound, but it's not loud enough.
I try, I try, but it's not enough.
You try, but not often, or too much.
What is wrong? Why?
I can't understand our lack of communication.
It frightens me. Tell me.
Tell me your fears, your dreams, your goals.
Tell me what you feel inside.
I want to know.
My heart crys out, speak, tell me,
Give me my one wish.
The only thing I've ever really wanted in life.
Now I know what it means to mourn what you have not lost.
I know that horrible feeling that haunts you deep down.
Deep down in the deepest depths of your soul.
The feeling that gives you the most pain, even though physically,
I have no pain, no weight....yet,
When I'm alone, I feel abandoned and confused.
I feel as if you have just left me to die,
Die of wondering,
And to die
Of wanting.