First story. It may be bad. I did this all in one day.

This is work of pure fiction. None of the characters are real (I think...)

A foot made contact with my gut. A fist struck my cheek. I cried out in pain as more attacks came.

Soon, I was left on the ground, curled in a ball. Tears stained my filthy cheeks. My boney fingers weakly clawed at the rough ground. I struggled to stand, my weak frame trembling some. My breath was shaky.

I looked at the fence, longing to be on the other side. I stared at the soft ground that lied beyond the cursed barbed wire.

Slowly, I managed to stand. I walked back to the hut I stayed in. I climbed up to my spot on the shelf and lied down. The door opened, and one of the others who stayed in the hut was standing there. He had blood on him, revealing that I wasn't the only one being punished for something. He stumbled in, falling on his bunk. I put my hand on my ribs that were visible when I didn't have my filthy shirt on.

"It's ready." He breathed. "Come tomorrow, maybe, go to the west fence. Make sure no one is around. There's a town roughly a mile or so away."

With that, it was silent again. I was heavily breathing when I closed my eyes. the beginning of a new life, hopefully.

A gunshot woke me up. Everyone scrambled off the shelves we called beds. We looked out of the hut and saw one of the fathers of one of the prisoners lying on the ground, blood pooling beneath him. My eyes widened. I'd seen death before, many times, but it always frightened me to see the cold body lying on the hard ground.

When it was clear, we walked out. I looked to the sun and walked with my back to it. I could see the small ditch, just deep enough for me to squeeze under the fence. I looked around. I looked around for signs of any guards. Quickly, I walked over and dropped to my stomach.

Crawling under, I stayed as close to the ground as I could. I felt the fence graze my already ripped shirt. Once I reached the other side, I took in a deep breath. I...I don't smell the death anymore...

I looked over my shoulder and saw someone flash a small smile. Nodding, I ran off away from the horrid place I'd spent years in.

The ground felt amazing on my bare feet. I was so used to the rough, rocky terrain that I'd nearly forgotten what grass felt like. Not looking back, I focused on the gentle land ahead of me.

I soon came to the entrance of a small town. I was out of breath when I got there, but I didn't stop walking. My feet carried me to a building. Before I could knock, I fell to the ground, smacking my head on the door.

When I came to, I felt something wrapped around my head, my chest, one of my shins, one of my forearms, and my hands. My eyes opened and I looked around.

"Where...?" My voice was scratchy.

"Sh..." Someone shushed. "You'll be fine. You're safe now."

I heard the person stand and leave the room. I sat up, bringing a hand to my boney torso. Moving my legs over the edge of the bed, I struggled to stand. I quietly walked down the hall and a flight of stairs. I heard voices.

" enough. He needs just a bit more time."

I peeked around the wall as a door closed. Someone saw me. "You're awake."

I nodded some. "Where am I...?"

"You're at our home. We found you unconscious outside the door." The woman explained. "Where is it you're from?"

I figured that she wondered if I'd been travelling without food for a long time. Nevertheless, the question made me wince some. "Originally...I'm from Berlin. My name is Finn Nacht. I am forever in debt."

The couple smiled. "I'm Clause. This is my wife, Lydia."

I looked around, remembering little fragments of my home before we were forced out. I saw a picture of a young man. "Our son. He went to war last year."

"He...never came back. Did he?" I asked, noticing the sorrow in their voices. I could feel the grief hanging above them.

"You're talking of death like it's nothing. Why is that?"

I turned away. "It's complicated..."

Leaning on the wall, I slid to the floor. I gripped my stomach. Lydia hurriedly came to my side. "Are you okay? Hungry?"

I managed a weak smile. "It's only been three days since I've last eaten. I can go a bit longer."

The couple looked at each other. I could see that they knew where I'd just come from. Clause grabbed my thin arm and helped me up. I gave him a smile.

I leaned against the wall. "Honest, I'll be fine."

"How did you escape?" Lydia asked.

"What are you talking about?" I tried lying.

She touched my wrapped forearm. "We won't take you back there. How did you manage to escape?"

I looked down. "I had a friend who helped me. He's...probably dead now for helping one escape."

Her lips pursed together. She gave me a hug. "If you can stay here. We'll keep you safe from the soldiers. You'll never have to go back to the camp."

My eyes brightened some. "But...if you're caught...they'll kill you. Then me."

Clause smiled. "Not if we change your appearance some. It won't take much time."

I smiled some. A new start. Just what all the prisoners hope for. Thank you, God. Thank you for this chance.

My name is Finn Nacht. I am an escapee from Auschwitz. My mother and father were taken to the gas chambers shortly after we arrived. After getting our ratty clothing from a hut, the soldiers realized that my sisters were too young to do anything. Not even allowed to avert my eyes or close them, I was forced to watch as the soldiers shot them in front of me. I was beaten for crying as they struggled gasp for air. They stared at me with eyes that asked why I was letting them die.

The soldiers took me away from my sisters, not even letting me see them truly die. Not letting me say goodbye. It really depressed me. I was sixteen when I lost my family. My life was destroyed when I was put into the horrid camp.

Clause and Lydia were my saviors. After they changed my hair color, they said I reminded them of their son. It made me happy that they thought of me as a son.

I kept my number that I received in the camp hidden with bandages for years. I ended up meeting a really nice girl who was also from Berlin. Clause was the one who set us up for a date. She wondered about the bandage I wore, but I never showed her what was under it. We'd been dating for two years when the war ended. A few months after war's end, I showed her what I hid. She saw the number and stared at it. I apologized for hiding it.

What I expected was for her to attack me or something. I wasn't expecting her to kiss me. What she told me made me cry a little bit. "I don't care if you're Jewish. I love you for you."

I smiled, "I never told you, but I was in Auschwitz. I escaped when I was seventeen. Lydia and Clause were the ones who took me in as their son. My family was killed after arriving at the camp."

My hair was to its natural mouse brown again when she asked to see the camp. Though she could see in my eyes that I didn't want to go back, I agreed. They had it open to the public a few years after the war. I showed her which hut I was forced to stay in. I hesitated at the place where they shot my sisters. Finally, I showed her how I escaped. She laughed when she saw it.

After four years of dating, I asked for her hand in marriage. She was ecstatic when I did so. We married in our hometown of Berlin. We left Germany soon afterward. We went to America, hoping to start a family there. Germany...was too painful for us to raise a family. Especially with the camps being scattered around the land.

Five years later, we had a daughter. When she was about ten, she asked why we left Germany. We told her the reason. She then pointed at my arm. "Is that why?"

I touched the number. "Yes. One of them. Granted the war is over, the fences are most likely still active. It would be horrible if you were to run into it."

My name is Finn Nacht. I am a Holocaust survivor. My wife calls me a cheater, though. I was sixteen when I lost my family. I was seventeen when I escaped from the Auschwitz camp.

What did you think? I hope you enjoyed it~!