i am erasing
you from
this book of
names i've
concocted to
count the wit-
nesses to this
i am eradicating
you with acids
and pastels
and bleach to
wash out the
blood from
when you
cut and
i am emancipating
you from your
responsibility in
the actions i take
at the cost that
you know they're
still your fault
in the end.
i am extracting
you from my
words and my
stories since i
was never in
yours from the
i am evicting
you from the
place in my
heart you'd
been living in
so long that i'd
become obsessed.
i am expunging
and censoring
your name in all texts
because you're
not worth it anymore
(nor were you
i am expelling
you because
you've hurt so
many people, and
i know you were
hurt too, i know
that's all your life
was but i'm not
letting you use that
i am ending
your dedication
and not my life
like you nearly
made me do and
i'm sorry, so sorry,
but not to you, to
myself for allowing
someone who
never even cared
never even thought –
for letting a liar
take a piece of my
and letting him get
away with it,