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The boy's eyes slowly began to open as the room around began to come into focus. He was still a little dazed from what had happened. His hand moved up toward his eyelids, wiping the crusties away allowing his eye full access to open all the way.

"Where a-am I" he said in a sleepy voice. His hands went down to the covers that were over his weak body. He moved his hand gradually along the light fabric. He couldn't figure out what kind of material it was but it felt a little like cotton. It was a bit stiff and he could tell that it wasn't made yesterday.

He slowly lifted the covers up as to see what he was wearing. The sudden exposure to air gave his body a bit of draft as it cooled off a little. He still had on his regular T-shirt and sweatshirt along with his blue jeans. He also had on white socks that came up to his ankle.

"Hmm, strange, I don't remember putting these on." He laid the covers back down. His eyes moved to the strange room he was in. It looked like something he would have seen in a history book. The tattered wood wall and floor, along with a window that was just a cut out in the wall with what looked like a fishnet in front of it.

He first looked at the headboard of the bed. It was a very strange carving that had appeared to resemble some sort of tiger type creature with lightning shaped marks on it's body. He did not know what to make of it.

He forcefully tried to lift his body as to feel the object, but as he tried to move it, it ofcourse rejected the idea and threw him back in the bed. He started to shake as he brought his hands into view.

"W-why am I s-so weak." He wondered as he watched as his hands slowly stopped there shaking. "What could have happened to me that I would be this weak, I-I don't remember."

the boy averted his eyes back to the room. This time trying to find something different to examine. There wasn't much in the room except for an odly shaped piece of furniture that appeared to be the mixture of a coffee table and a dresser, and a salmon colored carpet that wasn't much to look at. He also noticed a strange hole in the wall, it made sort of an arc shape that resembled a mouses hole. He eyed it for a while, waiting as if he was expecting something to come out of the miniature entrance.

After his exploration of the very fascinating room he was in, his mind went back to the issue at hand. Where was he, and how did he get here? He tried to think back as to what happened. He closed his eyes and began to move his train of thought back a while, but all he could see was darkness.

"Why c-can't I rem-m-member." As he said that he was confused as to why he was talking like that. He tried to remember something and thankfully he was able to catch something. "I r-remember my n-name, It's Mykale Ashgrove. I a-also remember that I h-h-have a speech imp-pedement, I g-guess that's why I was t-talking that way" He thought as a few minor memories came back into focus. "I-I'm 15 years old...Uhh, and I'm also a boy...but, I think I c-could of f-figured that part out w-without remembering."

Mykale was so engrossed in thought he did not hear the door creak open. A small gust of wind rushed in the door "Oh, I see your awake." A womans voice said from behind the open door. Mykale ofcourse when he heard this nearly jumped out of bed.

"Ahhh" He threw his hands up in the air as the shock made his heart skip a few beats. He turned to look at the woman that was standing in the door. She had beautiful long blonde hair that came past her shoulders and gave a slight curl on one side. She was wearing a tan dress that came about a foot past her knees. It did have a few rips at the bottom of it. Over the dress she wore a white apron. Or so he thought it was white, it looked like it had been thrown in a pile of ash and rubbed around.

"O-oh, sorry, y-you scared me." Mykale said as he lowered his arms from the current position they were in. A smile colored the womans face. "No, no, It's quite alright, I'm not surprised you were scared. Seeing some random person walk in and just start talking to you." The woman said as she shot the boy an apology smile. "O-oh, well I g-guess so." The boy said rubbing the back of his head as he smiled.

"Are you hungry." The woman said as she picked up a tray off the ground. Mykale look at the shining metal tray with aww as he saw the contents of food on it. "I-Is that f-for me" he said bringing his fingers to his chest in a pointing position. The woman smiled and nodded her head "Yes, you've been asleep for quite a while so when I heard some rustling going on in this room I decided to make you a quick breakfast."

Mykale just looked at the delicous looking pancake shaped delicacy with a glass of what appeared to be orange juice. He hadn't noticed but a little drop of druel had started to slide down his lip. His stomach soon began to make a growling sound. He threw his hand over it as to try to quiet it. A blush came over his face

"W-well I am rather h-hungry." He said clenching his gut harder this time. The woman gave a chuckle as she carried the tray over to the bedside. She set it down on the half-coffee table half-dresser piece of furniture. She put her hands together below her thighs as she bowed and took a few steps back.

Mykale gave the woman a confused look at that. He had no Idea what she was doing but he decided to not be rude and go along with her. Mykale put his hands down on the bed on each side of his leg. He bowed his head back to the woman. She gave a a quorky grin, as she appeared to be holding back a slight gliggle. Mykale raised a curious eyebrow but shook it off as he went back to eyeing the delicous looking food.

* 30 minutes later *

"Ahh, t-that was d-delicous." he said as he rubbed his now extended stomach with a smile on his face. He turned back to look at the woman who was still standing in the same position as before. She still had her hands cuped and just stood there with a happy smile on her face.

"Y-you know, you didn't hafto stand there a-and watch me" The boy said giving the woman a strange look. Her hands came up to her face as she cocked her head a little bit. "Oh nonsense, I LOVE watching people enjoy eating my food."

Suddenly as she said that there came a faint sound behind her. It sounded like a soft voice, almost like a ghost. A shiver went up Mykale's spine. The sound came again, now more clear. "Mother" came a voice from the doorway.

At the door stood a younge girl clade in what looked like a light blue nightgown. She had shoulder length brown hair that had a slight curl at the end just like the woman. She looked like she was about 15.

She rubbed her eyes as she gave a big yawn. The woman turned around to face the girl. "Xavveina, I'm sorry did we wake you?" The women asked with a very conscerned look on her face.

The girl stopped rubbing her eyes as she moved her eyes up to the woman "No, I was already awake. Is breakfast re-" the girl stopped when she saw the young boy that was sitting on the bed with a questioning look on his face.

Mykale ,seeing her noticing him, decided he didn't want to make a bad first impression. He smothered up a smile and gave her a little wave. The girls face flushed red as she hid behind the door. Mykale sat there motionless for a moment, confused. He gave a deep sigh as he lowered his hands.

The woman turned to look at the boy who had a slight sign of dismay in his face, she then turned to face the girl who was still hiding behind the door. She gave a slight chuckle that failed to exit out of her lips. She turned back to the boy

"I'm sorry, this is my daughter." The boys face lit up a little bit. "Y-your daughter." the boy said as he turned to look at the girl who had peeked her head out from behind it, but swung it back when his eyes had made contact with her.

The woman gave another slight giggle that managed to slip past her lips a little bit. Then realising something she turned back to the boy "Oh, that's right. We don't know your name." The woman said as she shot the boy a questioning look. Mykale had completely forgot to introduce himself.

"O-oh right, m-my name is Mykale, M-mykale Ashgrove." He said as a smile careesed his face. The woman brought her hands together as she brought them up to her face. "Mykale huh, what a strange name. Well my name is Marcel, and that little girl over there hiding behind the door is Xavveina."

Mykale's face went back yet again to the girl who had now assituated herself a place halfway behind the door. His first thought came to her name, what a strange name to call someone. He had never heard of anything like it. "Xavveina".The name just coursed through his head over and over, still not taking his eyes off the young girl which caused her to move slightly back. He couldn't seem to figure out if she was shy, or just scared. He really hoped she wasn't scared of him.

"H-hello there sir." The girl said. Mykale gave a flustered look as the girl spoke in what sounded like the most innocent voice he had ever heard. All he could do was blush at it. "Actually, she was the one who found you." The woman said breaking the boy out of his trance.

"W-what? She found me?" The woman took a few steps back as she turned around to pick up the tray off the weird piece of furniture. "Yes, she found you laying unconscience under a tree in the forrest." The boy broke his gaze of the woman to see the girl looking down at the floor twiddling her fingers. "D-did she really save me? I guess I should thank her."

* The Next Day *

Mykale slowly lifted his legs as he forced himself out of the bed. It had been a day since his little chat and he thought he had enough energy to get up today.

His legs shook slightly as he layed them on the ground. He could feel the cold sensation of the floor on his bare feet. He shot back flailing his arms as he gave a big shiver, but It honestly felt good. He wasn't sure why but the feeling just felt like something natural.

Mykale gave a sigh as he stretched his arms. After being in bed for so long he was pretty tense. He looked around to try to find a clock, but he had not such luck. The room seemed even more plain this morning. He wasn't sure what it was but he knew something was different. Suddenly remembering his previous objective he went back to his goal of standing up.

Mykale placed his hands on his knees as he started push himself up. After a few groans of pain, he was able to stand up...but then he fell down again. Mykale wasn't going to give up easily, he had been in bed for like a week or so, the last thing he wanted to think about was more sleep.

Mykale grabbed his knees again, this time with more determination than ever. He readied himself before he took a deep breath. "Hrrrrrrrraaaaaaa." He yelled as he threw his legs up to a standing position. Mykale threw his hands up in a fistpump position forgetting that he would start to fall back down again. He quickly regained his composure and threw himself forward away from the bed. Right into the weird piece of furniture. He grabbed it as he used it to prop himself up.

Mykale had no idea what could have happened to him to make his legs so weak. His arms didn't seem to be very weak at all, just his legs. Then all of a sudden a bodily function came upon him that had been subsided from his long period of time in bed...bathroom. He hadn't gone since he woke up yesterday. It must of been because he really hasn't had much to eat or drink, but for whatever reason his bladder just realised that Mykale woke up and it is letting him know what it wants.

Feeling a greater sense of determination and composure he managed to get himself to stand up. His hand was still on the dresser of course. He slowly inched his way towards the door trying to keep his hand on something the whole way there. He stretched out his hands towards the weirdly shaped knob and was about to grab a hold of it when. Creak, the door started to open. Mykale didn't know what to do, there was nothing to hold onto. He came crashing to the floor with a loud Thud!

He layed there on the floor for a while before he started rubbing his head. "Ooww." He said as his hand went through his medium black hair, rubbing the huge lump that was starting to appear on the back of his head.

"U-uh sorry, I t-thought you were asleep." Came a voice from the door. Mykale quickly recognised the voice, the innocent talk of the young girl he saw yesterday. He lifted his head up to see blue eyes sparkling at him. A blush came across his face. He looked at the young girl in front of him, her burgundy dress along with a white apron (or atleast it usto be white). Her Shoulder length brown hair swayed as she walked in the room. Mykale eyes were fixated on her. He just watched as her deep gaze shot right through him.

The girl couldn't be more than Mykales age, she looked like a young girl, but at the same time she had a type of innocent and mature look to her. "Wow, she's really pretty." He thought to himself...atleast that what he assumed. A quick silence went across the room as the two kids looked at each other. The whistling of the wind could be heard as it blew in through the hole in the wall of the room.

The girls mouth dropped a little as a big blush came across her face. Mykale wasn't sure as to why she was blushing until he realised that what he thought, came outloud. His hands instantly shot to his mouth. Now both of them were blushing at each other. The silence grew long, making it more and more awkward.

"D-did I say that out loud, and not stutter at it on top of that." Mykale actually did think to himself this time. Neither could stop the red tint from coloring their faces. The two looked at each other as if they were having an intense staring contest. "Uh...um, I-I-I need to go." The girl said as she turned around and took off down the hall. You could hear as the footsteps got quieter and quieter. The whistling of the wind had stopped and it became dead silent, and even though the girl was gone the awkwardness was still there.

Mykale smacked his head with the palm of his hand. He ran through his mind the fact that what he said actually escaped his mouth. This was beyond embarassing "Stupid! that's not something you say to a girl...w-well I mean not right off the b-bat anyway. Not t-to mention I still haven't th-thanked her for finding me. Mykale laid back down on the floor. A gust of wind swept through, massaging the boys face. He then felt a strange feeling in his lower quarters. He lifted up his head as to see what it was. A big sigh left his mouth as he laid his head back down. "Well, I don't need a bathroom break anymore."

* The Next Day *

"Ahh, fresh air." Mykale threw his head up in the air, his hair flowing in every direction. He took a deep breath in as oxygen filled his lungs. This in turned caused him to start yawning. He tried to hold it back but failed. He stretched out his arms as he gave an even deeper breath in. He couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of the sign of exhaustion. He lowered his arms. Once again taking in every smell around him. His eyes moved along with his nose as he tried to identify everything. Around him towered enourmous trees. Much larger than those he had ever seen. There were only two among the many he could identify.

Mykale first noticed the redwood, standing what seemed like 300 feet in the air. Its branches waved in the wind. It swayed back and forth denying all logic of how it could still be standing. The trunk of the tree shone bright red as age defined it well. He could see himself trying to climb it, and falling in the process. He put his hands out infront as if he was virtually climbing the tree. He moved his hands along the imaginary object infront of him as he imagined himself trying to scale this major feat of...well, nothing at the moment.

It did not take long before he got bored with it and virtually fell. He yelled out, flailing his arms back and forth as if descending to his death. It would of looked as if he was insane to anyone watching. Once he realised what he did he quickly stopped, and began to scan the area around him to make sure nobody saw him do that. He gave a big sigh, seeing no one.

Mykale's eyes moved along as he tried to find the other tree he had noticed. He moved his hand up above his eyebrows as to block the sun that was beating down on him. He soon saw it, the figure he had noticed before.

His gaze moved along the trunk of the dark wood tree. Its base rough with wear of the nature dew. The branches seemed to fold over the tree in an arc form, causing it to sway in the light wind. He blinked a couple times. He wasn't sure what to make of it. The tree looked so familiar to one that he could briefly remember.

Mykale brought his hands to his head as he scratched his skull. He couldn't help but be a little confused by all this. The tree he was looking at, he knew what it was, or rather what he thought it was, but he had no idea how he knew. He started to rub his head harder, probably killing a few brain cells in the process. A imaginary engine could be heard as it began to stall, causing a puff of smoke to come out of the boy's ears.

It was no good, he couldn't remember where he had seen the tree. He still knew it but he just didn't know how he knew. The thought raced through his mind. He instinctively started to walk towards the mysterious tree, still unsure that it was really the tree he was thinking or just something that looked familiar.

He walked at a slow pace for no particular reason, with each step only increasing his belief. When he got close to it. The boy couldn't help but be amazed at the awesome size of this structure. The trunk stood in a boomerang type of shape off the ground. It appeared to consist of two different trees. There was a large hole in the center of the trunk. The top and bottom seemed like the two seperate trees were curled around each other.

The leaves of the branches swayed infront of his face as he was studying the object. It took him by his surprise so he ofcourse smacked them away. The leaves had however tickled his nose while he did that, soon after there came a loud sneeze. "Aaa-aaa-aaachooo." he yelled as a gust of air and saliva left his mouth. He was slightly lightheaded after that. He shook off the feeling as he took a few more steps toward the tree.

Mykale slowly laid his hands on the rough bark, running it along the trunk. There was no denying it now, his eyes had not been deceiving him, this was infact that tree. "A b-black yew?".

The boy could feel a darkness surround him as he said that. "W-what's going on, h-hey!" his eyes went black along with the world around him as well. A strange sensation came over him, a sensation that felt somewhat nice. As he seemed to hover around in this distant void an image began to come before him. An image that he somehow found familiar again along with everything else. It was the image of a book. It was white with a brass colored lacing. It was very large and he could tell it was very old. A puff of dust filled the air around it as it began to slowly open, causing a strange chill to go up his spine.

The book laid flat on the air. Mykale looked at the levitating manuscript, a slight sense of curiosity overtook him. It was open to a certain page but he was to far away to make out what it said. He started to take a few steps closer. He could still feel the grass under his feet as he walked, but when he looked down it didn't look like there was a ground there at all. He inched his way closer to the book. eyeing the page, trying to make out what it said. His eyes didn't leave it once. As he got closer and closer, he could see it more clearly now. He walked a little faster this time until he was only a few feet away.

"I-It's blank." Mykale eyes observed the wordless page. He had no idea what to make of this. What did this mean, or did it mean anything in the first place. He decided to go a little further as he once again gave into his curiosity. He lifted his hands towards the book, but he wasn't able to get very close before a burst of wind shot out around the book. He pulled his hand back out of instinct. He felt the wind blow around him. He lifted his hands to his face as to try to block it. He moved his eyes back to the book. His eyes opened wider.

The pages of the book were flipping. He couldn't tell if it was from the wind or from something else. Then as if from the snap of a finger, the wind stopped. Mykale still stood there with his arms infront of his face. The book had stopped. This time on a page that had something on it. The boy lowered his hands from his face. He wanted to get a closer look but he was afraid the same thing would happen. He started to move towards the book again, preparing himself for more wind after every step. Eventually he got close enough to it where he could see what it said. After he was sure he was safe from the wind he moved his eyes towards the page, and almost instantly he let out a loud gasp.

Mykale's eyes fell upon the image in front of him. It was a picture of a tree, no of thee tree. The tree he was just at. The picture showed a "black yew." Mykale took a step back. "W-what is this." He said as he was unsure what to think. The book, the picture, he remembered them, or knew them. He had no idea what to think of this. Then suddenly a vivid image appeared in front of him. It began to come into focus as a light shone from it. He covered his eyes with his hands as to block the light, but he looked at the picture through his fingers.

The image slowly began to come into view, he saw a room. It was the picture of a bedroom. As he saw it the strange feeling of familiarity came over once again. He had no idea what to think of this. The room, this image. He didn't know how but he knew what it was somehow.

It was Mykale's room. he lowered his hands from his eyes as to get a better look at it. the warm sensation he had felt earlier started to return to him as he neared the picture. His eyes fell upon it as he was a mere foot or more away. In it was a messy bed that had a bunch of magazines piled on it, as well as under it. Next to it was a closet. It was opened slight so he could see a few of the contents. In it he could see a pair of blue jeans, much like the ones he had on, and a red shirt that had a gray streak across of it. Across from the dresser, Mykale's eyes moved to a desk. The boy's mouth widened as he saw. At the desk sat...well...him.

Mykale watched as he saw himself sitting on a chair pulled up to the desk. The desk was cluttered with papers and a variety of random objects. The boy was scratching his head. he appeared to be nervous. He had a pencil in his hand and he seemed to be writting a paper. Mykale watched himself doing this until he noticed the book that was laying right beside him. His mouth grew wide again. It was the same book. The book with the tree in it. It was opened to the same page.

The page showed the black yew. Mykale moved closer as to get a better look at it. There was writing on the page to, but he was to far away to be able to make out anything. Mykale sat there as he watched himself working. The boy would look to the book, and then go back over to his paper and continue writing. Mykale wasn't sure what was going on.

Mykale had hoped that perhaps this would bring back memories, but so far he has been unsucesfull. Just as he thought that the boy he was watching stood up. He lifted his arms above his head, stretching his muscles from having appeared to have been sitting for a while. "Done, finally! This is gonna get an A for sure."

Mykale stopped cold as he heard that. A sensation came over him as memories flowed back into him. He could see it, he could see everything. He remembered what he was doing. "Th-that's right. I was d-doing a test." he brought his hands to his head as a slight pain filled his mind. It was coming back to him. "T-the test was for h-history, we were d-doing a project about the g-geography of certain plants that u-usto exist around..." He freezed as he could barely comprehend the thought that had come to mind. "20,000 years ago."

Mykale couldn't move for a second. He ran it through his mind over and over. He didn't want to believe it was true. Were was he? How did he get here? The same questions rushed back into his mind as he could feel a slight wind around him. "Oh crap, n-not again." The darkness enveloping him began to twist and turn. Mykale covered his head as he brought himself down to his knees. He closed his eyes as he felt the area around him shake. He held on tighter and tighter until...it stopped.

Mykale could feel the breeze of the cool air around him. He slowly lifted his head from his hands as he began to open his eyes. He was back. He looked around him, he still was trying to specify what exactly happened. He placed his hands on his knees as he lifted himself up. He looked around him at the open area. He was still by the tree, the black yew.

Mykale's eyes looked up towards the sky as more questions entered his head, the same questions. "W-where am I? How did I get here? He was interupted in his deep thought when he thought he could hear footsteps behind him. They were faint but the rustle of leaves made it more noticeable.

Mykale turned to see a figure of a person, a girl. She had flowers in her hand and she was bending down and picking more. She also carried with her a container that was shaped like an urn. She had a meek smile on her face, with tears that were trying to come, but she was doing her best to hold them back. He soon recognised her.

"X-xavveina!" The girl hadn't noticed him until then so she to was surprised. She threw her head up when she heard her name "Ahh, W-what is it." The girl said as she lost her balance and fell back. She flailed her arms as to try to keep herself from falling but failed. She hit the ground with a loud thud that sounded like it really hurt. The items she was holding were thrown quite a ways away. A grimace came across her face as her hand went down to her rear.

"nghh, Oww." The girl said as she rubbed the now forming bruise. Mykale instinctively went to her rescue. "A-are you o-okay." Mykale said as he ran to her side. When he got to her he bent down to her as to get to her level. The girl hadn't noticed that he was right beside her. "I'm fine." The girl said as she began to turn to face the boy that was unknowingly right beside her. "It's not the first time I-" She was cut off as the two's faces were mere inches apart.

there was more awkward silence that seemed to greatly overpower the first time. The wind could be heard again as it blew the branches of the trees, causing them to sway back and forth. Talk about De'javue. The two just sat there for a moment, not moving their faces. Their crimson red cheeks were so bright you'd swear they were having a contest of holding breath." Then suddenly as if mirrored they both threw there faces away from each other. Still burning red from the embarassment. The extreme awkwardness grew only stronger as both of them tried to figure out what to say.

"U-uh, s-s-s-s-sorry." Mykale managed to push out of his mouth making his speech impedement that much more obvious. the girl gave a shocked sigh. "Why, are you sorry." She asked turning her head to face the boy who was still looking the opposite way. "U-um, w-w-well...I-I-I don't k-know. It j-just felt r-right to a-a-apologise." The boy managed to say. He instantly went back and thought about what he said and almost slapped himself.

"No, please, don't apologise. You didn't do anything wrong." The girl said in a seemingly normal, non-awkaward enhanced voice. Mykale stopped his shaking. He turned around to face the girl. She was no longer blushing, well atleast not as much and before, and she had a smile on her face. The boy wasn't sure what to do. He decided to do the same thing as she did and smile. There was another short silence for a while, but it didn't last long this time.

"So, your name is Mykale right, Mykale Ashgrove?." The girl said trying to knock the boy out of his freaking out moment. Having only little success. The boy wasn't sure whether to stop smiling or not. "Uhh, y-yea. It is, a-a-and your X-xavveina, right?" The boy said rubbing the back of his head with a nervous smile on his face. The girl giggled at his embaressment. "Yes, that's right." The boy's smile turned to just a normal smile as the awkwardness was finally gone...for the most part.

Xavveina's eyed shifted over to the tree, the black yew. She stared at it for a while, almost seeming as if she was mesmorized by it. Mykale looked at her with a questioning look. He turned to look at the tree as well. Was there something about it, was it special? His thought was interupted. "So, I guess you found it." The boy turned to look at the girl. Her eyes still situated at the tree. "f-found it?" Mykale shot the brown haired girl a questioning look. She turned her eyes away from the tree, almost hesitating. "Yes, this is the tree where I found you." Xavveina said as she gave the boy a big smile. A shocked look came across Mykale's face.

Xavveina lifted her hand as she pointed her fingers to a spot on the ground. "Right there, you were laying right there." Mykale turned to look at the spot where the girl pointed. It was at the base of the tree, the black yew to be exact. The grass where it was seemed to be smashed down slightly, he must have been laying their for a while if it was smashed down after about 3 days, which was when he was found.

Then as Mykale saw that he remembered the thing he was still planning on doing that he hadn't yet. "Oh yea, I a-almost f-forgot, Thank you." Mykale said as he gave the girl a smile. "For s-saving me." The girl turned to look at the boy before blushing slightly. "O-oh no problem. I mean It's not like I was going to leave someone stranded out here." The girl said with a slight chuckle as she brought her hand to her mouth. The boy grinned. "N-no, I guess not." the boy said as his eyes moved to the ground.

There was silence for a while, but thank goodness this time it wasn't awkward. The two turned to look up at the tree again. It was a very beautiful tree. The leaves were like ferns made out of cotton. It shone in the light giving in somewhat of a glow. Mykale was starting to remember why he choose this tree as his project that day. He couldn't help but smile when the leaves swished around like a womens dress. It was really something. The boy was suddenly stopped in his thought.

"Umm, Mr. Ashgrove." Mykale was taken back a little by that. This was the first time he had been refered to as Mr, or so he thought...he really had no idea but he thought that this is the first time. "Y-yes, what is it." The boy looked at the girl as he awaited her question. She did not smile this time "Umm, I remember hearing you say something about not knowing where you are or how you got here." A surprised look came across the boy's face. "I-I don't remember telling anyone?"

Xavveina's smile returned as she placed her hands behind her back. "It was when I found you lying here. You were all exhausted when I found you, but you still managed to ask me where you were and how you got here before you passed out." A surprised look came across the boy's face. "I did? I d-don't r-remember that at all." He lowered his head down to face the ground. "but y-yeah, your right. I have no Idea where I am or how I got here." There was a moment of silence yet again.

Xavveina's eyes turned to see the boy facing down, a sense of pity came over her. "So, do you have amnesia or something?" The girl asked to the boy as she took a few steps closer to him. The boy lifted his head up. "N-no, atleast I d-don't think so. I can remember s-somethings but n-nothing really that i-important." As he said that his mind went to the image of the book at the desk. He couldn't decide if he should believe what he saw to be real or not. Could the tree really be 20,000 years old, and if it is than does that mean that...that... The boy was stopped in mid-thought again.

"Oh, I see. That must be terrible." The girl said as her smile faded and she turned to look back at the tree. The boy just looked at her as he tried to figure out what she was thinking about. "Hey, Mr. Ashgrove. Can I ask you something?" The boy was taken back again, It would take him a while to get usto being called Mr. "Uhh, I-I guess so." The girls cheerful attitude returned making the atmosphere around them better. "Why do you talk the way you do." The girl said, catching Mykale off-guard.

The boy's nervousness returned. He turned to look at the girl. "W-well... U-u-umm, you s-see." The girl stopped the boy half way through his sentence. "It's ok, I don't mind." The girl said trying to calm the boy down by giving him the warmest smile she could. "It's actually kinda cute." The girl said as a slight blush came over her face. Ofcouse hers didn't compare to the blush that came over Mykale's face. He turned his head to the ground.

"I-It's, c-c-c-c-cute." He said under his breath as to not let the girl hear him. The girl gave a big smile. There was a pause for a moment. The girl came in soon after though. "Oh yea, about where you are. This place your in now is called Raigon. It's not a really big or wealthy town, but were all family here so we get by" The boy lifted his head up from the ground. He turned to look at the girl. "R-raigon." The boy said hoping the name would bring up some familiarity to him...nothing. The girl smiled.

"For the fact of knowing how you got here, I can't really help you on that. All I can tell you is that I found you under that tree." She said pointing to the same spot she had before. Mykale moved his eyes to look where the girl pointed. He then lifted his eyes to the tree. He stood there for a while examining it. His head moved from where the girl had pointed to back to the tree. He placed his hand on it, as to feel the texture of the wood once again. He then walked over to the place the girl had pointed to and did the same thing to the ground.

A smile came across Mykale's face. He placed his hands on his knees as he stood up. "I-I think...theaa-." The boy said unable to finish as he fell to the ground. His body felt so weak. He was so heavy. He barely had the strength to keep his eyes open. All he could see was Xavveina over top of him screaming something that sounded like "Mr. Ashgrove! are you allright, Mr. Ashgrove!" Mykale eyes began to close as heavy exhaustion came over him. Within a few seconds he was unconscious.