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Mykale rubbed his hand over his stomach. He could feel the strange sensation of the Gombalai flowing through his intestine. The feeling caused an excess of air to flow up from his stomach. He tried to hold it back but failed. He let out a large belch that could be heard from a mile away. It was silent for a moment. He instinctly brought his hand over his mouth. A blush slowly appeared on his cheeks. Marcel just looked at him with a cocked eyebrow and blank expression. Xavveina however had a smile on her face, and seemed to be holding back a laugh. Mykale eyes shifted between the both of them, back and forth. He tried to stall for a moment to try and figure out something to say. He then decided to start off with the most obvious statement. "U-uh...Exc-cuse me." He said. Trying to crack a small smile to try and hide his embaresment. It only managed to turn into a grin though. It seemed to shake as it formed under his cheeks. A single drop of sweat appeared to carees down it. Stopping at the rim of his mouth. After enough delay he managed to think of something else to say. "That s-stuff r-really goes t-t-through you fast...d-doesn't it?" He said, trying his best to say it without stuttering again, but as always he couldn't do it. His blush deepened even more. He did however manage to give a larger smile. Almost to large infact. It actually managed to go into his cheeks. It really appeared weird from Marcel and Xavveina's point of view. Xavveina's laugh could be heard under her breath. She had her hand over her mouth as to try and hold most of it in. Marcel had stopped showing her blank look and gave a smile. She then looked over to her daughter who was giggling up a storm. The woman couldn't help but gradually join in. Eventually the two of them were laughing together. Mykale was really surprised. His nervous face had turned into a confused look. He watched as the two women were struggling to contain themselves. Mykale then thought about what he said. It passed through his mind a few times. He coudn't figure out why they were laughing, because It really wasn't that funny. He eventually decided to accompany the others in their joyous vocalisations. Eventually the whole table was cracking up.

Mykale could feel as sweat dripped down his brow. He lifted his elbow up to wipe it off, trying not to remove his hands from their current position. He managed to get it up to his forhead, still keeping his hands in the warm water. He rubbed along it removing the excess liquid, swishing his hair along with it. His eyes fell upon the ancient kitchen after his hair was out of his eyes. He had noticed that it didn't look like a normal kitchen, but ofcourse he couldn't remember what a normal kitchen looked like. The countertop seemed to have been made out of handcarved obsidian, it was really beautiful. The smooth texture could bring chills to your spine if you moved your hand over it. There were also no cupboards in the kitchen. There was many shelves however. Each shelf had on different food groups. The one shelf that was hanging right in front of him had on it flour, sugar, cornstarch, cocoa, and a few other things that he couldn't identify. He could tell that Marcel used them alot cause there was a mess of powder sprinkled across the top of the shelf.

Another shelf that hanged over him had on it different spices. He could identify only a few of them, one looked to be paprica, another could possibly be garlic powder, and another looked to be black pepper. Besides that he couldn't recognise any others.

Noticing himself recognising these things Mykale stopped. He thought this may have brought back some memories. The water still ran as his eyes grew wide. He thought hard hoping to bring back something, anything at all. He clenched his eyes shut. He held them there for about 20 seconds before he opened them again. Nothing, again. This was beginning to become a regular thing for him. Why would somethings he remembered bring back some more memories but other things wouldn't. This was really becoming a regular thing for him, the basic things he could remember but the things that actually mattered he had to go through a whole shocked stage where memories would flow back into him and all that. He gave a big sigh deciding that it would happen in due time.

He set his hands back where they were and continued with what he was doing. He had almost completely forgot about it. The water sloshed around as his hands vigurously scraped the plate clean. The soap that covered the water almost went overtop of the sink. It probalby would have been smart to turn it off while he was examining the kitchen. He lifted his soap covered hand out of the luke warm water, turning the sink faucet off. Getting soap all over the handle of the sink. He let the water drain a little bit before continueing. He seemed to be really focused cleaning these dishes. He wasn't sure why, but he didn't seemed very used to this. It's like his hands had never touched a wet rag in his life. The wrinkles on his hands began to get more and more distinct. Every once in a while he would pull them out to look at his design of aging.

"You know you don't hafto do that, I'm fine with doing dishes by myself." Came a voice from behind him. Mykale lifted his head from his current focused position and turned to look at the girl, placing his wrinkled hands back in the soapy water. His eyes fell upon her dirty face. She had on a rugged red dress that had a few rips on the bottom of it. On the dress she wore a white apron that was stained with some sort of orange juice. On her feet she wore what looked to be elf type shoes. They were flat to the floor, having almost no sole at all. On the tip there was a small point that curved only slightly. On her hair she had a beautiful white hair piece. Her hair was short so it only made a small bun. A few locks of it did slip out of the piece, laying across her face.

Mykale shook his head, shaking himself out of his daze. His hair flopped back and forth with his head. Horribly messing it up. When his mind was cleared he stopped his shaking and looked back up to face the girl. "N-no, t-thats f-fine. I'm h-happy to help." He said shooting the girl a warm smile. He watched as a grin came across the girls face as well. Her hand came over her mouth suddenly, appearing to have noticing something that Mykale wasn't. He could see that she was holding back a laugh. Her face seemed to shake, as a slight tint of red came over her cheeks. She placed her other hand on her stomach, as she brought her head down to face the floor. Mykale gave her a confused look. Trying to figure out what she was laughing at he turned around to find it. Nothing seemed out of order, he scanned the countertops, the shelves. Nothing seemed to have changed. Mykale turned back to the girl with the same look. The girl noticed his look while she was still laughing. She lifted up her finger and pointed to his hair. Still trying to hold back her giggling. Mykale saw this and realised soon what she was gesturing at. He turned his body around again as to avoid her seeing. He quickly fixed his hair to what it originally was, or what was pretty much his best guess. His hands were still soapy though. Ofcourse he didn't think about that because he was so panicked. He rubbed his fingers through his hair, trying to return it to normal. He pushed and pulled it back and forth, reasituating just about every part of it. Once he thought he had fixed it. He took a big sigh, and turned back around to face the girl with a big smile. He closed his eyes to because he was a little scared to see her expression. He turned around flicking his now wet hair over on itself. When he thought he was basically facing the right direction he stopped for a while. His smile was still large and nervous. He waited a while. Was she gone? Mykale wasn't sure what to do. He soon heard another giggle, and then steps coming toward him. Well he knew she was still there, but now he was really freaking out. What in the world was she doing. Was she going to point and laugh at him? Was she going to smack him across the face? More pathetic things came to his mind. He waited there for what he had no idea what. The footsteps that were approaching him stopped. There was silence for a while. Then suddenly Mykale felt a hand come and lay ontop of his head. It started shifted his hair over. "Wow, you really messed this up didn't you?" Mykale opened his eyes to see Xavveina right in front of him. Her eyes were focused up to his hair. He blushed a little bit, he was really not expecting this. He could feel her warm fingers run through his wet hair. It caused a slight chill to go down his spine. His body shook slightly from it. Xavveina while she was fixing his hair noticed this. "Are you okay? what's wrong?" she said as a curious look colored her pale face. Mykale's eyes moved to lock with hers. The blush on his face was more prominent now. He didn't want to tell her the real reason why he shook. He took what little time he had to come up with an excuse. Almost instantly an idea came to his mind. An imaginary lightbulb could almost be seen going off on top of his head. Ofcourse he didn't take much time to think about it before it left his mouth. "Oh, it's n-nothing I was j-just cold." He said as an awkward smirk came over his face. He was happy that it managed to sound somewhat believable even though he didn't think about it at all. A suspicous look flushed over Xavveina's face. She eyed the now nervous boy for a moment. Mykale wasn't sure what she was doing but the intense stare caused a drop of sweat to come down from his head. "Are you sure that's why" Xavveina said in the most creepily serious voice Mykale ever heard from her. He was at the point of freaking out now. "Uhh...Ummm." He had never been in this position before...well, not since he remembers anyway. The anxiety in the room grew rapidly. Xavveina's eyes squinted harder at the boy. A bolt of lightning seem to shoot between thier forheads, shutting off Mykale's brain. The boy could hardly control his...percpiration. The room grew dead silent, so silent a feather falling could be heard with ease. Then all at once when it seemed like it couldn't get any more awkward. Xavveina's lips broke from their seriousness, without warning she burst out into laughter for the third time this afternoon. She clinged her arms to her stomach as her bowels echoed through the kitchen hall. "Haha, I'm sorry but if you would have seen your face you would know." She said trying to calm herself. Mykale raised an eyebrown. He still wasn't sure what was going on. He decided to go with his idea of it being a joke. He didn't want to make things awkward again, so he started to join in on the laughing to. "Hoho, yep you sure got me. You looked dead serious." He said, still not sure if his reason was correct. Mykale said giving the most fake laugh ever.

After what seemed like forever, Mykale finally placed the last dish up on the pile. Sweat careseed down his face again. He lifted his arm and wiped it off on his shirt. "Thanks for the help." Xavveina said trying to get Mykale's attention. The boy turned to see the girl standing at the doorway. She was clade in a nightgown type uniform. It was bright blue with white frillys along the bottom. The sleeves were very long, they covered the girls hands almost completely. She had on her feet a strange moccasin type shoe, It looked very comfortable. It was a light shade of tan and had a leather type interior as well as bottom. "No p-problem, A-are you all r-ready for bed." He said even though is was blantly obvious. The girls eyes went down to her outfit after he said that and back up to meet his eyes. She gave a slight giggle. "How could you tell." She said with a smile. The boy returned her smile, surprisingly not as nervous this time. "Oh, j-just a h-hunch." The two seemed to chuckle in sync after he said that. There was a silence in the room after that. Xavveina's eyes looked over to the boy who's clothes were soaked with the water from the sink. A slight frown came over her face. "You know you didn't hafto finish it, I would have been happy to help." Xavveina said looking at the large pile of...nearly, sparkling clean dishes. Mykale threw a hand up in the air as he began to wave it back and forth. "Don't w-worry about it, Y-you t-took me i-into y-your home. I-it's the l-least I-I could do." Mykale said trying to give the most reassuring look he could give. Xavveina looked at the boy, she cocked an eyebrow while grimacing at the same time. A single puff of air that appeared to be a laugh exited her mouth. "Aww, aren't you sweet." She said giving Mykale the...eyes. Mykales face flushed red almost instantly. It didn't turn out to be the prolonged awkwardness it was last time though. "H-hehe, no I just w-w-wanted to h-h-help." Mykale said struggling to get those words out. Xavveina's face hadn't stop smiling since she walked in, and it only seemed to widen. The girl then suddenly lifted her hands up in a stretching position. She reached her fingers to the sky...or ceiling in this case, arching her back slight. She gave a deep yawn that could be heard plain as day. "Ahh, well I'm tired. You should go to bed to." She said pointing an accusational finger at Mykale. He lifted his hands up in a defensive position. "Ok, y-yea I'm g-going to." He said trying to plead his case. Xavveina let out yet another little laugh (she really likes to laugh if you haven't found out.). "Allright" she said as she turned around and started walking out. Mykale turned around to put away the towel he had used. He was interupted by the voice of Xavveina. "Oh, I almost forgot, were going shopping tomorrow, and your coming." The girl yelled out from down the hall. After she said that, fast footsteps could be heard walking away. Mykale shook his head when he heard that. "Ok"...It took a while for it to sink in..."Wait...What!"

Sweat dripped down Mykale face as the bags he was carrying weighed him down. He gave a grunt as he lifted them up. He decided to try something to possibly make it easier for him. He threw the bag up over his shoulder. Causing the 50lb bag of food to smash down on his back. He gave another loud grunt. Xavveina walked infront of him as she eyed each of the stands. Today was apparantly the day of the bazaar. That day quickly became Mykale's least favorite day. One of the worst things that happened is that Xavveina would walk like inches from Mykale, and when she found a stall she was going to look at...she would just stop. Mykale had to almost throw his body over to avoid running into him. Inertia also became an enemy of Mykale that day to. Mykale managed to wise up after a while and keep atleast a three foot distance between him and the girl. Now he caused only minor casualties when he tried to dodge out of the way of her. But besides that the day was going good so far. He enjoyed taking in the sights of the town. Not to mention he got a chance to meet Xavveina's uncle, Baisel. He was a really interesting guy. His house was a log cabin, that he apparently built himself. His backyard was also a forest, so that was pretty awesome. The only bad thing about the place was the owner. Baisel...didn't really seem to be all there. Mykale tried to go up and shake his hand when he first met him, only to have him smack it away. "Whach yous shink yer doin son, ye can't have a handshake without smacking some spit on yit first." Baisel said as he hacked up a wad of saliva and spit it on his hand. He threw it over to Mykale, releasing a glop of spit on his clothes, with a quorky smile on his face. He also made his two missing front teeth well visible.

Mykale shivered as he remembered that. He washed his hand six times since then. Trying to remove that thought to the back of his mind. Mykale lifted his head up to view the area he was in. The place was called Baile Marsal, which meant (Town of Merchants), and boy did it's name fit it well. Everywhere Mykale would look there would be a stall somewhere, there was barely even a road to walk on. The stalls took up a lot of priority in this place. Not to mention Xavveina told him that this was the small part of Baile Marsal. Only people ranked as elected officials, or wealthy landowners were allowed in the larger parts. The only other way in was to receive some sort of pass. Xavveina said that her and her mom had only been in there once. It was apparently

extremely expensive to but a pass so they decided it really wasn't worth it. Mykale also was curious about something. He wanted to know if they had a king. Cause what he recalled from the little things he remembered was that places like this normally had rulers. Xavveina stopped in her tracks when she said that. He was taken ofgaurd. He almost knocked into the back of her. Mykale held his ground as he looked at Xavveina with a curious and slightly worried look. "Our...king." Xavveina said in a somewhat sob voice. Mykale realised this must be a delicate topic to bring up. "It's ok, you don't hafto tell me." He said trying to ease her. Xavveina just shook her head. "No, it's fine. This is something you should know." Mykale was cut off in his reminiscing of earlier today, when a rock hit his head. "He immediately brought his hand up to his head. "Ooowww, what the!" he said looking around for the perpetrators. He saw two boys that were laughing at him. Holding rocks in their hands. He assumed it had to be them They couldn't be more than 10 years old each. One of the boys had buzzed hair, with a very distinct unibrow. He had on very beat up clothes, with a sandal on only one foot. The other boy that was with him, pointing and laughing just like the first. He had on simialar clothes except he didn't have any shoes on. He had hair that looked like it hadn't been washed in months. Not to mention Mykale could've swore he saw a bug fly out of it. The boys both simaltaneously stuck out their tounge's at him, giving him a raspberry gesture. They then ran away together, both laughing as they waved their hands in the air. Mykale watched as one of the boys ran into a man, falling to the ground. Mykale smirked as he saw them. He wished he could remember what it was like to be young like that. He tried, but no matter how hard he did he just couldn't bring anything. It seemed to be only a set number of things that would bring back memories. Mykale started to walk back in the way Xavveina was going. However since he was still watching the boys running, along with the one that fell as he got back up and started to laugh and run again. He didn't notice that Xavveina had found a stall in the exact spot Mykale had turned to find the perpetrators who threw the rock. Mykale continued to walk until he met up with what felt like a brick wall. He was stopped dead in his tracks. Ofcourse the darn rule of inertia applied again so the ground and his butt soon became very close. A cloud of dust seemed to surroud around him as he fell with a loud thud. He coughed a few times as to clear his oxygen of the dirt. He looked up to see Xavveina who was zoned in on the stalls. She looked almost like a statue, all except for her head. It was moving back and forth, marking every stall. Then all of a sudden her head stopped rotating. Making her completely motionless. There was a silence, all except for the yells of the sellers at the stalls...so really it wasn't silent at all. Mykale managed to force his body up. He brushed off his pants, causing another cloud of dust to surround him. He had to swipe around his face to avoid getting any in his eyes and throat. After he cleared the air around them he looked back up, but Xavveina was not there. Mykale froze for a moment, he flashed his eyes around. His heart just about skipped a beat. He lifted up his hands around his mouth

"X-xavveina" Mykale yelled out. He scanned the area around him. He went from the jewelry stall, to the fertilizer stall, to the mining stall, to the axe stall. She was just gone. Mykale stood in the middle of the walkway between the stalls. The people were all staring at him as they walked around him. They would turn around after passing him and shoot him a strange look. He could hear the yelling of little kids to their moms. "Mommy, why is that weird man yelling?" they would say pointing to Mykale who tried to ignore them. Their mother would just grab their hand and tell them to shush. She would then pull them away giving me a mischevious glare. Sweat beated off Mykale's face. He didn't know where he was, he would be lost. Lost to wander around in this unknown world. Forced to live on the street and beg for money to buy a slice of bread. Shunned for not being able to support himself. Mykale stood with his eyes shaking. Constant depressing thoughts ran through his head. He was so zoned, he could hardly notice the finger that taped his shoulder. Mykale shot back into reality. His heart skipped more than just a single beat this time. Not to mention he almost had a...um...oil leak you could say. Mykale flung his arms around in the air as he turned around to defend himself from the unknown creature. He stood there for a moment as the persons form slowly processed into his mind. It took him a while, but he recognised her instantly. "Xavveina" Mykale yelled still in his defensive position. The girl put her hands behind her back, she gave a big smile. "What are you doing." She said, the smile overpowering her face so much she couldn't keep her eyes open. Mykale just looked at her for a moment. Unsure of what to say, he was still getting over the extreme shock. "Uhh...yea...I was just trying to find you." He said bringing his hands down from their current protective position. The girl looked at him with a sympathetic look. "Oh sorry, I get pretty crazy when I'm shopping." She said with a quirky smile. Mykale put his hands behind his head as he began to rub his hair. "Yea, I got that." He said giving a slight giggle. Xavveina joined him, as usual. It didn't last for long. Xavveina suddenly threw her hand up to her mouth, as a soft "Oh" exited her mouth. "I almost forgot, I wanted to ask you something?" She said as she gave Mykale a questioning look. Mykale look up at her. "Yea, w-what is it." The Yells of the people advertising there products at the market appeared to increase in volume since they had been there. Mykale was about ready to plug his ears. Xavveina gave a warm smile as she put her hands behind her back, she really liked to do that. "I was just wondering, like you don't remember anything about where your from right?" She said rocking back and forth on her heels. Mykale raised his eyebrows slightly, brushing away some dust out of the air that was coming near his face. "Yea, that's right. I h-have been a-able to p-pick up b-bits and p-pieces though." He said. Xavveina stopped rocking for a moment. She lifted up her thumb and her pointer finger to her chin, she looked to be in a very strange thinking position. There would have been a moment of silence if it wasn't for the stalls that they were right beside. Xavveina added to the noise. "So, you don't remember basic things like...your favorite fruit, or your favorite color...stuff like that." Xavveina said bringing her hand behind her again. Mykale stopped for a moment, he hadn't really thought of stuff like that. He had only really considered the important things, he figured that he already knew those things. However he actually didn't now that he thought about it. He moved his eyes over for a moment as he contemplated over this. He brought his hand up to his neck, as he began to scratch it slightly, griting his teeth while doing that. "I-I don't k-know...I haven't r-really given t-t-those things m-much thought." He said keeping his eyes over to the side, staying in the position. Since Mykale was not looking at her, he could only hear as Xavveina started shuffling through stuff in her cloth bag. Her bright red dress blew in the wind slightly, causing it to flutter like the wings of a butterfly. Mykale turned his head towards just as she pulled out a fruit. It glossy red texture that almost matched her dress shone as the light shined off of it. It was an apple. "What, a-are you doing." Mykale said curiously. Xavveina walked over to Mykale, kicking up dust as she went. When she was within a few feet of him, she held out the red fruit to him. Mykale was at a loss for a moment. Mykale stood back on his heels as Xavveina held the fruit out to him. Xavveina gave a huge smile as she brought it closer to his face. Mykale eyes went from the fruit, to the girl, back to the fruit, to the girl. "Well, aren't you gonna take it." Xavveina said changing her smile to a straight face."I thought if you tried fruit, you may be able to remember what your favorite is" Xavveina said moving the fruit even closer to his face. Mykale's eyes widened slightly. The sound of the yelling people around him became silent. He stood back up into a normal standing position. He grabed the fruit out of the girl hand. The girl grined again once he took it. Mykale hadn't even thought about it. He probably could remember what his favorite fruit was, or anything, if he tried it. He eyed the shiny fruit, turning it around in his hand. examined every aspect of it. He wasn't sure what exactly he was trying to find. He finally decided it was ok, as he brought it to his mouth. His teeth careesed along the outer layer of the apple, digging into the juice. He pulled it away from his mouth, taking a chunk out of it. He sat there a while chewing, he analyzed every flavor. It tasted very familiar. Mykale moved his eye's all over. He made a loud crunching sound with every bite down he took. He stopped for a while. Xavveina's eyes widened, she prepared herself for something awesome. The next thing she new the fruit was placed back in her hand. "Nope, it tastes familiar but I'm not remembering anything". Xavveina frowned a bit as her eyebrows fell closer to her eyes. "Well I'm not giving up." Xavveina said as she started to shuffle through her bag of food again. Mykale threw his head behind his head again. "You really don't hafto do this. I don't wanna hafto waste your fruit to-" Mykale said before he was cut off as another fruit was placed infront of his face. It took him awhile before the object came in view. "Here, eat this mango." Xavveina said giving the most serious look she could muster up. It still looked really innocent though. Mykale decided to not argue his case this time and took the fruit. It rough tecture tingled across his fingers. Mykale eyes grew slightly. Just the meere touch gave him a feeling. Xavveina just waited there trying not to fall for his tricks again. She stood with her arms crossed in what she hoped looked like a "determined to get what she wanted" position, taping her foot on the soft dirt, kicking up dust as she did. Mykale decided to not engross himself in the feeling and procarity of the fruit this time, and just went straight for the bite. He didn't even think. He just sent his teeth clashing through the wrinkled surface of the fruit. Having to push slightly to break through. The fruit had little juice in it but it was enough to start dripping onto Mykales tounge. The taste made Mykale stop halfway through his bite. There was a moment of silence. Xavveina tried to stand her ground but couldn't help but cease her tapping as she noticed Mykale's frozed formation. After the moment passed Mykale finished biting down on the fruit. He chewed with his eyes still wide open. Xavveina couldn't hold her composure anymore. "Well? Do you remember anything." She said placing her hands on her hips, trying to hold her straight face. Mykale remained in the same position motionless. Someone could have kicked him between the wishbone and he probably wouldn't have noticed. The wind blew slowly by his face, not seeming to phase him at all. Xavveina raised and eyebrow to him. She began flailing her arms infront of him. "Hello? Are you there?" she said bringing her head out in a bobed position towards him. Again there was nothing, Mykale continued to stand there. Chewing the fruit slowly, sloshing it back and forth in his mouth, it was really rather disgusting to look at. Xavveina raised her bottom lip up, careesing her eyebrows to form an arc between her eyes. She walked over to Mykale, waving a hand in front of his face. "Heeellloooooo! you awake" she said almost yelling in his faith. Still nothing. Before Xavveina could do something else to try to get her attention, she heard a loud scream coming from down the road. Xavveina threw her head up from it's position. She turned to see if she could make out who made the scream. Then out of nowhere came many more scream, screams of women and men. Xavveina eyed down the road. Squinting her eyes to try to make it out. She had to peer over all of the carts to see what it was. She could see, just barely, in the distance a mob of people running through the streets. The people seemed to be in a horrible panic. They crashed through stalls and barrels and what else was ever in their way to get through. Xavveina didn't know what they were screaming about. Until ofcourse, she heard the word..."Sevrin!" Xavveina's eyes opened wide. Her breath almost was completely gone from her lungs. "N-no, I-it can't be." she said as she waltched the screaming people shove past her. Soon everyone in the area was running, there wasn't an occupied stall left. Xavveina turned around towards Mykale. People continued to shove by her. She would have pushed away from the boy who was still staring off into the distance, motionless. She shoved her way through the crowd to him. She instantly grabed his hand. "Mykale, cmon we need to go!" She said desperately yelling at the top of her lungs, trying to overpower the screams of the crowd. Mykale didn't move still. Xavveina got up the nerve finally as she slapped Mykale across the face. "Cmon, this isn't funny. We need to go!" She said even louder now, trying to hold back the tears. Mykale's body stood in silence still, not even moving an inch. Xavveina clenched her eyes closed, a single tear falling from her right eye. She built up all the oxygen she could. "MYKALE!"

"What is that Screaming" came a demonic voice from behind her. Xavveina froze. Her hands began to shake uncontrolably. Tears began to flow from her eyes now. She didn't want to turn around because she knew what was behind her. "Mykale...please...*sniff* move" She said through her tears. Mykale just looked off in the distant, unkowing of what was going on. Xavveina placed her head on his chest, as her eye water stained his shirt. She lifted her hand up in a fist, softly hitting Mykale on his chest. "P-please." Xavveina suddenly felt a large gangly hand envelope around her body. Without warning the girl's body was flung across the road. She smashed into a large woven basket, causing it's contents of vegetables to scatter all around. A sharp pain shot through Xavveina's back. A slight bit of blood started to drip from her shoulder. Tears continued to flow form her eyes. Now from both pain and fear. She tried to pull her self up. Hoping that by some miracle the monster would leave. She placed her shaking hands on the ground, using all of her strength she had left. She grit her teeth as she pushed, making little progress. She didn't get far before a large stomp sent her faceplanting on the ground. "Why not stay down, I don't like fighting for my food." said the horendous abomination as it started cackling an evil laugh. Xavveina couldn't hold back the liquid from her eyes as she lifted her face from the ground. She spit slightly trying to get the dust out of her mouth. "P-please, I-I don't want to d-die." Xavveina said trying to plead as much as she could. She tried as hard as she could to crawl away, not moving very fast.

The creature stood tall as he began to grin, showing his disgusting yellow teeth. His one red eye glaring at her, his other unseen for his face deformed over it. His single horn on the side of his head made into a sharp point, stained with what looked like blood. The creature stood almost 13 feet tall, towering over the helpless body of Xavveina. "You want to live, awww that's a darn shame. Then you really should have ran instead of trying to help your friend." The creature said as he lifted his claw up over Xavveina. The girl let out a scream, as she knew that this was it for her...then...there was silence.

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