Hello Again

AN: I was thinking about some of the crappy things that went on in my life when I wrote this. *shruggles* That explains the solemn tone of the poem I guess!

Hello again, Death.
I was hoping I wouldn't have to see you again.
I was hoping I wouldn't have to look into those dark, cold eyes of yours,
And feel so terribly hopeless,
And so terribly alone.
But, I guess I was just hoping,
Wasn't I?
You know, I think I've seen you more than the sun, Death.
Why can't you just take me already?
I have everything packed,
I've said my non-existent good-byes,
To non-existent people.
I'm ready to leave now, Death.
I'm just waiting for you to pick me up.
You can't walk to Hell you know…
So, have you left me like everyone else, Death?
I guess I'm pretty pathetic to be rejected by you.
No offense of course.
Well Death, you're a life late,
So, please come get me soon.
You can't walk to Hell you know.