"Are you thirsty," a voice asked.

"What is thirst," I reply.

"What do you mean?"

"What is thirst?

Something you go after;

Or something you need."

"I don't know," the voice said.

"If the deer pants for streams of water,

But does that mean the deer is thirsty."

"Yes," the voice answered unsure.

"When you pour out your soul,

Is your soul thirsty in the end?"

"I guess."

"In the roar of the waterfalls;

All of the waves are swept away.

Does that make the waterfall thirsty?"

The voice doesn't know what to say.

"When a person is mourning;

Does that make them thirsty for life?

So, now let me ask you, are you thirsty?

I don't know,

Do people ever know," I asked the voice.