Twisted Roads

By Chaos Bloody Tala

Chapter One


It's been one year to the day. Today one year ago everything changed, my whole life changed. On this day my younger brothers, Michael and Jonathan Darling, died... I too should have died with my both my younger brothers but fate had other plans for me.


My heart stopped, I felt myself letting go of my life I was ready to let go. That's what I thought until I felt someone approach and pour some sort of liquid down my throat. What came next was one of the most horrific experiences ever... every organ in my body lurched and began to work again, pulling me back from death's door. My eyes snapped open and hovering above me was... no way, that's not possible.


"John... Am I dead?" I asked in a daze over what had just happened. My brother just stared at me blankly.

"My names John?" he replied with a dumfounded look. I looked at him with a quizzical look; he had a huge bruise on his head. His left arm was a mangled mess hanging limply at his side; only just still attached to his body.

"Stop playing about John... Where's Michael?" I asked looking around the blood stained hill... my eyes froze when I saw his body motionless beside the blood soaked body of Peter. I darted over despite my dizziness, that's when I remembered everything.

John was suppose to be dead, killed by a cave in; Michael died on a laceration to his arm from his own sword that was coated in poison, which was used to kill the crocodile I was sent to kill; Kuroi/Shadow who killed Tinkerbell and Peter, who died to save Michael; Kuroi/Shadow himself was killed by me however, at the same time he should have taken my life.

"John... are we? How are we alive?" I asked him dumbfounded.

"Yeah, I saw you lying there bleeding so I came to help," the boy with glasses explained.

"But you're dead!" I hissed "I saw you... under the boulders,"

"I woke up in a small gap underneath a large mountain of rocks, that's all I remember... other than my name is John," the boy recalled.

"So... you don't remember me?" I asked trying to hide my hurt. I'm a mass murderer I can't show pain.

"... Wendy, you're my sister" he said after a pause before adding "We have a brother called Michael,"

I looked away, avoiding his eyes "Michael is dead..." I whispered. The boy just stared at me.

"Why didn't you help him!?" he shouted. John I tried, but knowing you... you won't believe me.

"I did try... but I got to him just as he died..." I explained.

"If I was there instead of you he would be alive... Your useless Wendy, you should have done what Mother and Father asked of you and maybe he wouldn't be dead!" he hissed.

"I know... but I did try, might I add you told me not to so it would keep us together! How much do you remember about Mum and Dad?" I asked, that really hurt... all I've ever done is try to protect them...

"I remember they asked you to marry some guy and then we'd not have to do what we do," he replied arrogantly. "Your pathetic Wendy, no wonder Mother and Father wanted to get rid of you!" he added.

"If that's how you feel why didn't you heal him instead of me!?" I retaliated, I had never been so angry before in my life... except with my parents.

"He Is Dead! Trust Me If I Could Bring Him Back, I Would And I Would Have Left You To Die!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, his face was neon red and his eyes were beaming in truth and anger.

"Fine, if that's how you feel... You Are No Longer My Brother, You Are Dead To Me!" I snapped back, stood up sharply and spat at the ground around his feet.

End of Flashback

Since that day I have returned back home, I now have my own apartment so I'm not living with my 'Parents', I have gone back to school; I've been moved into the year below so that I can catch up. I still go out at night to kill but now I kill who ever, where ever... well all those except the Gypsies, since my best friend is one of them.

I stood facing the giant mirror on the back of the door of my room, I was not much taller but my hair was now half way down my back. I was nearly completely unrecognisable; I wore a black tank top, black jeans with a black and red checked belt, black converse and a black wristband with a giant red skull on my right wrist and cross bones. I turned to face my gray room, there was not much there's a small dresser next to the door to a small cupboard where I kept my weapons; there's also my small bed next to the window. I walked over to the bed; picked up my black and red checked bag, checked that I had a kunai and a small gun; and left the room. I walked through the bright white living room/kitchen. Yet again there's not much there only a two small oak armchairs with white covers, a small oak coffee table and a small oak table in the kitchen and a couple of cupboards plus the obvious kitchen objects. I walked over to the fridge and took out a small bottle of orange juice. I picked up my keys that were lying on the table and headed towards the door, I glanced at the floor... no mail? Good don't have time to read any bills when I get home; I want to go kill someone after school. I smirked at the thought of seeing someone's blood running across the floor... Hmm, the thought of blood still reminds me of Kuroi/Shadow. My eyes began to fill with tears as I recalled that day again first John died, then Peter and Michael, then last but not least Kuroi.

I shook my head and forced the memory out of my head. Time for school... great. I opened the door and closed it without a sound, locking it and marched down the stairs of the apartment block and out the door.

I dragged my feet along the cobbled street that marked the border line between the 1st and 2nd class people and the 3rd class. It had been raining making the cobbles slippy, I put my iPod head phones on and played what I call my song 'Run and Hide- by Ninja Dolls' as the song began I began to smirk as I saw many pirates and civilians falling over. It was 'cold' as most people were complaining but I didn't feel it, my heart so cold it's practically non-existent. I stopped walking as I saw one very familiar Pirate... he stopped as he saw me, shit it's the guy who attacked me on Hook's ship.

I glared and continued walking, despite my better knowledge to go a kick his ass. I got to school about five minutes after that... that pirate followed me the whole way, creep. I jogged up the steps and into the long hallways. Everyone stepped out of my way... you see I need space as they say, to deal with Michael's death.

I walked into room 105 and took my seat at the back next to the window. I just sat there doing nothing but listen to the same song over and over, it makes me think of my victim running and trying to hide but always getting caught. I was torn from my thoughts when someone tapped me on the shoulder; I turned and glared at the girl sitting at the desk beside me. Heather Alley, fifteen years old with chestnut brown hair and honey brown eyes. She's quiet, kind and well like by most people... she's the prime example of someone I hate.

"What?" I grumbled, why does she have to bother me?

"Umm, are you ok? You seem a bit... tense," she reported to me. Why does she have to be like this... I can't wait till I get the chance to kill her. No back bone little brat. All of them, every little brat in this class... they all whisper about how a sixteen year old is in a 15 year old class, they whisper about Michael... they say that he was a victim of the reapers, load of rubbish he was one of them along with me and John; the three of us were the reapers.

"I'm fine... get lost," I snapped.

"I'm... I'm only trying... to help, you look like you could... need a friend," she said shyly... god is she saying she wants to be my friend.

"Leave me the Fuck alone!" I hissed at her, gritting my back teeth.


I flinched away from the angered girl. Looking down at my worn desk I bit my lower lip. Ever since Wendy had come back to school things had been tense. It seemed that the rumours surrounding the long haired girl got wilder and wilder every day. Perhaps that was why she was so snappy; because it was her family they were insulting... Still, it didn't give her the right to be horrible to those who were at least trying to be nice.

The door slid open as our teacher walked in. The loud chatter of the class muted but there was still an undertone of voices. Leaning my head on my hands I looked out of the window beside my desk.

Outside was a 'courtyard', or rather a small grassy space to relax in. It was boxed in by the school building though. Drifting my honey, brown eyes back to the front of the class I let out a sigh.

At school I was pretty much what everyone thought of a school girl; studious and quiet. I couldn't help that really, I wasn't great at making conversation so I had a lot of time to study; though most people liked me because I was very conscious of life. I found it hard to wrap my head around killing, so much so that I was a vegetarian. Even so, sounding rather egotistic, I was generally a nice person... but that made my life boring I guess.

Pulling myself back to the present I flipped my textbook the page our elderly teacher had called out. I already felt myself slipping into the spiral of boredom. School was too easy; my family was something everyone wished theirs to be and yet I didn't enjoy it. I should, I shouldn't take what I have for granted but I can't help it. No one else realised how much better off they were.

"Miss Alley can you answer the question on the board?"

I stretched, rolling my shoulders back. It was lunch and I couldn't wait to sit outside. Fisting my chestnut brown into a ponytail, I tied it up messily. Grabbing my backpack I wandered out down the corridors. I played with a string that had come undone from my long sleeved shirt. My shirt was a faded blue and had slightly darker blue, horizontal stripes. I also wore a skirt that finished just above my knees; it was a nice lilac colour that went well with my shirt.

"Ah," I sighed as I stepped out in the courtyard, nearly skipping to my area.

Surprisingly the sun had managed to reach the grass, which was unusual. The school often blocked out the light and if not the school, the sky would be covered in clouds.

Sitting down on the light, green grass I pulled out a book. Flicking it open to the page I last read I continued to read, not noticing that the shadows were not acting as they should be.

It wasn't long until I was flat on my back, completely engrossed in the book. Something brushed past my cheek and I swiped lightly at it, not really paying attention until whatever it was brushed past my neck. Closing my eyes I sat up in annoyance, looking around for the offending insect. It registered in the back of my mind that no one else seemed to be around but for now it didn't seem that important. My honey brown eyes narrowed. Nothing. No insects. Something moved in the corner of my eye and I whipped my head around, my hair flicking my shoulder.


I'm being paranoid, that's it. Letting out a shaky breath I chuckled to myself, really getting jumpy at wind now?

My chuckle froze in my throat though as I felt someone breathing down my neck.


I silently glided through the halls everyone jumping into the nearest doorway to get out of my way. Man, I really need to kill someone right now... but who? I glanced around and saw my teacher from this morning hurrying down the corridor towards the courtyard... this is going to be too easy.

I stalked my prey out of the school and into the courtyard that was filled with shadows, plenty of places to hide from her. I slowly pulled the gun out of my bag and walked up to her.

"Excuse me, Miss Wynes can I ask you something?" I cooed from behind her. She turned in a flash, surprised to see me. I love to see the surprise on my prey's faces.

"Oh Wendy... sorry what was your last name again dear?" she asked unsurely about what to call me. She was close to my old name with 'Dear' butI don't have a last name bitch.

"Don't have, disowned my family... anyway I was wondering have you ever thought about how you'd die?" I asked suppressing a sadistic smile.

"Can't say I" she began before I covered her mouth and pressed the gun against her stomach and fired it. Her clothing muffled the sound of the bullet as it penetrated the skin and her spine snapped as it drove through its way through her back. It was at close range so no blood came spurting from the wound and onto my clothing.

"Now you know how you die," I whispered sadistically.


I was frozen. My muscles were trembling and my breath was coming in short pants. Honey eyes widened as I felt a tugging on my ponytail. I fisted my hands on my lilac skirt.

The person behind me chuckled and hissed something in my ear. It sounded like a boy I realised.

I stayed still for a few more minutes. My mind froze as the instinctive fear crept away, almost as if my body knew that man, boy whatever, had gone.

Finally I let out the breath I'd been holding in and stood, shakily to my feet. Grabbing my bag I stumbled towards the school's door. I felt as if I'd just said good bye to boring and hello to fear.

"Not fun," I murmured to myself and rubbed my temples.


She was such a flighty human; putting on a front while she really held nothing inside her, an empty shell.

"Tch... I can't wait to play!" I cackled to myself, lifting a pale hand in front of my face.

I flexed my fingers, almost entranced by the movement of muscle. Human bodies were such complex things, which made the creatures themselves that much more interesting.

I leaned forward, keeping a watchful eye on the little flighty human. The terror on her face was de-lic-i-ous!

"Tch..." I flicked a tongue against my front teeth, my eyes half closing, "What shall you do little marionette?"


I wandered through the halls of the school, art next with Miss Wynes... great, hate that bitch.

Everyone walked out of my way; they knew that my little brother had died and that my older sister disowned us... I 'Needed Space' so that's what I get... a lot of spaceā€¦ a hell of a lot of it.

I walked into the room and sat down at the back with my feet on the battered old desk. Other began to flood through the door and take their places, chatter filled the whole room.

"Someone Help! Miss Wynes Has Been Shot!" someone shouted from the halls. Next thing everyone is running out of the room and into one of the shadow filled courtyards.

I followed out of pure interest to see. Outside in the centre of shady courtyard lay the body of Miss Wynes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Wendy... I glanced over, she sensed my gaze and looked over glaring. She looked me directly in the eye and smirked... this is her doing, should of known honestly what is she like.


There was a commotion outside; in the left wing's courtyard. Frowning, I wiped all the panic from earlier out of my head and scurried forward in curiosity.

"Did you hear?"

"-shot! Really?"

"You're pulling my leg!"

"Miss Wynes?"


I stopped; other's conversations grabbing my attention and fitting together choppily. Altogether I pieced them together to realise that the art teacher had been shot on school grounds.

Stifling a cry, I stumbled back; ignoring the annoyed yells of other students as I bumped into them. As soon as I reached the edge of the crowd I turned and bolted it. My shoes pounded against the floor and I swear I could hear someone cackling madly.

Rushing through the dark corridors I reached the girls bathroom. The door slammed into the wall as I rushed in, screwing my eyes up against the sudden brightness.

The bathroom was a clinical white which seemed to fit as I hunched over a sink. My hands turned white as I gripped the cool ceramic surface. Slowly I stopped dry heaving and just stared down, tears collecting in my eyes.

"Why?" I croaked suddenly wishing for the boredom to come back.

The bathroom lights flickered. I jolted and tightened my grip on the sink. The electrical hum grew louder and then faded along with the flickers until the lights stayed dark; an eerie glow coming from the small window by my left.

I lifted my head up and looked into the mirror. I shrieked and leaped backwards.

The face in the mirror was not mine, it wasn't even female. His face was angular and what I could see of his body was lean. A simple white buttoned up shirt with a blazer hanging half off his shoulders carelessly. Burgundy eyes were half closed and his lips were tilted up into a small smile. What was rather shocking though was his hair which was a deep, ocean blue.

"W-who are you?" I stammered, slamming into the toilet doors.

"Hey, calm down. It's not like I'm going to do anything," he shrugged moving forward in the mirror, seemingly leaning on the boundaries of the reflection.

"I- You?" my hands began to shake and I nervously began to tease my hair.

"My name's Pan if you wanted to know," the blue haired boy continued, voice calming.

"...Pan?" I repeated, a nervous chuckle escaping me.

He rolled his eyes, a resigned look on his face, "And yours is?"


"Well Heather... how would you like this proposal?"

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