Chapter Nine


I sat in my tepee looking at my unconscious friend... we had only just got here in time; any longer and there would have been no hope for her to heal and live. Wendy was only just holding onto life... the second time in the last year that she was this close to death and on both occasions a brother had died... next time she may not make it. Mother's vision was right. I stood up and walked over to the pile of blankets where my friend lay; I checked her pulse and left the tepee. I had a bad feeling about how death followed her so closely... it was only a matter of time for her. Outside pacing was Peter; the three lost boys were sitting on the ground watching him with worry.

"She's stable at the moment but for how long... I don't know it's too early to confirm if she will definitely survive or not..." I murmured not caring if they heard or not... I needed some fresh air so I could think straight.

I glanced back into the tepee to see my friend twitch. I dashed back in making sure she was still breathing and alive when her eyes shot open.

"Lily?" she asked hoarsely "Is John?" she asked with tear filled eyes... I couldn't look at her as I nodded. "No! No! This Can't Be!" she screamed as tear fell from her eyes. She jerked up from where she lay and ran out of the tepee and out of my sight. There was a silence that followed as I realised that this was the first time I had ever seen her cry.

"Peter!" I beckoned as I turned to the entrance of the tepee.

"Want me to go after her?" the red head asked, flicking blank green eyes over to me.

"No... I fear it is too late for her... I sense that her blood will be spilt soon," I told him truthfully "I don't think there is anything we can do to save her," I added as tears filled my eyes yet again.

"I refuse to believe that!" Peter snapped angrily, glaring at me before turning on his heel and running off.

"Your blood will join hers and another's Peter," I added in a whisper.

"What are you talking about?" the one called Tai asked, looking at me in alarm.

"Wendy will die soon... I can feel it, only he refuses to believe it," I explain "I feel that he will join her in death along with one other too," I added as I watched the boy react.

He ducked his head, covering his grey eyes with his hair; a frown settling onto his pale face.

"I see water... and my blood," I breathed as an image of me floating in water surround by blood exploded into my mind. I'm going to die by either drowning or killed by a creature that lives in water.

"What?" Ross exclaimed, looking panicky as he leapt towards me.

"It's nothing!" I barked and stormed out of the tepee running after Peter.


It's my entire fault! John's dead because I was too weak. First Michael and now John... I guess I'm next...

Bring It On!

I ran through the streets and towards the forest... I roughly know where that camp is I can get weapons from them. I only have my gun which won't last too long. I knew that Lily was going to send someone after me sooner or later so I had better gain some ground. As soon as I reached the entrance of the forest; I jumped up into the trees and lunged at each branch I could reach. I travelled on to the spot where I had first encountered Shadow and Peter. Memories came flooding back; I placed my hand over where Shadow had sliced through my skin. I glared at the ground as I marched on towards the camp.


Damn it! Why does it always go this way? Death. Death! And more death!

It's not fair. People shouldn't have to die this young. We shouldn't have to go through the pain of losing someone this young. I can't stand this! And it's all down to Kuroi as well...

I swore as I nearly fell in my haste to follow after Wendy. She was fast but I was catching up, just enough to see traces of where she'd been; grass that was pressed down, leafless branched and snapped twigs.

This path through the woods was familiar.


God these two are fast runners! I sensed that Wendy had run towards the forest then I lost all trace of her! I stared at the entrance of the forest and decided just to run aimlessly until I found them or they found me.

In the distance I heard screams of a large group of boys... Wendy.

"For God's Sake Wendy!" I shout before running into the forest following the screams.


I held my gun at the group of boys as I gathered together some of their weapons... mainly the swords and daggers. I wish I had my cutlass... but that asshole Peter lost it! Anyway I've got what I came for moving on.

"Thank You Boys," I said to them sweetly and ran towards a tree; jumping up into the green mess of leaves.


"Toby!" I called out as I skidded into the camp, looking out at the frazzled boys.

"What? You brought that girl here again!" Toby snapped from his crouched position, his arms were wrapped around a crying boy, "She took our weapons and ran off, leaving half of us in panic attacks!"

I felt my heart twinge. I didn't like bringing trouble here; that was why I left Toby in charge a year ago.

"Which way did she go?" I asked quietly.

"East," Toby grumbled, "Just be careful,"

I nodded at him and flung myself back into the forest.


I ran faster and faster... I could hear voices close by. I ran into a clearing filled with terrified boys.

"Let me guess you're looking for a crazy girl? She went east," a familiar boy with black hair snapped, Toby I think his name is. I nod my thanks and continued to run.


I saw the path that lead to the port at the other side of the forest. All the pirates were in town getting drunk so they wouldn't mind if I borrow one of their life boats. I jumped into the boat and pushed it away from the shore; slow paddling to save my strength.

"Wendy!" I heard from behind me, I turned to see Peter running down the path. I began to paddle faster gaining more and more distance. Leave me alone Peter.


Even from the distance between us I could see the tears in her eyes. I could see what was going through her mind... death. My heart began to beat even faster as I pushed myself to run faster as I got towards the end of the ports as I jumped; using all my speed to propel me through the air... I can't fly with all the sad thoughts that plagued my mind. I never thought in all my life that I would see Wendy Darling, Child of the reaper, so scared, so sad and so death welcoming... even when we first met I could tell that she never wanted to die but if it was going to happen then she would welcome it with arms wide open. Somehow I landed in the very back of the boat.

"Wendy Stop!" I ordered the broken looking girl. She jumped in her sitting position to face me.

"Leave Me Alone Peter!" she cried as the tears in her eyes began to fall.

"No," I reply to the puffy eyed girl. She let out a cry of frustration and began to hit me in the chest over and over; each punch getting lighter and lighter. She finally stopped hitting me and wrapped her arms around my neck and cried into my shoulder. Waves began to grow, shaking the boat ever so slightly growing stronger and stronger. From land I heard Tiger-Lily shouting our names; I glanced over my shoulder to see the girl jump into the water and begin to swim towards us.

"Is that Lily?" the trembling voice of the girl in front of me asked. I looked at her and nodded, giving her a reassuring smile. There was a scream followed by silence, Wendy and I looked at the spot where Tiger-Lily was just in time to see her hand be pulled under the water.


A scream passed my lips as hands grabbed my feet and my waist; pulling me under the water. As I went under the water I saw five... mermaids? They pulled me further and further under the water; I scrambled trying to get free from their grasp only to have their grasp on me tighten... I felt small drops of my blood seep out into the water. I let out an underwater scream as their hands tore off my left foot. Blood gushed out into the water.

I writhed, contorted my body into all shapes to try and shake them off. My panic had stopped me from feeling pain. A webbed hand clawed down my skin and the high pitched laugh of the mermaids echoed eerily in the depths.

I raised my hand to the water's surface, my dark eyes filled with lost hope. A scream blasted through my ears as one of the creatures bit deeply into my shoulder; her long, green tinged hair wrapping around me. Another wrapped a serpentine tail around my waist and began to squeeze, her giggles bubbling up.

My skin was being scratched off, the grating sensation finally bringing pain back but I could no longer twist and turn. I had no air left. Around me the dark shapes of other mermaids began to circle. Their laughs were like chalk on a blackboard. The once blue water was dyed crimson as my blood clouded it.

Please... I mouthed, releasing a string of bubbles as the last of my air escaped.

I began to sink; mermaids soon blocking any light from the surface as they became frantic, desperate for a piece of meat. They tore into my flesh and began devouring, not waiting for me to die before feasting.

I should have realised when I jumped in. Didn't I see it? I could have let Peter go after her...


My heart froze as my best friend disappeared under the water.

"Lily!" I shouted and jumped out of Peter's arms. I grabbed my gun and climbed over to the edge to see where she went. The water was slowly turning red with blood; I could only just see several abnormal figures swimming around the source of the blood... Lily. I stood up and prepared to dive into the bloody water.

Peter grabbed my waist, stopping me from jumping, "You can't! She's already..."

"Piss Off Peter! I'm Not Leaving Her!" I hissed at the terrified boy... something's won't change.

"There's no point in putting your life in danger if the other person is already dead!" he snapped at me.

"If You Don't Back Off I Will Push You Into The Water!" I growled and grabbed one of his arms.

"Wendy! Please just listen," he groaned but let me go.

"She's all I have left... I can't leave her," I explained backing away from the boy and towards the edge of the boat.

Peter let out a sigh, running a hand through his hair.

"I can't swim so you're going to have to go down on your own," he informed me, leaf green eyes looking at me sternly, "Don't stay down for too long and don't even get the smallest scratch, mermaids are like sharks,"

"I like Sharks," I grumbled and jumped over the side. The feeling of blood around me reminded me of John... I can't let her die too, I can't! I swam down getting closer and closer to Lily. I could hear her screaming even though we were underwater. I could sense her terror; I saw a figure charge towards her and in one swift movement I forced my anti-stream lined body through the water towards their target. Something grabbed my ankle and pulled me back with such force that it threw me back out of the water. I felt the cold air cling to my wet body as I was propelled twenty-thirty meters into the air. My stomach lurched as I began to plummet back down towards the water. The impact of the water on my head was excruciating that I was finding it hard to hold back a yelp of pain; as I continued to plunge deeper and deeper into the water the thing I feared the worst floated past me... Lily's head. Covered in scars that I practically didn't recognise her. I glanced down the see the mermaids beginning to circle below as slowly rising up towards me. I began to swim as fast as my body would allow me with the very little oxygen I had left in my lungs... damn it Swim Wendy! The voice of Jill growled in my head. Just what I need right now a messed up psychopath bitching to me. I could see the light from above only just penetrating the watery blood bath. I thrust my hand out of the water hoping I was somewhere near the boat; I attempted to grab onto the air hoping that there was something there for me to grab onto. I managed to get my head above the water.

"Peter!" I screamed "If You Saw What just Happened Then Get Your Ass Over Here!" I begged before I felt a webbed hand grabbing my ankle and slowly pulling me under.


I nearly fell off the boat when Wendy yelled at me. There was a reason why I preferred not to go anywhere near water unless I was in the air. Mermaids... Don't be fooled by their name as there's nothing maiden like about them.

My pulse quickened as I watched Wendy sink slowly, her form thrashing to stay up at the surface. I grasped the side of the boat tightly, my knuckles turning white.

I had to clear my mind and not think of anything bad... But it was kind of hard not to in this situation! Think! Think, think...

Maybe I shouldn't think over it too much. Maybe I should just do it.

Gritting my teeth together I placed a foot on the boat's wall. Tensing my body I pushed off it and flung myself in the air. After a minute I cracked open my eyes.

"Ah... I should definitely think less..." I was flying.

"Peter! Take As Long As You Need I'm Not Going Anywhere!" Wendy shouted sarcastically.

"Ack! Sorry," I called out and dived towards her.

I grasped her hand and began to pull her up. The mermaids shrieked their disapproval at me, tail fins slapping the water surface in a display of anger. Gritting my teeth I heaved, pulling Wendy out of the sea. I wrapped an arm around her waist and flew up higher. By the way the creatures were acting I had a feeling that boat wouldn't be on the surface for much longer, the one good thing was that the mermaids could barely jump out of the water. Their bodies were unsuited to the act.

As if on cue the agitated females tore at the boat, ripping plank after plank apart. Finally the screeching stopped as they dispersed from the wreckage, leaving torn wood to float on the red water's surface.


I wrapped my arms around Peter as he flew up into the air... for once I'm glad he's on 'fairy dust'... I glanced down at the bloody circle in the sea; I pictured Lily's head floating around lost forever. I had lost everyone I care about... all of them died because of me... do I deserve to live? I glanced at Peter who was watching the mermaids tear apart the boat I had stolen. Still naive little Peter that is something I'm glad won't be changing anytime soon... he will always be naive little drug addict Peaty.

"So where are we going?" I asked him. I don't want to stay in the air any longer than necessary. I glanced down at the shadows of the pissed off mermaids.

"Probably land," Peter told me.

"Well that narrows it down my drug addicted friend," I groaned.

"I don't take drugs," the red head grumbled, "Haven't we gone over this before?"

"Nope... you did with Shadow though," I mumbled before adding "Hey Peaty... why do you worry about me getting myself killed?"

"Because you're my friend," he replied.

"Don't be my friend... they only end up dead," I murmured as my thoughts went back to Tiger-Lily.

"I won't," Peter said reassuringly.

"You will... everyone I'm friends ever since I was a kid has... always because of something I do... I don't want people to die because of me, I want people to die at my hand," I grumbled trying to ignore the extent of an idiot he was being... like telling a young kid to go play in the traffic and they do... he is the little kid who does go and play in the traffic. "You really shouldn't get too attached to me... it'll only end badly," I added solemnly not looking him in the eye.

"I'm not letting you be alone," the green eyed boy replied seriously.

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