Lips Of An Angel – Hinder

"buzzzz! …buzz!" came the soft vibrating of my cell on the headboard of my bed. I groaned only half awake when I felt movement beside me.

"Mmm…baby…what's that?" mumbled my sleepy wife Alyssa as she rolled over to face me, her emerald eyes clouded with sleep but a soft smile gracing her lips. I smiled back softly, instantly falling for that smile as I brushed a strand of her blonde hair out of her face.

"Just a call for me babe. I'll take it in the living room, go back to sleep," I whispered kissing her lips then gently laying a peck on her very round pregnant belly. I grabbed my cell off the head board and slipped out of the room as she smiled at me and rolled back over to go to sleep.

I sighed walking out into the living room in my black boxers running a hand through my shaggy onyx hair, jeez I needed a haircut. I looked down at my still buzzing phone, no name, just a number.

"Hello?" I said wondering who would be calling me at 3 in the morning.

"…James?" came a soft voice on the other end, they sounded timid and sad; I knew that voice from somewhere. It struck a chord like an unhappy memory.

"Maria? Is that you?" I whispered unsure, my voice even cracked a bit at her name, it was an old wound with her. One that I thought I had finally closed.

"Yes…you still remember me? I'm so happy. Um…h-how are you?" she whispered. I could hear her, usually warm as honey voice, breaking down sadly.

I sighed running a hand through my hair, "Maria…why are you calling me? It's three o'clock in the morning. It's kind of hard to talk right now…and it's been."

"Years…I know. And I'm so sorry I just…i…I wanted to…," she interrupted weakly but then I listened as she broke down and started to sob softly over the phone. I couldn't help it; my heart broke hearing her cry.

"Whoa whoa whoa, honey. Why're you crying? Did I say something? Is everything okay?" I asked worriedly as she sniffled and choked back sobs.

"No…no it's not your fault I just…I miss you…and I know I have no right to say that, especially now, after all this time, but, I needed to say it. I've missed you so much…" she sniffled dejectedly and my breathing hitched. She had missed me? My heart clenched in aching pain at that thought, I had waited for so long for her to say that, for her to come back to me. I had hurt for so long.

I sighed once again trying to loosen the pain in my chest so I could speak, god it hurt. My voice came out as a weak scratch. "I gotta whisper cause I can't be too loud alright? Cause my girl's in the next room, and yes…sometimes I used to wish she was you…so I guess we both never really moved on did we?" I whispered glancing at the door to my bed room where my wife was probably back asleep, but I couldn't take a chance at her hearing something like this.

"R-really? Oh thank goodness it wasn't just me…I thought you'd hate me after what I did?" she whispered and I could hear the sadness in her voice, begging for forgiveness. God that voice, it used to make me so weak, I fell so hard and fast for her.

"I think I used to…but not anymore…it's really good to hear your voice Maria" I said with a soft smile, then I heard her laughter, like warm chiming bells, her voice was so sweet.

"Heh. You used to say I had the lips of an angel remember?" she said softly.

"Yeah. How could I forget?" I replied smiling. "Why did you choose to call me tonight?" I asked curiously.

"I…I had a dream about you. And I thought about what would happen if I never told you that I missed you…and that I'm sorry…" she said softly. It shocked me a bit that I would be in her dreams after all this time.

"Oh…what about John? Does he know you're talking to me? Will it start a fight?" I asked concerned, I didn't want to upset her relationship by talking to her at this odd hour. Someone might think the wrong thing.

"Oh…John and I separated two months ago. It just got…difficult. What about Alyssa? Your married now right? I don't want her to think you're up to anything…does she know about me?" she replied worriedly. This made me relax a bit, knowing that she wasn't calling to try to mess up my relationship either.

"No I don't think she has a clue" I chuckled softly glancing at the bedroom door again and smiling gently.

"Okay…I should probably let you go. It's already four thirty in the morning. Could I…call you again? Hopefully at a more reasonable time?" she asked giggling softly. I smiled and chuckled with her.

"Sure. Good night Maria." I answered smiling.

"Good night James." She said smiling.

"Oh. And Maria?...I missed you too." I said softly and we hung up. I looked at my phone with a gentle smile and walked quietly back into my bedroom. I put my phone on the carpeted floor so it wouldn't buzz again and slipped back under the sheets. Alyssa rolled over to me and snuggled as close to my chest as her bulging belly would allow.

"Hmm…who was on the phone James?" she asked sweetly then winced when the baby kicked, I could feel it against my abs too. I smiled and ran a hand through her hair gently.

"Just an old friend sweetie. Just an old friend." I replied and we drifted off to sleep again.

2 months later

Now, as I write this in the hospital, on the date of my baby girl's birth I reflect on that night. The night that could have made me miss this beautiful moment, as scary as it was to watch Alyssa in pain, the decision that could have made me miss holding this beautiful baby girl. My baby girl. She's adorable and healthy and Alyssa looks amazing even after such an ordeal as she holds her while she sleeps. Alyssa knows about what went on between Maria and I, including the late night conversations and the many calls that followed. I will admit that sometimes talking to someone I once loved so much, made it hard to be faithful, but I did. Maria never wanted to ruin what I had with Alyssa. I love my wife, even with all the painful memories and strong feelings that arose when I started talking to Maria again. I will always love my wife and now my new daughter. So as I sit in this hospital room with my lovely wife, my beautiful daughter, and even my best friend Maria, I smile. Because the lips of an angel from my past have been accepted into my future. As the godmother of my daughter.


Alright so that was a terribly corny ending wasn't it?! Haha I do apologize for that. The ending is the worst part to do. And I know this one sucked but please feel free to rate comment review and such. I always love it when people read my stories. Anyway thank you for reading! Hope the rest of the song fic was satisfactory. Bye bye!

-Aden Thorn