Chapter Five


Ow my head hurts... my memory's a bit fuzzy last thing I remember was that I was sparring with the new girl and then everything went black... and now I'm here, in the nurse's room.

I slowly and agonisingly sat up rubbing my forehead looking around. I heard a slight groan and turned my head to see Akira waking up... and that's when it hit me, I knew what she was.

She jerked upright, hand flying to her head, "You!" she snarled, "Wretched angel!"

"Watch Your Tongue Daemon and I'm Not an Angel I'm A Nephilim There's A Difference!" I spat back at her. Daemons were killing angels hence the reason I'm stuck in this hell hole.

"Nephil? Damn it," she growled, "And I'm a Halfling you idiot!"

"Really? Well I must say it's nice to meet another half breed... and one who knows how to fight too" I said realising that I was no longer the freak that no one knew about. I looked down at my birthmark, the only tie I have to my family; the red mark always reminded me of that vein you get in Japanese anime.

Akira looked down, a dark look on her face, "I wouldn't say a pleasure Nephil. And it's standard for a Halfling to be taught how to fight... No matter how weak they are," she rubbed her neck, showing a brief view of a black flame like tattoo.

"Hmmm... same here, only I ran away before they could test me... most of those who are tested are never seen alive again... so I trained in Japan as a Ninja... it still kinda feels like home" I said standing up to see what damage I had, fortunately only a couple of bruised ribs and bones easy to heal. Although I had a feeling I would have a massive bruise on my jaw.

"A ninja Nephilim?" she laughed, jerking to her feet, "Explains the speed and the accurate strikes. Want to say I'm not impressed but... Actually I will," she smirked flashing her sharp canines.

"Hmmm not sure whether to take that as a compliment... however you should take this as one, you sure put Thomas in his place. He's always been a real creep and has been too scared to fight anyone who he thinks is stronger" I say and laugh recalling the image of Thomas lying on the ground defeated.

"It was rather fun. Does he always stare at people like he's going to eat them?" she asked, curiosity flashing in her mis-matched eyes. I've never seen anyone with a red eye and an amber eye before.

"Actually come to think about it... he only stares into space never at anyone... hmm wonder why it only makes him creepier" I said thinking about the blank look he always has on his face sending chills down my spine.

"That makes me feel oh so special," she muttered sarcastically, her face twisting into a grimace.

I laugh "Well at least you don't have a stalker and can't kill him without giving away what I am!" I say whilst imagining killing Andrew slowly and most painfully as I can.

The black and red haired girl snorted, "Do you think it's slightly strange the nurse isn't here? Usually they hover around worrying you'll pull an eyelid or something,"

"Na, they don't give a damn about what happens to us, In case you haven't noticed this isn't a 2 star rated school,"

"Better than my last..."

"Hmmm... Okay, well I best be going the guys will be worrying about me, see ya later!" I say and skip out of the room.

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