Chapter Nine


I watched as Akira disappeared, she must have forgotten to feed before coming... Daemons but what can you do?

"So are you coming to my party?" Steve asked looking down at me.

"Yeah sure, it'll be fun especially after the poor excuse for a party this dump throws" I said closing my eyes and just relaxing.

I listened to the boys talking about stuff but I didn't pay attention to what. After twenty minutes the bell rang. I slowly sat up and removed my feet from Harry's shoulder and lightly jumped down from the wall, yawning before grabbing my black and red checked school bag and walked to drama with the guys.


"Come in Come in Come in!" Mr Stewart says in his hyper child like manor, I like Mr S. He's the best he might be in his late 30's but he's just like a hyper 12 year old.

"Right, you know the drill go nominate people for Romeo and Juliet" He said before bounding into the store room to get scripts and costumes.

About 15 minutes late Akira appeared just before Mr S. Came back in, lucky for her he didn't notice.


I nearly ran all the way back to school. I had gotten a little carried away with feeding... Hopefully no one finds the homeless guy. Not that they would recognise them, I had been a little over enthusiastic.

As I burst into drama, everyone turned to look at me. I winced and self consciously wiped my mouth. Nope no blood, unless it's on my clothes.

Loki rolled her eyes at me. A smirk snaked its way onto my face, the teacher didn't notice me at all.

"Everyone take a seat," he cried out, bouncing around like a bunny.

Everyone took their designated seats. Hesitating, I made my way over to a spare seat beside Tony.

"Right, right, right. I've just counted up the nominations. Juliet is Loki," he handed her a costume, "Romeo is Thomas," Loki gave a slight groan and rested her head on Harry's shoulder as if she were crying and he hugged her ... I couldn't see his face but I think he's pissed, "Romeo's parents are Scott and Ross," they hugged each other, "Juliet's parents are Akira and Tony," what? Oh no, "Juliet's cousin is Dan and Romeo's is James," the two trouble makers high fived, "Romeo's best friend is Andrew,"

"Shocker there!" Tony cried out.

Laughter erupted from the class.

"Alright, alright. Anyway carry on. Juliet's nurse is Amy. The vicar is Steve. The Police officer is Abdul. The mayor's son is Harry. Romeo's friends are David and Greg. The reporter is Erika," a loud humph came from said girl, "And the rest of you are extras,"


I'm fine being Juliet but Thomas as Romeo!

The first part of the play went fast until the part where Romeo and Juliet first meet... great I have to kiss the freak.

When that part came it was strange... my Nephilim senses kicked in, he was dangerous... he wasn't human like I thought, He's hiding something... But what?

Fortunately that part was short lived and Amy saved me and the play continued. When I got to the part where 'My Mum' wanted to talk to me the bell rang. What the hell took so long, okay I know I'm part angel but I don't follow the crap they do that would be the human part of me.

I changed out of the costume and bolted out the door to the girl's bathroom and washed my mouth for what seemed like forever. Hmm let me see only one period left and it's English... yay.

Tala: ... I dislike this story... I think it would be better if we rewrote the whole thing or something...

Chaos: True... It was kinda just shoved together with no real thought~ At least we admit it no?

Tala: Yep.. so what do you guys think? Re-write it? Please tell us what you think.

Chaos: REVEIW!