Chapter 1

9 Years…

"We were there, you know." That was the first thing that came out off my mouth when my Aunt Wilma and the police were telling us that we wouldn't remember what really happened to our dead parents. To me, they were just being ignorant, even though I was six at the time. My sister on the other hand took it pretty hard. She rarely talked but when she did she made sure to put people in their place. They talked about her a lot when they thought we weren't listening. Always saying that my sister's voice was as hard as ice, but the words that left her six year old mouth burned like fire.

The police didn't know us and didn't believe anything that came out of our mouths; neither did our Aunt Wilma apparently. They do on the other hand think that they could tell us anything and have us believe it. They told us that our parents were killed in a house robbery and that we were hidden away, so we could not have seen it. We took what they told us and left it alone because we knew that no matter what we said, it would not have made a difference.

The one person who actually did believe us was Uncle Robert but of course he never wanted to stand up for us because he didn't want his wife mad at him. So he would come to us during the night, when everybody was asleep. He would sneak up to see us so that he could talk with us because when our Aunt Wilma was awake she wouldn't let anybody talk to us unless they were servants or our nanny. While we were staying with our Aunt, we became good friends with our Nanny Victoria, butler Will, and maid Helga. They were always there for us, I remember when Will would sneak candy up to us when he could, knowing the risk if he got caught. Aunt Wilma had this rule that if any of her "servants" were to bring us anything without her permission they would be fired.

We stayed at Aunt Wilma's house for two years, only being able to socialize with the servants. When my Aunt Wilma had her noble friends, her lords and ladies over, she sent us to our room with our nanny Victoria. "We were abominations when it came to manners," she said. "So that's why I don't allow you to meet my friends." My sister and I both knew that she just didn't like us. There was something about us that displeased her, and we never could find out what it was.

The July of the second year staying with her, she came up to our room with a smile from ear to ear. We were scared then because we never seen a smile like that on her face before. She walked into the room with her hands behind her back as if she was trying to hide something from us, but her face gave it away. She was wearing a fancy midnight blue silk dress that day so you knew she was in the process of throwing a party for her wealthy friends. Her taking the time out of putting her party together, or I should say ordering people to put it together, to come see us was a shock of a lifetime.

She came and stood right in front of us and said in her sinister voice, "I have a surprise for you."

"What is it," Thia, my twin sister said in a skeptical voice.

"Corinthia, don't worry it is a lovely surprise. I talked with my friend, Headmistress Ethan and she has opened a place for you at her school."

"What do you mean at her school," I asked.

"Yeah, we already have tutors here," Thia said puzzled.

"Coriander, Corinthia. I think this place will be the best for you," she said taking on a motherly tone. Thia and I were speechless because one, she wanted to send us away and two, she called us by our full names and not by our nicknames, Corey and Thia.

"So basically," Thia began.

"You're sending us away," I finished.

"Think of it as an educationally experience," she said patting me rough fully on the head. "Plus," she began as she exited the room, "your Uncle will be taking you."

"Yes, we should be grateful that the Wicked Witch of the West will not be flying us in on her broomstick," Thia said with smirk.

"Yes, that is true," I said laughing as I lay down on my bed. Looking up at the ceiling I asked, "Do you think staying at this school will be a better experience for us Thia."

"Yes. I think it will be better than staying here with her."

So the next morning we went down to breakfast to find Headmistress Ethan sitting at the table with our Uncle, who for some reason that morning seemed to be upset by something. Walking in late, as usually, our Aunt Wilma was sporting a white knee length skirt with a pink buttoned up shirt. This morning she had her blonde hair piled on top of her hair in some type of, what do girls call it, a bun.

Sitting down at the table everybody began to eat the food that was sat in front of them. Not one person coming up for air the whole time. Aunt Wilma was always the first person done because the only things she ate for breakfast was a bagel and some yogurt, but she usually took her time. Today, you could tell, that she was happy to see us leaving her household.

"I know your school is for orphans, but I really want to thank you for taking in Coriander and Corinthia," Aunt Wilma said as she ate her last spoonful of yogurt.