The Weird Fishes


Upon Gentry's return to the shorelines of his newly acquired desires, he was not greeted as he had expected. As soon as he had reached the harbor, his vessel had been noted and three security boats were untied and set afloat. Armed men were quickly at either side of the wavering ship, so that before Gentry could even step foot upon the land he was apprehended. The brown dog, with his under bite and overly excitable and optimistic ways, leapt overboard, and during all the commotion fled into the streets after swimming across the harbor.

It was Gentry's employer that greeted him first in his prison cell, which chilled him more then the cell itself. The half faced man's ugly face was twisted in rage, a confiscated vile of the green salt clutched in his withered and liver spotted hand. In a single motion the vile was smashed to the floor, and with that the man once Gentry's employer vanished down the cement corridors.

Gentry spent countless nights within that same cell until it began to cost more to feed him then the debt he'd been imprisoned for. It was only then that they let him go.

He unlocked the door to the same apartment, and with a huff he sat down in his same dusty chair. With all lack of anticipation, and with all weariness he shut his eyes, and dreamed the same dreams of palm springs and his over watered lawn… Only the door bell would awaken him, and it would be the brown dog on a stranger's noose.

That dog still runs, and that man still dreams, and all those weird fishes keep circling their bowl.