A/N: Todd is not real and no she doesn't really see him. Please reveiw!

Wednesday August 15, 2012

Dear Laptop,

I decided that for eighth grade I would do this every day. I will type everything that has happened that day, boring or not. I don't know why it came over me to do this, maybe it was mom bugging me all the time to write my feelings and crap down or maybe so people know what really goes on inside bullied kids' minds (well mine at least).

People bully us over the smallest things every day for no reason except because they feel like it. For instance, my friend and I call me Silver and people think its weird and they jokes about it, but it could be the clothes we wear or shoes on our feet. They'll make fun of how we talk or how we walk. Everything and anything you could think of. I get so tired of seeing it every day in the one place where they say it's safe to be. For some people, it's the worst place to be, or for others it could so bad that its right next to how bad it is at home.

Some kids come to school because it's a getaway from the horrors at home, but some of those horrors follow them here to school. They won't have the best financial situations at home because their mom is a drunk and just got fired and their dad is never home because he's always at work to put food on the table, but when his father is home he beats his son because of all the stress he's under. That kid doesn't have the extra money to go buy the newest and hottest pair of shoes so he'll wear the shoes he wore last year and the year before, they still fit fine. It's the same with his clothes too. He thinks it's going to be better at school, but it isn't. People tease him because they recognize those clothes and those shoes from last year.

Sometimes the teachers don't even do anything about the bullies. They shrug it off as if the victim is just making the whole thing up just for attention.

Luckily, school doesn't start for me until 7:55am tomorrow morning. I absolutely can't wait to see all those bullies and jocks and preps tomorrow! I'm not happy about a lot this year, I have no classes with my friends and there's the bully problem too. The one thing I am happy about is that I don't belong in any one group of people. I and my imaginary friend Todd are our own little group. Yeah, we have friends besides each other, of course, but they fit perfectly into other groups. Our group is just us. We usually just sit at the back of class (Todd floating) and watch what everyone is doing. Occasionally if one of our friends are in the class we'll pass notes and talk, but that is almost never the case. Our group is one of a kind. We're kind of like outcasts of the outcasts. Quiet but can be deadly if we need to be. And if you mess with my friends, you're screwed.

4 o'clock and school starts in 15 ½ hours.

Welcome to hell.