I know i haven't been writing much lately but i jut keep forgetting to.

Anyway, lately things have been going well, i guess. I have a real delemia. Well it's kind of real but kind of stupid as well anyway back to the point, i think i like two of my friends and i say two because i'm not sure i like either of them. One is my friend Bruce, who i've known since grade school years, and then i think i like my best friend Maggie, whom i've known for two years and just became really really good friends with this year. How do i know if one of them likes me back? Or how do i know if i like them?

I hate being i teenager.

On a better note i'm getting really into Green Day again! I CAN'T STOP LISTENING! Tickets for a concert go on sale on Saturday and i AM buying them, maybe Maggie wants to go, and their new album UNO comes out on the 25th and I WILL BUY IT!

Obsessed much?

I think so.