You told me
that you need time,
and I told you
that it was fine.

But on the inside,
it's really not okay.
But I'll tell you
it is anyway.

You told me
that you needed to be alone,
and those simple words
hurt me to the bone.

Even when I'm doing nothing,
I'm doing something wrong.
The truth is,
I've been hurting you all along.

But you wouldn't admit that,
no, you're too nice.
To save my feelings,
you offered yours as a sacrifice.

I tried so hard to be here,
to tell you that you're okay.
But you still get hurt
no matter what I say.

Quite frankly, I don't understand.
I thought I was doing good.
I tried to be your friend,
laughed, did everything I could.

But that wasn't enough,
you still got hurt.
And I'm almost sure
you're watching your blood spurt.

My good actions
are, apparently, bad.
To make you happy,
I'd give everything I had.

I guess I'll leave you alone,
but I'll sit here and cry.
This time, I don't even think
I'll fight off the urge to die.

I'll leave you alone,
give you time to heal.
But I will never let you know
how I really feel.

I feel broken without you,
and when you're gone, can't breathe.
I'm scared that you'll
forever leave.

I'm scared you hate me,
just like everyone else I met.
I'm scared that I'm someone
you'll soon forget.

I'm scared you'll die,
and leave me here.
While you heal,
I'll stay awake in fear.

But you'll never know,
because I'm okay.
Well, at least,
that's what I'll say.

You won't know my true feelings,
how scared I am of losing you.
I'll never tell you,
you won't have a clue.

Because for you,
I'll be strong.
I'll be here to help you
get along.