I My 3DS

Journal Entry~ November 11, 2012

Today was the worst; boredom was gnawing at my brain and lady luck wasn't with me today.

It was a mixture of snow and rain, with powerful winds, it was horrific. I barely got out the door, let alone get to the store. I could barely see anything in front of me. So much ice and rain was getting into my eye; it burned badly. The rain and snow pelted me, the cold was so numbing. My heavy winter clothing did squat to protect me from the cold.

You want to know the worst part about it journal? The only reason I went to the store was for a breakfast sandwich. My mother wasn't cooking breakfast; she was too busy with her work on Saturday at home. Now that I think about it, that four dollar sandwich wasn't worth the cold numbing pain.

Now I'm just stuck in the house, waiting for that storm to pass by. There is nothing on television and I of course can't go out to play! So I'm stuck here, with you journal. Hey at least it's cozy underneath my cover.

"Hey bro, can I come in." My younger brother knocked on my room door. My train of thought was suddenly ruined. My thoughts were flowing like a river but then Bam a rock blocks the flow. That rock being my brother and my thoughts the river.

I ignored him trying to get my ideas flowing again. Yet I couldn't concentrate, he kept on with his chronic banging and whining. I just held my ballpoint black pen; it quivering in my hand. I had no other choice; I had to talk to my younger brother

I really hated the thought of talking to him. He was such a pain in the arse. Whatever he did was either out to annoy me or was supposedly a mistake. He would complain over every little thing I did to him; whether it was poking him or even looking at him. Yet whenever he didn't go to mom, he usually came for me, why?

I drag myself out of my bed, only in pair of red pajamas and shirt. Throwing my sheet on my bed lazily; I felt a cold draft come from my window. Bare footed, I walk hesitantly towards the door. My teeth were grinding with each other out of stress. I didn't want to open the door at all.

Once I got to the door I put my hand on the cold knob. I inhale deeply and exhale slowly, trying my best to calm myself. I open the door and see my brother, staring up at me.

He was biting his lips as he looked up at me with wide eyes. I tapped my right quickly on my rugged floor, I hoped whatever he had to say; he says it quick because I had low patience with this kid.

"What is it?" I ask, my hands folded. He shifted lightly on his feet; he seemed to be looking for the right words to say. "Uh,well brother I found this in the kitchen; it's your-" "Just give it to me!" I said harshly, holding out my hand. He digs into his pocket pulling out my 3DS.

It was the Flame Red version in all its glory. It had this spectacular gloss to it and looked almost clean. There was no game in it but it was on, it's blue light blinking.

I was shocked, I had been looking for my 3DS for a week now and my brother of all people found. I knew what my brother was going to probably do; he was going to bargain my $190 system for something in return. That shock from before turned into anger, I despised the thought of bargaining with my own sibling.

"Okay, what do you want in return?" He looked at me as if I had 20 heads. "'In return'?" He looks at me confused. "Yea in return! Now what do you want?" I was really starting to lose my patience with this kid. "Big brother, I don't want anything in return."

I looked at him with a shocked look; I couldn't believe what he said. I blinked, thinking what he said was actually true. He, my own brother didn't want anything in return; this had to be some sort of joke. I just suspected he would bargain for something; anything in return. That kid had to be lying; he was always one to lie!

"Yea right, like your telling the truth! You want me to take you to the park or something right?" My sibling shook his head no and started speaking again. "No really, you can have your 3DS and you don't need to give me anything."

It sounded like he was actually telling the truth, but I still wasn't convinced. Though I only had two choices: One, take my system and leave him or two, don't take the system and have him keep it for now. I already knew what choice I was going to make.

"Alright I'll take it." I grab the system from his hand and turn around, my back facing him. I look at my 3DS with a smile but then all of a sudden I feel guilt tug at my heart. Why did I feel guilty all of a sudden? Was it because of my brother, but if it was, then why?

"Hey dude," I said, to get the attention of my brother. He was looking at the floor, twiddling his fingers before I caught his attention. "Why did you give me my 3DS back?" My back still faced him but I could I see his surprised expression at the corner of my eye.

"Well because were brothers. We may annoy each other and bicker a lot, almost all the time but were family!" What he said was cliché, like you heard it in almost every family friendly book or movie. It was like he read it out of a book but what he said was true. It was absolutely true.

I look at the 3DS, admiring it for what it was. I inhale and then exhale deeply. I knew what I had to do. I turn around and hold the system out to my brother. "Here, you can use it." It felt like fire on my tongue but I tried my best to hold the anger. From the quizzical look on my bro I could tell he was confused.

It was a hard decision for me. I wasn't accustomed to giving people my belongings; let alone my brother. But something in my gut told me to do it and I never went against my gut feeling. "Here take my 3DS before I change my mind!" I exclaim. He jumps a bit when I raised my voice.

He takes it from my hand and looks at me with a smile. "Thanks bro." He walks off, going into his own room. I sigh, something felt good for doing that. I couldn't explain what but it just felt good.

I return to my room, closing and locking the door behind me. I jump back into my and cover myself with my sheets. I was about to pick up my pen when someone knocked on my door. I sigh and drag myself out of the bed for the second time.