Daddy's Girl-


So I guess you're my enemy now
because I'll love him forever but
I won't sell my soul for him
like you, daddy's girl

You "good" Christian girls believe
just about anything that a nice boy
tells you, but at least I didn't go in
expecting so much

And honestly I can't imagine you
lying in his bed in the dark doing
all of those naughty things that
I did for him

At best he'll fuck you once
maybe twice, and go back to
ignoring you, but didn't you say
you believe in heaven?

It isn't his fault that he's just a boy;
not a god or a poet, he's just looking
for someone special but it isn't me and
it'll never be you

Everyone wants true love
but no one wants to work for it
and he'll leave you like he
left me, too

Keep giving me those dirty looks
like I used up something that was yours
I don't care and you should remember
that I got closer than you ever will

So if you still think it's worth it all
go ahead and be my guest
I loved him too, but I won't
sell my soul for him

Maybe in 10 years you, the good girl
will have cut her hair & started calling herself
a dyke, and began dating another woman

Or maybe you'll be the same, only older
a good Christian slut, backstabbing friends
with a cross resting where your heart used to be
no heart, like me, daddy's girl