Double standards

Fact of life

Don't fight it.

Accept it.

Harassment Agreement

Sign your name

Read it

Love it


Live it anyway

Follow the rules

Whether you approve or not

That's an adult

And you thought being a kid was hard

Now you know your real options

Only there's still no choice

Hours of meetings

(Budget, attendance,

Blood-borne pathogens,

Child abuse reporting)

Become Charlie Browns teacher

Promote, promote, promote!

Standards and policies

Inspire, don't enforce

(Except when it's your opinion against theirs)

Read the staff handbook

John Hancock on the bottom line

Give away all your rights

Or you earn back none

Register, resign, retire

If you can

Pray you avoid the bumps and ruts

Keep your nose clear

Avoid conflict

Slide on by on your smoothed out (self-sacrificial) waters

Background check, fingerprints, tests

Prove your record, prove your brain, prove your worth

When I was a child, I thought like a child

And no one told me the truth

That "adults" still act like a child

They just resign to their fate

Give up any chance for change

While a child never stops hoping for a better life

Call me foolish

Call me stupid

Call me young, rash, immature

For hoping

For doing

For daring

For changing

I will sign my name

On your dotted line

I will follow your rules

When they have a current purpose

But my soul is mine

And my mouth will not stay closed

You may not change

But you will hear me

It will count for something