What is love?

What is love without fear?

Fear of losing each other

What is love without tears?

Tears of far away lovers

What is love without you?

It's just a word and nothing true

Love is what I see in you

Every time we meet

Love is what that makes me love you stranger

And make me wanna confess my feelings

Wanna shout out loud now

Let you know how much I you

What is love? Is it a river?

No it's not it's something much greater

Which in the summer heat

Winter's cold and rain's storm

Make you miss her

Love is here and there

Love is everywhere

Some are just hidden waiting to come out

And some are floating in the air

Love is something you can't live without

It's like the need of oxygen under water

Love is a fire and a cold wind

Which will burn u then heal?

And will make you feel all kinds of strangeness

And will make you think you are in a mess