When I Was Fourteen

"Chase!" Carrie Flinn yelled over the roar of music. A boy who looked uncannily like her— blond hair, hazel eyes and a thin nose dusted with freckles— turned around. "Chase, can we get the hell out of here?"

"What do you want?" he yelled back. "I'm trying to listen to the concert!"

Carrie rolled her eyes and leaned her arms against the cool metal bar of the small balcony. She was with her brother, Chase, at a Metallic Lights concert, the band Chase loved and Carrie detested. They had quite amazing seats on a little metal balcony that hung just above the stage, so that anybody on stage could just reach up and swing him or herself over.

"Why am I here?" Carrie groaned.

Thankfully Chase was too busy cheering and taking pictures with his iPhone of the lead singer, J.P McCarthy, to notice. Carrie glanced down at Chase's idol.

There's nothing special about him, Carrie thought.

J.P was eighteen, had messy black hair that fell below his ears, he was wearing robes of metallic blue— the main outfit of Metallic Lights— and was clutching a blood red guitar and shouting into the microphone. Between choruses he would bend down toward the people beside the stage, which were mostly girls screaming shrilly, and high-five each of them in turn. Carrie suddenly grimaced when she and J.P made eye contact. She was the only one in the whole stadium who looked unhappy to be there. J.P suddenly smiled at her. It was a charming, simple smile that said, "I've got one hell of an ego," and it literally made her want to puke and/or throw something at him.

The lead singer of Metallic Lights grabbed the topmost bars and swung himself onto the edge of the balcony. Thousands of people kept screaming for J.P, even as he advanced on Carrie, still wearing that irritatingly calm smile. He was so close to Carrie she was able to see that one of his eyes was green and the other was blue.

"Why do you look sad, girl?" he said sweetly. "Would you feel better if I kissed you?"

Carrie opened her mouth to tell him to go harass somebody else, but J.P used that to his advantage. He grabbed the side of her face and covered her mouth with his. Some girls screamed with jealousy, others were gasping. Carrie angrily elbowed J.P in the ribs. He backed off, blinking at her confusedly.

"Don't touch me, you ass," she snarled, pushing him away from her.

J.P fell off the side of the balcony, but he flipped over with grace and elegance and landed like a cat back onto the stage. He glanced up at Carrie again, only to have her give him a look of pure loathing and quite a rude hand gesture.

"Let's go Chase," Carrie snapped, pulling her brother through the throng of people.

Lots of them kept trying to take Carrie and Chase's pictures with their phones, no doubt itching to post the news that J.P McCarthy had kissed somebody who wanted nothing to do with him on Twitter or Facebook.

"Hey, wait!" Chase cried as he was tugged away. "I PAID A LOT OF MONEY FOR THESE SEATS!"

That was two years ago.

A/N: Um hello, I'm Vampiyaa :)) some of you may know me from fan fiction .net , which i am tootally addicted to :P this is my first story, so please be lenient.