Scene 17

Carrie, I Love You

It was the next day, after J.P and Carrie had finished filming the new episode of Behind My Smile, on a cold morning. She and J.P had just woken up and had met up with each other in the dining room. Naturally, once again J.P wasn't wearing a shirt, and Carrie tried her best to avoid looking at his rather abdominal chest.

"Concert is today!" Carrie squealed. "Yay, I finally get to hear your song!"

J.P didn't answer; he looked sleep-deprived and sluggish. The night after J.P had had to kiss Carrie on set in front of everybody, J.P was the only one who didn't sleep a wink.

"Carrie, I want to kiss you again," he said suddenly.

Carrie blushed furiously and then mumbled, "You're drunk again, aren't you?"

"Yes," J.P lied, knowing full well that he was perfectly sober. "Can I kiss you again?"

"No," Carrie said embarrassedly, getting up out of her chair and stumbling off to find her script.

J.P followed her like a child wanting a toy. Once he had caught up with her, J.P threw his bare arms around her shoulders.

"God, you really screwed yourself up," Carrie muttered, dragging him over to the couch.

She sat him down gently on the cushions.

"Hey Carrie, d'you have any more weak spots?" J.P asked mischievously.

Carrie blanched and said, barely louder than a mumble, "Um, I don't know."

"Well, let's try to rule out the ones we already found," he smirked. "There's your neck… underneath your ear and your legs. Hm… not enough, I think."

Carrie was pulled closer by J.P, who began to snake his hand up the back of her shirt.

"Mm, wait, not there…" Carrie groaned, when he brushed his fingers over her shoulder blades.

"Found another one," J.P breathed in her ear. His hands travelled to her sides, and a gasp escaped her lips. "And another…"

J.P wrapped his hands around her waist and ran his fingers over her stomach, drawing forth a sigh from the back of her throat.

"Quit fooling around," Carrie breathed, but she couldn't help but sigh again when J.P responded by once again stroking her spine.

"Have I found all of them yet?" J.P whispered into her ear, eliciting a shudder that ran down her whole body.

"Yes, now knock it off," Carrie whined, but despite the fact she was ordering him to stop she straightened her back, allowing him to continue.

"What if I decide to keep teasing you?" J.P said, matching her whiny tone.

Carrie exhaled and turned around, denying him access to any of her weak spots.

"J.P, you're not wasted at all, are you?" Carrie said irritably.

J.P blinked innocently. Then he bent down low next to her ear and sang, in the same tune as before, "I love you, I love you, oh Carrie, I love you."

"When's your concert scheduled?" Carrie asked, pushing his bare shoulders back irritably.

"This afternoon," J.P answered, pulling her closer into his shirtless chest and ignoring her mew of protest. "I can't wait until you see your surprise!"

Despite J.P's earlier actions Carrie turned around and smiled at him.

"You know you never gave me that hint a couple of days ago," she said, remembering J.P's curious — and rather frightening — actions when she had asked for a hint. "Can you actually give me one this time?"

J.P cringed, thinking of a million ways to give her hints to his song, but he rejected those ideas and instead said lamely, "I already gave you, like, a million hints."

"No you didn't," Carrie pouted. "You just teased me a bunch of times and sang an improvisation. Speaking of which, you're really mean to do so. Can I have a real hint?"

Stop tempting me to, J.P thought bitterly. "I told you, it's not an improvisation! And I enjoy being mean, it's fun. Besides, those are hints too."

"Liar," Carrie muttered, crossing her arms and giving him a sour look. "Give me a real hint. Or I'll just have to start teasing you."

J.P froze, and his mismatched eyes narrowed at Carrie's smirk. He crossed his own arms and said, "And how do you propose you're gonna do that?"

"I have ways." Carrie smiled mischievously.

"Show me," J.P demanded.

He was confident Carrie couldn't possibly to anything to tease him.

But Carrie proved him wrong by leaning over close to J.P's face. J.P's heart leapt when he expected a kiss, but the kiss never came; instead Carrie tauntingly brushed her lips over his own, inching her face back slightly every time J.P tried to lean forward. J.P felt a stab of annoyance when he once again failed to kiss her, only receiving a light meeting of both of their lips, teasing him to want more.

"All right, you got me," J.P said irritably. "Now give me what you've been promising."

"Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I did this," Carrie said airily, ignoring his demand.

She ran her fingers up and down J.P's spine and on his back. J.P shuddered, sliding his bare arms over her shoulders to bring himself closer.

Is this what it feels like for Carrie? J.P wondered.

To J.P, the feeling of Carrie's fingers brushing over his back was euphoric, but at the same time it was teasing to J.P, causing him to want more. J.P shut his eyes and tried his hardest to block out temptation to push her down and make her his…

The phone rang shrilly, interrupting J.P's moment of content. He snatched the phone off the table and snapped, "What?"

"Hey, you better get down here," said Nate Summerfield into the phone. "They're having a bit of trouble with the seating arrangements, the smoke machines are completely broken and some guy on the lighting crew just quit."

J.P sighed and muttered, "Fine, I'll be there in a couple of minutes," before snapping his phone shut.

"Who was that?" Carrie asked, smiling at him.

J.P rumpled his hair irritably and said, "It was Nate. They're having trouble with a bunch of things."

Carrie bounced off the couch immediately and headed for the door. "Okay come on, let's go fix them! But you might want to put on a shirt on first."

She giggled and grabbed her cell phone, skipping out the door. J.P stood mesmerized, with his mouth open, for several minutes before he jerked awake and bustled off to find a shirt.

"Ah, good, you're here," said Nate, when Carrie and J.P stepped onto the stage.

All the equipment was set up and ready for J.P to make his special performance.

"All right, so first of all the seating arrangement thing," J.P said, scanning over the thousands of empty seats. "What's wrong with it?"

"We've only got about two thousand seats," Nate said. "But we're going to need another five hundred on the bottom row if we're going to fit everybody in."

"Why don't you just take out five hundred from the balcony up there?" Carrie suggested, pointing to the balcony above the stage. "Nobody on the balcony is going to use their seats anyway." Nate nodded and said happily, "Will do. All right, so the smoke machines are broken, and—"

"Nate, who included smoke machines in this performance anyway?" J.P said bitterly. "You know the genre of the song; it's not a rock song."

Nate shrugged and said, "I don't know, somebody suggested it. So, no more smoke machines. And about the lighting crew guy?"

"I could help!" Carrie said, beaming.

"Problem solved," J.P said quickly, grabbing Carrie's hand and pulling her away in case Nate decided to spill the beans about his song. "We'll meet you back here later, right now… we have stuff to do."

"We do?" Carrie said confusedly, but nevertheless allowed J.P to tug her behind the stage.

"Yes we do," J.P replied, pinning her to the wall. "You owe me one kiss."

Carrie smirked and said, "I owe you nothing; it was payback for breaking your promise about giving me a hint."

"I never broke my promise!" J.P insisted. "I've given you so many hints it's crazy! Now c'mere, I want a kiss."

"Why?" Carrie asked blankly. "I must be a really good kisser or something."

"Yes, yes you are," J.P laughed, leaning down to kiss her again.

Nate barged in on them immediately, causing Carrie to gasp and J.P to hiss angrily, "Pain… in… the… ass…"

"We're short one chair," Nate announced.

J.P shot him a livid look and snapped, "Who cares? Leave it alone."

Nate backed out of the room, looking offended.

"Don't be mean," Carrie said, poking him in the chest. "In the meantime, practice. My amazing lips will see you later when the concert starts."

"Don't think so," J.P said briskly. "You still owe me."

He bent down low and kissed her contentedly, extending the kiss that he had been longing for and sliding one hand over her face. J.P almost pulled away when it felt like… could it be… Carrie actually leaning into him?

"And now I'm going to tease the crap outta you when we get home," Carrie said, forcing a smile on her lips when he pulled away.

J.P couldn't help but smile a little.


Good, I loved it last time.

Carrie waved goodbye to J.P and bounced back onto the stage to say goodbye to Nate and maybe apologize. J.P felt a stab of nervousness about having Carrie at his concert. How would she take it?

"Hurry, come in, come in!" Nate shouted over the screaming of the fans.

Carrie had just arrived at the concert, stunned to see thousands of girls and boys her age, older and younger bouncing around in their seats. Nate and a pair of muscled bodyguards led her to the back of the stage, and on their way she bumped into Chase.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Carrie said confusedly.

Chase gave her a bitter look and said, looking quite sour, "McCarthy asked me to come. Says he's finally gonna make me understand something."

"Understand what?" Carrie asked, but Nate began pulling her to where are the lighting equipment and lighting crew were.

"Hi Carrie, big fan," said the apparent supervisor of the crew, shaking her hand vigorously. "So, all you have to do is keep checking the generator, and if the red light starts flashing just press this button real quick, okay? That will transfer power to the second generator in case the first blows a fuse or something."

"Got it, thanks," Carrie smiled, flushing at the prospect of meeting a fan and taking her place next to the generator.

The screaming from the audience suddenly got louder, and Carrie's heart leapt when she heard J.P's voice, amplified by the microphone.

"Hi, everybody, thanks for being here," he said, and Carrie pictured him flashing the audience a dazzlingly white smile.

She giggled at the thought.

"So, this is a very special performance tonight," J.P continued. "The moment this concert ends, my new single is going to air for everybody. But instead of making everyone here wait until after the concert… I'm going to sing my single for you after a couple of your favourites."

J.P sang shortened versions of his old songs, the ones Carrie used to detest but now thought they were beautiful. For the next hour Carrie monitored the generator, an enormous smile on her face blossoming as she continued to listen to J.P's songs.

"And now, the moment you've all been waiting for," said J.P dramatically, laughing.

Carrie heard screams of mirth from the audience, and Carrie herself felt like screaming. This was her surprise!

Beautiful chords from an acoustic and rhythmic pounds from a drum began the song, and Carrie smiled when J.P began to sing his song.

"I will always be around… you'll never have to be alone. And if you can't find your way I'll find you and bring you home…"

Carrie's smile vanished immediately. The tune of the song was the same tune J.P had sung to her before. Except that before he had sung different words…

I love you, I love you, oh Carrie, I love you.

"Your eyes are like diamonds, your laugh is like a song. Your lips are my haven. It'll never feel wrong, because…"

J.P held the note on a high, pure note. Carrie inhaled deeply and left her position to go watch from the side just as J.P began the chorus.

"Carrie, you are my whole world…"

Carrie's jaw dropped to the ground. J.P hadn't been lying.

"You are everything to me. Every time you catch me watching you I look away so you don't see. When I see you walking my way I hold my breath so I don't say…"

Carrie closed her eyes, shaking, and mouthed the words that J.P had said to her earlier just as J.P sang them. "I love you, I love you, oh Carrie, I love you."

Carrie suddenly noticed that Chase was standing a couple of feet away from her, looking about as dumbstruck about J.P's 'surprise' as Carrie. J.P by this point, however, was positively beaming while singing. The rest of his song described his forbidden love for her, and the constant wonder about how she felt about him. Carrie felt numb with shock.

J.P was in love with her.

Behind her the generator began to flash, and then suddenly just as J.P's song ended on the final note the fuse blew and the lights shut off immediately. The screams of joy from the crowd turned to screams of confusion and fear when the entire theatre was plunged into utter darkness. Carrie herself began stumbling through the darkness, tripping over several wires and hoping to find the generator again. Instead she smacked into somebody.

"Forgive me," she gasped, expecting it to be one of the lighting crew.

"Carrie?" yelled J.P over the chatter of the crowd.

Carrie felt his arms slid around her waist, and quite suddenly she found herself unable to come up with something to say, but she didn't have to.

"Carrie, I love you," J.P burst out, causing Carrie to flush. "I've probably loved you ever since I kissed you at my concert three years ago." J.P squeezed her tightly and said in her ear, "Tell me you love me, Carrie."

Carrie already knew her answer.

"J.P, I love y—" she began, but J.P didn't give her a chance to finish.

He dipped her body back and kissed her happily just as the lights switched back on. The audience screamed at the scene and Chase's jaw dropped.

"FUCK!" Chase shouted angrily, punching a hole through the wall and storming away, fuming.

Carrie and J.P, who had been lost in each other, suddenly realized that the lights were back on.

"Oh boy, that's a lot of people," Carrie choked out blankly.

J.P laughed, snatched the microphone off the stand and said, with his voice overflowing with happiness, "Sorry for the technical problems, ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to introduce Carrie, my beautiful girlfriend."

Carrie didn't have time to flush, for in front of everybody J.P bent down and kissed her, causing the audience to go crazy. J.P pulled away and leaned into his microphone again.

"Thank you everybody, you've been wonderful," he said happily, grabbing Carrie's hand and pulling her off the stage.

As they passed, the lighting crew clapped and wolf-whistled teasingly, and Nate actually cheered.

"Carrie—" Chase started to say, but Carrie turned away from him.

She wouldn't let him spoil her moment. J.P pulled her into the limo and closed the door.

"Drive," he said happily, swooping down and kissing his girlfriend.

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