It was midnight. Bryce stole one of his father's beer bottles before he walked into his backyard. The interior blue lights lightened the pool's water. Since it was the beginning of December, the weather reached a different level of cold.

He sat on the nearest beach chair and started to think about how his family had changed since they moved to Canada. His thirteen-year-old sister had lost her accent, his mother had rapidly gained a promotion, and his dad had recently published his tenth novel and it was doing a great job at the market.

A sound made Bryce turn. He wasn't sure where it came from or what it was, but he knew it wasn't from inside his house. Growling, he popped open the bottle and took a big gulp from the cold beverage.

He stood up and started to walk around his pool.

The sound appeared again, this time closer. Bryce stopped his walking and looked around. Nothing. He headed towards the wooden fence and checked if the noise was coming from the neighbor's yard. Still Nothing.

"Okay, whoever you are, this does not scare me…just letting you know…" His voice spoke loud. He resumed his walking as he took another mouthful of beer.

When he sat on the chair again, a silver arrow passed right in front of him and missed, hitting a nearby basketball.

Bryce tried to figure out where the arrow had come from, but it was all covered by shadows and the only light he was getting was the one from the pool.

Another arrow was shot, this time hitting Bryce's beer bottle, breaking it in his hand. "Who the hell are you?!" Nobody answered, "Why don't you come and fight me, huh?! I'm not scared of you!" Oh, but he was. His hands were shaking and his thoughts were filling up with terror. Fear was consuming him, he wanted to go back inside but that would only prove him a coward, and how bad will that look on him? Especially since his friends were Scott and Lance, the Cursed Children's bravest teens.

He reached for his pocket but it was empty, his blade was in his room. Footsteps were heard, light, so light they were almost unnoticed. Everything the person wore was as black as shadows that had hid him. His face was obscured by the hoody, but even if it didn't cover it, he wore a mask that only disguised the top part of his countenance.

The person grabbed an arrow and placed it on his bow, ready to shoot. "Where is she?"

Bryce wasn't sure if what he was listening right, he was certain more than three voices were speaking at once. "I-I don't know what you're trying to say…"

His hand pulled the string of the bow further away, "Where is Czarina Evergreen?"

"S-She has a c-cousin named R-Riley, he should know."

"I know your so-called group has been stalking her, you people also want her as much as I do, so don't try to make me stupid."

"I don't know where she is at the moment." He stepped backward.

"Kid, I'm losing my patience."

"Why do you want to know, anyways? You want to kill her just like us? Or you want to protect her just like the traitor of the Kraken is doing at the moment?"

"My business with Evergreen is none of your concern."

"Does that mean you're sparing my life?"

"No, I need you dead to make my name official."

"What?" That was the last word Bryce ever said before the boy shot his arrow to his victim's neck. It was a horrible death, blood spilling from both his neck and mouth. His eyes were as blank as a white sheet of paper before it's written on.

He pulled out his brand new camera, and took his first picture. After that, he removed the SD card and placed it inside a small plastic bag. When he was done, he whistled.

In a few seconds, a sparrow hawk appeared and landed on top of Bryce's corpse. Before he hung the small bag, on the eagle's collar, he inserted a paper he had written before committing his crime that said, "Greetings, from Buteo Worthington."