Chapter 8

Blake combined some more white with grey to create a lighter hue. He dipped the brush into the small bottle and began to shade the old man's hair.

"What are you trying to do?" His art teacher, Ms. Flynn, asked.

"The stereotypical image of Hades."

"It's very impressive, congratulations." She turned to look at Czarina's art; she was painting a girl in the beach.

"That's nice, Evergreen."

"Thanks." And when she saws the teacher walk away she talked again, "There's finally a new teacher who has replaced Mercury, you know."

"Yeah, I saw him while walking to my Literature class."

"He seems weird."

"Weird? How?"

"Forget it."

Without taking his eyesight from his canvas Blake spoke, "Hey, I was wondering if for the Christmas Break you'd like to come with me to Quebec City."

"Sure, but what am I going to tell my dad?"

"Don't worry I already talked to him."

"When did that happen?"


"How the hell did you get him to agree?"


"Of course, why wouldn't you…"

"Anybody who is considered a major or minor God can do it."

The door opened and a never before seen boy walked in. His eyes were a bright green, and his dark brown hair reached the middle of his neck. He carried nothing but a red composition notebook and blue lead pencil.

"Is this art?" He asked softly but nobody, except for the teacher turned to look at him.

Ms. Flynn smiled brightly, "Yes, who's asking?"

He, shyly, extended his hand, "Bradley Washington, senior, my parents moved from Thompson, Manitoba a few weeks ago, and they barely registered me."

"Ah…so what placed you in Art IV?"

"As my parents like to say, I'm a very talented artist." Bradley opened his notebook and showed her the first page: A pencil sketched Ferrari car. The art teacher raised her eyebrows; he was a very impressive artist.

"This is very nice…Hey, how would you feel about joining the art competition for this month? I'm sure you'll do some pretty good pencil drawings."

For the first time since he arrived, he smiled and nodded, "Sure, I'm sure it'd look great in my curriculum for the final high school year."

"It will, believe me." She had liked his response, not many students joined the cause for their own scholar benefits.

After that, he took a seat on an empty table. Looking around, he noticed a boy and a girl laughing. He could notice the guy's face but couldn't see the brunette girl, wearing a white shirt. Why did she want to look at her? Who knew…

"Czarina?" Blake said lowly.

"What?" Her laughing faded away.

"I don't want you to be so obvious about what I'm about to tell you." She nodded in response and he continued, "There's a kid looking at you weirdly."


He placed the brush inside the small bottle of white. "Yup."

"Wait," She placed her paint brush on the side, and turned around. When she turned, Bradley noticed how pretty she was and it shocked him.

She headed to Bradley's direction. Stopping next to his side, she grabbed the green paint. "New kid?"

Bradley nodded. He extended his hand, "Washington."

"Washington?" She took his hand and shook it.

"Bradley Washington, twelfth grader, what about you?"

"Czarina Evergreen, freshman."

"Pleasure meeting you."

They smiled at each other for the first time. It made it official for her; this Bradley guy may just mean something for her.

"What do you draw?" He asked.

"Anything…from real people to anime."

"Anime? That's cool. I've never known anybody who could do that." He ripped a page of his notebook and gave it to her, "Can you draw me as an anime?" His smile was so tempting it'd be really stupid for her to say no.

"Yeah, but can you give me a moment?"

His nod was all she needed for her to stand up and head in Blake's direction. She grabbed his wrist and turned him around, "What." He said a bit annoyed by what she had done.

"Tell me; is there something wrong with him?"

"What do you mean?"

"Is Bradley a Titan-Blood or a Hunter…something?"

Blake quickly glanced at Bradley and looked at Czarina, "No, he's just a boring human."

"Are you sure?"

"More than sure."

"Thank you."

"Don't worry about it."

He was human; he was possibly going to be the only normal thing in her life. Well, Jesse wasn't really considered normal since Zoë had involved him into the Greek stuff by telling him that her grandmother was Hera.

She sat next to Bradley, grabbed a pencil and the page he had given him. She started off with the face. Outlining his perfect jaw and his attractive smile. She worked of the animated eyes for a while before she moved to his dark brown hair. Making the curves of the locks of hair that covered parts of his forehead. Her hand moved below his chin to start on his neck, then his shoulders, to his muscular arms. He was irresistible, but not as much the blond guy from the café.

"You're a fast artist." His voice was suddenly filled with confidence and a small amount of seductiveness. "Impressive." It was definite; he was trying to flirt with her.

With her cheeks reddening, she looked at her paper. "Do you want it colored?"

"Sure, why not."

"Then, I'll have to give it to you tomorrow."

"That's fine with me, as long as I get to talk to you once again."

The red color in cheeks increased, "Yeah, this was a very nice conversation. The bell rang and Bradley stood, "Until tomorrow then, Czarina."


It was official; Czarina Evergreen had a crush on the new boy, Bradley Washington.