My Beloved Music

Oh, my beloved music, what have you done? You used to be so cool, hip and hot. Now, you're not! You have let yourself go. Let your tape just fall right out of the cassette. And you 8 track…What the hell? How could you die out so fast?

My dear records, I still love you even when you're scratched and don't play very well. And radio, where have you put my favorite songs that you use to play ever so much? I swear they no longer exist.

Dear CD's, you are my only hope. At least I can rip you! And walkman…After going through 8 pairs of headphones you decide to retire! Fine, no more walking with you, holding hands as we go down the road.

Mr. Ipod is so attractive but so expensive. I guess I will be forced to find another walking buddy, something called an MP3 player. Sounds so cool…Like the when "Boom Box" was hip and…Loud.

I can once again look forward to my evening constitutional walk with the joy and comfort of an MP3 player. Just gotta figure out how to turn the darn thing on!