Chapter 27

The bottle popped and the small group cheered tiredly, eagerly holding out their glasses for the bubbling champagne. Alayne poured them all full and set the empty bottle to the side, holding up her glass for a toast.

"To a successful first show! Congratulations, Qwin, and welcome into the world of sales!" she teased. Everyone cheered and Qwin took a little bow. Glasses clinked and champagne was either sipped or downed, in Qwin's case, gulped fully.

"How many did he sell?" Sundown asked curiously.

Alayne hummed and pulled out her phone, pulling up her list. "Five! And at decent starting prices. Not a bad start at all," she said, smiling broadly.

"Clink!" said Qwin, feeling all the wine. He sipped the remaining drop from his glass and looked at it sadly.

Heather giggled. "I'm so excited for you, Qwin. Your art is so beautiful."

He smiled sweetly. "Thank you, Heather."

Sundown wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him close, nuzzling his hair and softly whispering, "I'm proud of you." Qwin blushed and smiled.

Small celebration had and out of the way, everyone decided it was well past time to head home and made for their individual vehicles. Heather and Ken bid Qwin and Sundown goodbye, insisting that plans needed to be made to get together again soon. Tipsy as he was, they left Qwin's car at the gallery, and Sundown drove them home, a quick ten minute trip.

They lived in the downstairs half of a duplex, and a nice one to boot. It was large, two bedrooms and one full bath with a decent living room, dining area, and a kitchen. The basement was even finished off, giving them plenty of extra space that they had permission to use, as well as laundry, which was the biggest seller. When Sundown had first found the place during his second year, it had been the top half that had been available, and with all the perks and the great price, he eagerly moved in. Qwin joined him shortly thereafter and a couple weeks later their downstairs neighbors, a wonderful young couple, suggested they swap. They still joked over the reasons, often having dinner together or spending time out in the nice yard over a fire and some drinks.

It was a beautiful place, in a beautiful neighborhood, and it was home. Qwin yawned as he climbed from the car and marched up the back porch steps. The light was on as usual, making it that much easier for him to slip the key in the lock and make his way in. Sundown followed closely, semi-worried that Qwin would trip over something and hurt himself. They stepped into the kitchen, neat and organized as usual, and kicked off their shoes, Sundown hanging the car keys and Qwin already eagerly starting to strip.

"I'm taking a shower. You can't stop me," Qwin grumbled sleepily as he wandered into the hall. The bedrooms were separated by the bath, Qwin slipping into the front room they shared to undress and gather casual sweats. Sundown couldn't help but watch him, already feeling a familiar stirring in his belly, and when Qwin looked back at him he smirked. "No, you have to wait."

Sundown chuckled, throaty and predatory. "Can I join you?"



"Because I don't feel like shower sex," said Qwin with a cheeky grin as he pushed past Sundown, practically naked, and slipped into the bathroom. Sundown watched his every move, pants already tightening, and he growled when the door shut. It was part of the game, he knew. As much as Qwin loved to be dominated, he was always fully in control, from the moment they started to the moment they held each others trembling body in their arms. Sundown loved it.

He wandered into the bedroom and got out of his own clothing, careful with the special occasion garments, sliding them back onto their hangers and setting them aside for dry cleaning. He did the same with Qwin's, carelessly tossed onto the bed, and grinned when he thought about it. Qwin was meticulous about everything but his clothing. The house could be spotless, everything in its place, but his clothes would be all over the bedroom.

Comfortably changed, Sun wandered back into the kitchen for a vitamin and a bite to eat, enjoying the familiarity and comfort of finally being home. He enjoyed traveling for his job, but loved being home. Fishing out some leftovers, a cold container of well-seasoned pasta, he moved into the living room and turned the TV on low, munching away as Qwin relaxed in the shower. Thinking of the naked man, dripping wet and shrouded in steam did nothing for his comfort, and Sundown quickly grew impatient. He finished his pasta and turned everything off, wandering into the kitchen to wash the container and rinse out his mouth. Gum was required as he didn't have a tooth brush and wasn't about to wait for Qwin to be done to brush his teeth. As soon as his naked Adonis strolled into the room, he intended to throw him down and have his way with him, pasta flavored champagne kisses and all.

Lights off, he marched past the bathroom, lingering just long enough to hear Qwin climbing out of the shower, and made for the bedroom. He tossed the blankets back on the neatly made bed and crawled in briefly, letting the cool cotton tease his skin, inhaling deeply that familiar scent that made his cock throb with desire. Three months had been entirely too long.

The bathroom door opened and Sundown sat up, turning his dark gaze down the hall, letting his black eyes come to rest on the shimmering skin of his lover, wrapped in nothing but a towel. He growled without realizing it and Qwin's own eyes instantly darkened. His hair dripped, stringy and sultry down his face and over his shoulder, long strands teasingly resting just above his nipples, beads of water rolling down those hardened nubs and over a newer addition. Dark ink against pale skin covered a good portion of his right pectoral in incredibly intricate designs. Qwin had designed it himself, insisted Sundown's name was hidden amongst the details, but a year later and Sundown still hadn't found it.

He was on him in an instant, Qwin growling as Sundown slammed him back into the wall and molded their lips together, kiss fiery hot, hands eagerly stroking over damp skin, feeling every inch of him. Qwin moaned wantonly at the desperately missed sensations, pushing his fingers through dark hair, scratching lightly at Sundown's back, pulling him closer. Sundown just moaned and grabbed Qwin's ass, lifting him until he was off his feet, thighs gripping his hips, and held him to the wall with his body, feeling hard heat against his own, the towel irrelevant. He dragged lips across Qwin's jaw and throat, loving the scratchy feel of stubble against his lips and tongue as he bit and sucked and kissed. Qwin just moaned, subtly guiding, reveling in the hot hands massaging over his sides and legs.

"God, I want to fuck you," Sundown huffed, voice thick and husky. Qwin snickered and he smirked, blushing.

"Are you going to try dirty-talking again?" Qwin teased.

"I'm sorry I suck at it,"said Sundown, chuckling.

"I'm not sorry you suck it,"Qwin rumbled, his grin dangerous. Sundown growled and kissed him hard, a full sweep of tongues, owning him completely until the grin was gone. He slowly placed him back on his feet and descended his body, biting and sucking his way down, taking a moment to delicately trace the intricate black lines of the tattoo with his tongue. Qwin's stomach, while still flat and smooth, was softer and fleshier than his stripping years and Sundown loved nibbling, loved the patchy blond hair that dusted it and trailed down from his bellybutton. He tugged the towel away fully, grinning when Qwin's cock sprung up and bumped his chin.

"So you want me to suck it?" Sundown asked, voice almost innocent. He dragged his tongue up the underside, tasting soap and water and just a hint of sweat. Qwin shuddered beneath his hands, letting out a shaky, desperate moan, green eyes dark with desire, watching his every move. Sundown hummed, gazing up at him as he licked and twirled his tongue around the tip, watching the way Qwin's face flushed, plump lips open and panting, eyes dark and watching every motion so intently. He closed his lips around the tip and pushed down, swallowing until gold fuzz tickled his nose and lips, letting his throat work around the intrusion for as long as he could, just to hear Qwin's strangled keens, feel desperate fingers against his scalp, in his hair. He choked and pulled back, dragging in a breath and sitting back a moment for an involuntary cough. Qwin touched his face in concern, but Sundown shot him a look and swallowed down again, relishing the throaty moans from his lover.

Popping up briefly, Sundown moistened his fingers and quickly sucked Qwin back in, reaching under to gently rub and prod at the tight ring of muscle, grinning around Qwin's cock when the man gasped and shivered, rotating his hips expectantly. Sundown moaned and easily slid a finger past, Qwin keening, his hands scrabbling against wall and shoulders and hair. Sundown sucked and arched his finger, rubbing briskly as he bobbed his head slowly, pressure intense. Qwin cried out and his knees nearly buckled, Sundown quickly hauling a leg over his shoulder to keep him upright.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Qwin whimpered, body thrumming with pleasure, mind foggy. Sundown growled and pulled away, struggling to his feet and ignoring the ache in his knees.

"If you insist," he hissed, voice thick and rumbling. Qwin moaned as he was grabbed and turned, pushed roughly against the wall. Sundown pushed his sweats down just far enough, his weeping cock springing free. He gave himself a good couple strokes, using his knee to spread Qwin's legs, a hand finding long, wet strands. He wrenched Qwin's head back, biting the junction of shoulder and neck, and moaned as he forced into his lover's tight body.

Qwin's gasp was semi-pained, his body stiffening, alerting Sundown to his discomfort, and he wrapped a hand around his waist, gentle where his other was rough. He stroked his lower belly soothingly, bites turning into kisses, but when he loosened his hold on his hair, Qwin growled, and Sundown quickly tightened his hold again, wrenching his head back for good measure. Qwin moaned in answer and Sundown felt a tremor ripple through him. He pulled his hips back and snapped them forward.

"Uhn, yes!" Qwin groaned through the rough treatment, grinning at Sundown's answering huff of pleasure. He reached down and twinned his fingers with Sun's, his other hand reaching back to fist thick, black hair, but the lack of support slammed him awkwardly into the wall with each thrust, both of them reaching out quickly to prevent it. Qwin chuckled and Sundown nibbled his ear. "We' clumsy," he managed through the rough motions, panting heavily.

Sundown smiled and slowed, released Qwin's hair in favor of running his hands over his chest, pulling flush against him and holding him tight as he peppered kisses to his shoulder. "I think you watch too much porn and have unrealistic expectations," he teased.

Qwin laughed and turned his head for a kiss, shivering at the slow thrusts. "You kidding? Porn is always a huge disappointment." Sundown smiled and kissed him again. "I don't know how much longer I can stand," he confided softly, almost sad.

"Good thing we have a bed," Sundown teased.

"Dork," Qwin giggled. He gasped when Sundown slid out, body shuddering briefly from the sensation, and let his bronze lover guide him into the bedroom. There was no lack of kisses on the way and Qwin relaxed back into the bed as Sundown settled atop him, moaning happily at the weight and the heat. He never used to like his partners laying on top of him until Sundown. Now it was one of his favorite sensations.

"Gods, I missed you," Sundown sighed out, squeezing Qwin tight and pressing firm pecks everywhere he could.

"Nn, these three month excursions aren't going to become regular things, are they?" he asked, massaging his hands up and down Sundown's back as the man practically gave him a full body massage.

"Mm, no. They shouldn't, anyway. The woman who usually handles things was on maternity leave, is all. She requested me because apparently I'm just that good," he said, giving a cocky grin.

Qwin chuckled. "You're that good at many things." Sundown hummed and tugged at him a moment and Qwin gasped softly as he slid back in, moaning happily as his eyes fluttered shut and he relaxed back into the bed. Sundown groaned and pushed up to his hands, getting a little rougher with his thrusts, just the way Qwin liked it. Qwin moaned approvingly. He reached up and grabbed at Sundown's hair again, holding tight as he leaned up and stole a kiss. "Sundown, fuck me like you mean it," he teased. The results were exactly what he wanted.

Sundown growled at the command and felt his body respond accordingly as he shifted his weight, grabbing a fistful of Qwin's hair and wrenching his head back forcefully. Qwin moaned happily, his own grip tightening, nails digging into Sundown's shoulder and lighting fire all down his spine. He thrust harder, the answering cry less controlled, and grinned as the headboard slammed the wall a couple of times. He leaned in and bit at Qwin's throat, hard enough to leave red welts. He made certain it was hard enough, knowing Qwin would check later. Bite marks were a kink he'd developed over the years, so Sundown obliged when he was especially randy.

Qwin moaned at the fire racing through his nerves from his scalp and the teeth at his throat, mixing perfectly with the burst of pleasure that spiked through him every time Sundown's cock stabbed at his prostate. He was more sensitive than usual, having gone so long without his lover and the looming show putting the needs of his body out of his mind. Everything felt so amazing he never wanted it to end, but wasn't sure how much longer he'd last.

As if sensing how near he was, Sundown paused and grabbed him and suddenly Qwin was straddling him, staring down at his panting bronze god through foggy eyes. He shivered a moment and glared down at him as he tried to convince his limbs to listen. Sundown knew he couldn't come like this, and he could see what the man was thinking.

"Fucker," Qwin rumbled, and he rolled his hips, relishing the look that crossed Sundown's face.

"Uhn, didn't think I'd let you off that easy, did you?" Sundown huffed, thick voice making Qwin shiver. He grinned at how unsteady Qwin was, sliding his hands up and down his chest before he grabbed his hips to aid his motions. He'd known Qwin was close, but not that close. Sundown moaned as Qwin sped up, watching his penis smack against his abs as he lifted and dropped his hips, Qwin emitting soft, keening moans. Sundown trailed his fingers gently over the tip and Qwin swore, body shuddering around him.

"So fucking sexy," Sundown whispered. Qwin grinned.

They stayed in the position for a time, Qwin alternating between a rolling grind and lifting, Sundown drawing out desperate and surprised cries on occasion by thrusting upwards, sliding across his prostate, until Qwin was nearly sobbing, body shaking as he panted, cock red and weeping.

"Please...uhn, fuck, Sundown, please, I can't, I need..." Qwin begged. Sundown growled and grabbed his hips slamming him down and grinding up, shivering at the deep and desperate moan as he sat up and molded their mouths together in a deep kiss. Qwin's lips quivered against his own and Sundown eased him back onto the bed once more, taking a moment for him to relax. Qwin gazed up at him through foggy eyes and Sundown stole another kiss letting it linger a moment and grinning at Qwin's smile. He pulled a leg over his shoulder, started slow, and Qwin growled at him demandingly. Sundown just hummed and went slower, pressing a teasing kiss to the inside of his ankle..

"Ugh, fuck me!" Qwin growled, smacking his shoulder.

Sundown chuckled. "Yeah, I like it rough."

"Asshole," Qwin spat grinning anyway. Sundown laughed and leaned down again, pressing a hot kiss to his lips. He stared down at Qwin, black eyes dark with desire, and Qwin shivered. Hot fingers closed around Qwin's throat and he moaned wantonly as Sundown slammed into him again, over and over, the bed bouncing against the wall once more.

Fingers squeezed his wrist, nails dug into his shoulder, and Sundown watched Qwin closely, his own pleasure building. He watched Qwin's flush increase, saw a tremble rip through him, and squeezed harder right before Qwin's breath hitched and his body went rigid. The pressure was blinding and Sundown moaned as his own orgasm tore through him, eyes watching pearly drops splatter against twitching abs, Qwin's entire body spasming from the intensity. Sundown relaxed his hand, Qwin gasping in a breath, and thrust slowly through their pleasure, panting heavily as Qwin jerked and clung to him.

"Sundown," Qwin whispered softly as he trembled, voice thick and shaky. Sundown hummed and eased down beside him, still firmly in place, holding Qwin as best he could in the awkward position. It felt so perfect, just lying there, Qwin limp and sated in his arms, cool air pressing in on them, both still so flushed. Sundown pressed a kiss to his lover's forehead, breathing deep the scent of his shampoo and nuzzling blond locks as Qwin sighed and fully relaxed in his arms.

"You okay?" he whispered, running a gentle thumb over Qwin's cheekbone.

"Mhm," Qwin mumbled. He forced his eyes open, taking in the face of his beautiful lover, and kissed Sundown's palm.

Sundown smiled. "Sorry I tortured you."

"Nn, you will be," he grumbled. Sundown laughed and Qwin chuckled with him, too boneless to manage much else. He shifted, enjoying the full feeling, but stuck on a grimace just the same. "Ew."

"What?" Sundown asked, pecking Qwin on the end of the nose.

"You came in my ass."

Sundown snickered. "I usually do."

"Perv." Sundown laughed, and the vibrations made him shift, causing Qwin to gasp and shift away, painfully sensitive. "Ah, out."

"Sorry, sorry," Sundown said quickly, slowly and carefully easing out. He pulled Qwin close and the man grunted, nuzzling into his neck.

"That was absolutely amazing," Qwin mumbled, voice muffled against Sundown's skin.

"Mhm." They were silent a moment, resting in each other's arms, and Sundown sighed, pressing a kiss to Qwin's forehead. "So … your mother …"

"Aw, you have to bring that up now? All the good feelings, they're out the window," Qwin whined mockingly. He rolled over and slowly sat, Sundown crawling after him as he stood and made his way into the bathroom.

"I'm just surprised, that's all. I mean … you haven't heard from them in so long," he said, holding Qwin's retrieved towel as Qwin started another shower.

"Oh, you're surprised? I thought I was fucking dreaming," he said, grabbing Sundown and tugging him into the shower.

"I don't think she liked me," Sun mumbled, shivering as the hot spray hit his skin.

"Of course not, you're a man and not-white," Qwin shrugged. Sundown hummed and nodded and Qwin brushed fingers through his black hair, distributing water and slicking it back. Sun crooned. "I told her we were practically married, though."

"We are practically married," Sundown said matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, that's why I told her. Think she might be crying somewhere," he said. Sundown hummed and kissed him softly, gently rubbing water from his skin. "Clingy," Qwin smirked.

Sundown chuckled. "Do you want to try and repair your relationship?" he asked sincerely.

Qwin sighed and went quiet as he thought about it, letting Sundown pet and caress him, smooth soap over his skin and wash away their play. He did and he didn't. It had been difficult trying to move past the loss of his parents, to work through having been thrown from his house with nothing but a backpack and his savings. More than a decade had them feeling like strangers, their place now completely filled by Sundown and Penelope and all the wonderful friends he had made. He already knew attempting to mend things with his mother would bring back unnecessary pain and memories, that it might not succeed at all and he'd be wasting time and energy for nothing, but a part of him almost wanted to share how amazing his life had become, to show her that her "faggot" son had grown into a successful man.

"I don't know," he finally mumbled. He honestly didn't.

Sundown nodded in understanding. He knew exactly how Qwin felt, having gone through similar with Dawn when she'd found him. They'd been able to mend their relationship, but in that instance they'd both had something in common, a common goal in Penelope. Qwin's relationship with his mother was completely different. "I'll support you, whatever you choose, you know that."

"I know." Qwin sighed. "I guess ... Well, I told her to call me tomorrow. So … if she does … is that a good place to start?" He was honestly unsure and looked at Sundown with so much confusion.

Sundown smiled softly and pushed a strand of hair from his face. "If she does call, I'd say that means she's serious about wanting to try to fix things. After that it's up to you. You could sit down and talk and decide from there. She'll either show you that she wants to accept it, or she'll remain against it. But whatever happens, I'm here."

"I know you are," said Qwin, giving him a bored look. Part of him wanted Sundown to be angry, against him talking to his parents, so he could have an excuse.

Sundown grinned. "I love you."

"Yeah, yeah."

They finished their shower and headed tiredly for their bed, eagerly crawling in and tugging up the sheet against the coolness, wrapping their arms around each other and knowing instantly it would be the best sleep either of them ever had.

Qwin sighed as he rest against Sundown, playing with the silver ring laying on his chest, supported by the chain around his neck. It was identical to Qwin's, a plain silver band, but Sundown had had Qwin engraved on the inside, a task Qwin himself had yet to complete for his own.


"Hmm?" Sundown hummed, half asleep.

"I love you."

Sundown sighed and shifted, folding around him in a possessive hug, warm and safe. "I love you, too," he whispered sleepily.

"When can we go to Canada so I can be Qwin Evans?" Qwin whispered back.

"Never, I get to be Sundown Richardson," Sundown mumbled in retort. Qwin chuckled and Sundown smiled, pressing a kiss to his lover's lips.