A/N: Another "no caps" poem. This one's older, and kind of whimsical. Enjoy.

i never wanted a pony

i was once
a seven-year-old girl
but i can honestly say
that i never wanted a pony.
i wanted a red dress
but now that i'm older
i have to wonder
if that was for myself
or for the boys
who would have liked
to see it only
to rip it off.

i haven't had nice nails
since god knows when
because i'm cannibalistic enough
to chew them to shreds.
and most starry nights
i'm either asleep
or scribbling my lonely heart
out while sitting
on my bed sheets.

i don't look up
at a dark sky
and think it's romantic,
i look up and wonder
how many inches
i am from the stars.
and i don't have
to see revived babies
to believe in miracles,
i just have
to know that someone
who is everything i am not
lives under the same sun
that i do.