You've probably never heard of the hidden islands. Not many people have. Even fewer believe in them. The hidden islands are striking and irreplaceable; I believe that the things that go on here need to be documented, whereas others would believe they ought to be forgotten. I am going to write this book in English since it is one of the best known languages in the world, I very much doubt many of you reading speak Darajin.

The hidden islands: four tiny islands in the middle of the Bermuda triangle.

'Girl, 'said a voice coming from the shadows, it was deep, smooth and calm.
'Yes, sir,' replied girl.
'Find her,'
'Find who? Sir,'
'You have two guesses,'
Girl didn't reply.
'And if you don't guess correctly...' the voice paused, waiting for girl to answer.
'I die,' Girl replied simply.

Monday 4th May 1992

The classroom was filled with a group of bored looking boys and girls. There where posters on the wall attempting to convince students that school is amazingly fun, of course they failed at this. It was halfway through ancient studies; the class was having a discussion on Geoffrey Hartley, the man who practically wrote the book on sparks and elements. 'Next week you will be writing an essay on him,' said the elderly female teacher, the class groaned. Aisling just sat and stared out the window. She twisted a lock of darkish pink hair around her finger and her golden eyes looked back to her school books. Abbie wasn't at school, again. Aisling was getting worried. Abbie doesn't get sick, and she certainly doesn't skip school. That's just not like her. It was strange how no one else seemed to notice Abbie's absence. It was almost as if they had forgotten she existed. Aisling racked her brains, trying to remember if Abbie said anything about missing school recently. Just as Aisling was about to hit her head against the wall in frustration, Abbie walked in.

She apologized for being late and took her seat next to Aisling, everyone acted like this was perfectly normal. Abbie, the year 9 school student leader, never gets sick, never misses school, and is certainly never late, walks into school halfway through 3rd period. And no one even batted an eyelid. Abbie looked down at her books allowing her long red hair to hide her face. What the hell's going on? 'Where have you been?' whispered Aisling.
'What are you talking about?' replied Abbie, looking up so Aisling could see her soft pink eyes.
'You haven't been at school for four days and then you walk in halfway through a lesson, you're Abbie, you don't do that,' whispered a very confused Aisling. She got no reply. 'Are you feeling all right?' asked a boy sitting on the other side of Aisling. No, thought Aisling as she nodded to the boy, I'm certainly not feeling all right. 'Why were you late?' yet again she received no reply. Aisling looked at Abbie, something wasn't right, Abbie wasn't herself. She was ignoring Aisling; Abbie doesn't ignore anyone, let alone her best friend. Also her eyes were emotionless like she'd been brainwashed. No, it was more like she'd been controlled.