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"One, and two, turn and stop!"

There was a resounding thump as a couple dozen feet stamped on the ground in completion. "Alright, that's a wrap!"

Cecil turned to smile at his pupils. All of them, including him, were a sweaty mess. But it was a good day, they got in a lot of work, and made a lot of progress. Most of them breathed tired thanks to him, others were so tired they simply raised a hand in acknowledgment. He didn't mind. He'd rather they be too tired to say two words than disappointed at the lack of work.

"Hey Cecil!" A high pitched voiced called out to him from the other side of the studio.

It was one of his younger dancers, a young teenager who had showed up a couple of months ago. Cecil normally didn't like taking in anyone under sixteen, but the boy had harassed him for weeks on end, so he gave in. It turned out that it was for the better. The boy was a natural. He came to a running halt in front of Cecil, pausing for a minute to catch his breath.

Cecil waited patiently; he knew how much a hard day of training could take out of you. "Eli! How may I help you?"

"There's a guy outside who wants to talk to you." Eli managed out between gasps. "He said he's from some sort of newspaper!"

Cecil felt his heart skip a beat. He'd only been interviewed once before, and that was back when he'd first opened the studio. He hadn't expected to hear from any sort of press once the novelty of the studio died down. He gave a huge smile to Eli, and patted him on the back, "Thanks. I'll go check it out. Don't forget to stretch and drink some water."

It was all he could do not to skip over to the only person who looked like he didn't belong in the studio. He was very clean cut, with a jacket and tie despite the heat, sleek black hair parted neatly down the side, and thick rimmed glasses that screamed 'corporate'. He didn't give off that relaxed, easy going vibe that almost every here had. He looked stiff, and slightly uncomfortable.

Cecil grabbed a towel from a nearby rack and quickly wiped off the majority of his sweat before walking over to the man. "Hello there." He greeted warmly, holding out his hand.

Much to his surprise, the man quickly grasped it, "Oh good evening sir! My name is Brian McHill, it's very nice to finally meet you!"

Cecil blinked, startled at the sudden change in the man's demeanor, and returned the smile. "It's nice to meet you too, Brian. What brings you over here?"

Brian let out a large laugh, as if Cecil had just made a joke, "Oh, I'm from the New York Times, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions."

"I suppose." Cecil frowned slightly, "What for?"

"Oh, it's just for an upcoming article I'm going to be writing. It's about society's troubled youth, and the efforts being made to help them out. You're one of people we're featuring."

"Really?" Cecil raised a brow, pleasantly surprised. "I don't mind, do you want to go someplace quieter?"

"Yes, yes what did you have in mind?"

Cecil waved a hand dismissively, "Oh it's just my office."

He chose to ignore the look of disappointment on the man's face. Although he rarely thought about his previous life, there were little safeguards that Cecil never got over.

The office was soundproofed, created so that Cecil could have a place to carry out all of the business aspects on his studio without distractions. Leo had suggested creating the addition when the extra bedroom in their apartment started to become too cluttered with paper. The sound proofing was in consideration for Leo. After some time, Cecil had discovered that Leo wasn't as socially outgoing as himself, and enjoyed his solitude. Cecil just wanted to make sure that it was isolated enough that Leo would feel comfortable, yet close enough that they could reach each other at any time.

Unsurprisingly, that was who he found lounging on the couch when he opened the door. Brian looked somewhat startled; Leo was in uniform, and being such a physically fit man, this combination often caused people some surprise. Which was how Cecil liked it. "This is Brian McHill, he's from the New York Times." Cecil explained.

Leo stood and shook the man's hand, then sat back down. Brian looked confused for a moment, but when he noticed that Cecil had no intention of asking Leo to leave, he sat down across from Cecil's desk. He cleared his throat and then took out a recorder and placed it carefully on the desk. "Well, let's get started shall we?"

By the end of the interview, Cecil's mind was running in circles. He had no idea that he was so well known outside of his little world. Brian had spoken to him as if he had just started the next big thing. He didn't see how his dance studio was so different from other community centers, such as the YMCA and the Boy's and Girl's Clubs. All of them strove to make a difference, but he had no idea that so many people had taken a liking to his studio.

Apparently, people had been writing newspaper articles all across the city about his studio, and even the local police force had taken notice of the drop in crime in his section of Brooklyn. It was such a novelty, and Cecil had no idea it was happening.

Leo, on the other hand, didn't seem surprised.

"I don't understand." Cecil remarked for the fifth time, his brow still knotted in confusion as he mopped the dance floor. The sun had long since fell under the horizon; Cecil often stayed late to wrap things up.

Instead of answering, Leo responded with a grunt from the cupboard, and reached down to pick up another pile of clean towels to place inside. As the studio gained popularity, Cecil found that it took longer to clean up and prepare for the next day, so Leo would stay with him to help.

Cecil sighed in frustration. "Are you even listening?"

"Of course, love." Leo replied absentmindedly, grunting as he lifted the heavy speakers up from the floor and safely into place on the shelf above. He didn't seem surprised to find Cecil glaring at him when he turned back around, rather he bore an expression of amusement.

"It's not funny!" Cecil folded his arms across his chest. "I'm really serious."

Leo sauntered over to him with a smirk on his face that hinted that there was more beneath the surface. "Why don't you understand?" He asked, tugging the mop out of Cecil's hand and resting it against the wall.

"I don't know." Cecil groaned. He was having trouble understanding how he could move up so quickly. Just a couple of years ago, no one outside of a five block radius from his house knew his name. How could the New York Times themselves know about him and his little studio?

"Come, talk." Leo suggested, tugging Cecil into the direction of his office.

Cecil rolled his eyes, knowing immediately what Leo had in mind, but he allowing himself to be dragged into the office. He wouldn't admit it, but he had been feeling deprived lately. Between Leo's job and his studio, they barely had enough time to talk. When they did have more than an hour of free time, they were both usually too tired to do much more than sleep.

"Tell me." Leo commanded, laying down on the couch and pulling Cecil on top of him so that he stared down at the soldier, legs on either side of his body.

Cecil nodded, and began slowly removing the buttons on Leo's shirt in a slow, relaxed manner, almost as if it was an after thought. "I'm not used to normal attention like this."

Leo motioned for Cecil to continue, and idly began tracing slow, circular patterns on his hips. Cecil could feel himself relaxing as Leo's thumbs moved around, dipping down lower with each motion. "It makes me nervous."

He pushed the shirt from Leo's shoulders, and exposed the white shirt underneath. He briefly lingered on Leo's biceps, and marveled at how he always felt awe when looking at them. He realized how much strength was encased in those muscles, and yet how gentle Leo was. It was a contradiction in and of itself.

Cecil lifted his arms to allow Leo to push the undershirt up and over his head, then eagerly dropped them back down again to do the same to Leo.

He was tanned; a perfect chest stared up at him, one that was hairless save for a trail of dark hair starting at his navel and disappearing beneath the waistband of his pants. The first time Cecil had seen Leo shirtless had also been the first time they'd had sex. It had been an exhilarating time for him, because that was the first time he'd seen Leo with a truly unguarded expression on his face. And the sex had been phenomenal.

Leo's ministrations on his hips migrated below to his cheeks, where they began sensually massaging the flesh. Cecil shivered at the feeling. Each squeeze brought Leo tantalizingly close to the center of his ass, yet each release retreated back to the outer expanses. He pushed back on the contact ever so slightly, yet not too much. Leo had a sadistic side when it came to denying Cecil what he wanted.

Almost as if he knew what Cecil was thinking, Leo smirked and slowed down, but he didn't stop. Cecil sent him a warning glare before he began running his hands up and down Leo's chest. He marveled at the way Leo tightened his grip when he ghosted over dusty nipples and smiled. Soon Leo's control would fail, and he would see that raw, animalistic side he so desired.

He bent down and placed his mouth over one of the nubs, feeling a rush of excitement as the slightly salty taste of sweat filled his mouth. He lightly grazed his teeth over the surface of the skin, then licked softly. His hand came up to toy with Leo's left nipple, and he smirked against Leo's skin when he began to feel the first signs of arousal against his inner thigh.

Cecil lifted his head from Leo's chest and kissed his way up. Leo was staring down at him with a clouded, pleased look in his eyes. This was how it always started. He would let Cecil have his way for a while, until his control snapped and he finally started doing what Cecil wanted. Cecil paused at Leo's neck, and swirled his tongue around the mark he'd made last night. It was now a lovely shade of purple.

Below the previous hickey, Cecil began sucking and biting to create a new one. Leo's co-workers often teased him for having a werewolf as a partner, but Cecil didn't care. It would ward off any unwanted attention. After giving his handy work one last nip, Cecil slid up to Leo's face, where he placed a teasing peck on Leo's lips, before pulling away.

Leo's eyes darkened, but he didn't force it. Instead, he hooked his fingers under Cecil's waistband and slowly tugged them over his hips. In the beginning, Leo wouldn't even do that. It made for a sexually frustrated, often angry Cecil during their earlier intimacies. It wasn't until Cecil threatened to go back to selling himself in order to get relief that Leo finally stepped up.

Cecil lifted his hips to allow Leo to pull his pants down, but when he came down, he deliberately placed himself over Leo's crotch. He felt a thrill of excitement sweep through him at the feeling of Leo's semi-hard cock resting between his buttocks. Leo let out his first sound of the night, a small grunt, yet he still sat there and allowed Cecil to continue running his hands all over his body.

No matter, he thought as he traced the hard lines of Leo's abs, he'll come around soon enough.

"Tell me, Leo." Cecil remarked, his lips brushing against Leo's. "Am I beautiful?"

The smell of peppermint gum washed over Cecil's face as Leo opened his mouth, "Sim."

"Kiss this beautiful person then." Cecil commanded. Leo dug his nails into Cecil's spine at the request, which was a sign that he was beginning to struggle. Cecil grinned, and gave a teasing roll to his hips, allowing his clothed ass to brush up against the fabric of Leo's pants. Oh, he never tired of that feeling.

Apparently, neither did Leo. His hands immediately dropped to Cecil's hips, where they tightened in a death grip. Cecil knew better than to try and resist Leo's hold, "Leo..." He whined, bringing his hands up to tangle in Leo's hair. "Kiss me, please."

Leo growled low in his throat and lurched forward, but instead of making contact with Cecil's lips, he turned his head to the side and latched onto Cecil's neck, where he began making a mark of his own. Cecil attempted to shift, hoping to cause a stronger reaction in Leo. A strong bite to his neck and Leo's relentless grip told him it wasn't worth it.

Oh gosh, Cecil moaned, as Leo began furiously working at his neck. His fingers scratched at Leo's scalp, and he pressed his chest against Leo's. His skin was hot; Cecil could feel a damp sweat starting to form. He let out a squeal of surprise when Leo pushed his hips up to grind into Cecil. This was new.


"—Shut up." Leo growled against the skin of Cecil's neck, silencing him more with the shock of his words than the actual command. Slowly however, shock became replaced with delight and excitement when Leo grasped Cecil's thigh and pushed him back against the couch in one swift motion. He raised his mouth from Cecil's neck to stare into his eyes. He licked his lips slowly, then lowered his head once more to rest at Cecil's nipples.

Though Cecil tried to emulate the sucks and bites and licks that Leo inflicted upon him, he still thought he couldn't touch the skills that Leo was showcasing now. Every action seemed to have a purpose, whether it was to cause delicious shivers with a lick, or a jolt of pleasure with a nip. He couldn't control himself as well as Leo could, and was voicing his contentment to the ceiling in no time.

"Oh gosh..." Cecil whimpered as the attention his nipples were receiving began to head south. The fabric of his briefs were becoming more constricting, and yet it heightened his pleasure level from the friction it provided when he rolled his hips. Of course, Leo was having none of that. Once he reached the point of sexual pleasure that tossed aside his inhibitions, Leo desired to be in full control. He placed a hand on Cecil's stomach to still his hips, while reaching down to his own pants to pull them down his hips. All the while, his mouth never stopped abusing Cecil's nipples, which were becoming quite swollen.

"Fuck!" Cecil cried out after a particularly hard bite to his nipples. His hands trailed down Leo's back, leaving thin red lines in their wake. He could feel a small bit of liquid begin to leak from the tip of his cock, which was a sign that he needed more. He had no problems voicing his opinion either, "Leo..." He whined, "More."

Leo smiled around the mound of flesh in his mouth, before releasing it with a loud pop. His eyes were that lovely dark cloud of lust that Cecil loved so much, and his lips were glistening with his own saliva. Cecil grasped the sides of Leo's face with his hands and pulled it upwards to meet his own lips. He couldn't wait any longer to taste those lips. They tasted of coffee and strawberries and Leo all bunched up into one seductive mass of flesh that he couldn't wait to devour. He attacked Leo's lips with just as much vigor as Leo released on his nipples.

He battled hard for control. It was a game they played all the time. Cecil liked to pretend that he was in control, but they both knew that Leo was too skilled and too seductive to fall prey to Cecil's small bites and suckles. Leo would let him have his fun; he would let Cecil push his tongue through every crevice of his mouth, before he would take over and make Cecil wish he'd submitted from the beginning. Tonight was no different. Cecil was defenseless against Leo's skilled lips and tongue. They massaged his own like never before, and sent sparks shooting down his spine.

Cecil could feel the excitement building. By now, there was more than a healthy patch of wetness on his underwear, and the constriction was before more and more painful and less and less pleasurable. He struggled against Leo's hold, "Please.. I want more!"

Without breaking the kiss, Leo separated from Cecil's body long enough to pull the last article of clothing off of the both of them. When he dropped back down again to resume contact, a shocking, thrumming heat made itself known against his thigh. It sent a wave of anticipation through him, and he could feel his cock answering the call. He wouldn't be able to take much more of this teasing.

As if he could read his mind, Leo finally moved his hand from Cecil's stomach and dropped it down to grasp at Cecil's length. A long, drawn out moan expelled itself from Cecil's lungs and into Leo's mouth. He wrapped his arms around Leo's shoulders and gripped at them tightly as Leo began moving his hand up and down his shaft. His hand was rough and calloused, which was something Cecil never tired of. It stimulated him like nothing else, with the bumps and dips that covered the surface of Leo's palm.

Leo worked slowly, taking his time to tease every square inch of Cecil's cock. He even dipped lower to squeeze and massage Cecil's balls, before he would slide back up to the very tip. With each stroke, he brought more and more pre-cum out of Cecil, until the sound of slick stroking and Cecil's own increasingly heated moans filled the room. Cecil tried to drag it out as much as possible, but soon he couldn't take it. He bucked his hips up once to meet the downward motion of Leo's hand, and all contact was immediately removed from his cock.

As always, Cecil growled in frustration. Leo broke the kiss and smiled down at Cecil, but instead of moving to prepare Cecil, like he usually did after a hand job, he slid back down to Cecil's crotch and without much warning, took the whole of Cecil's length into his mouth.

Sound proofing or not, Cecil was sure that had anyone been in the dance studio outside, they would have heard him scream. It was in both intense pleasure and shock. Apparently, tonight was a night of surprises, because Leo didn't usually suck him off. That was Cecil's forte, and he liked to use it as much as possible. Leo's skill was in pounding Cecil until he couldn't walk anymore, and he liked it just the way it was.

Cecil never got blow jobs very often. Occasionally he would have that one client who had fetish for being dominated, and so would suck him off, but they were never good at it. This was something new entirely. Now he understood why people enjoyed it so. He was enveloped in sweet, hot, wet warmth that covered his whole cock. Leo didn't seem to have a problem deep-throating him from the start, and if Cecil had been thinking straight, he would have asked where Leo learned to do it.

At the same time that Leo was making Cecil go blind with pleasure by bringing him into his mouth, he brought his fingers around to Cecil's cheeks, and gently spread them apart to find his hole. Cecil was aware of the action, and could feel his body instinctively tensing up, but Leo swallowed around his cock and all rational thought went out the window. Leo took that chance to insert a single digit up into his hole. He was aware of the intrusion, but his body didn't seem to care about it, as what was going on with his cock was enough to block out all other alarms.

Leo's tongue explored his cock in sensitive places that Cecil didn't even know he had. He felt as if he was giving himself a blowjob, because all of the little tricks he used on Leo were being put to good use on him. He understood how different areas made him feel different things. Like the spot under his head that made his toes curl. Or the gentle squeezing of his balls that built up a sensual pressure in him that told him that it wouldn't be very long before he would blow his load into Leo's mouth.

With the addition of a second finger, Leo began to stretch his walls. This simple action doubled the pleasure Cecil was feeling. After they had first had sex, Cecil discovered that he liked the act more than the typical person. It was nice, for one, not to feel like he was being ripped apart. Secondly, Leo knew how to make stretching more than what it was. He would alternate between stretching and thrusting to give Cecil the most pleasurable experience. If he managed to survive the prep without coming to orgasm, when Leo finally did enter him, it made him all the more sensitive.

Cecil knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Leo's fingers began to pick up the pace in tempo with the bobbing of his head. Cecil was bucking his hips with abandon, trying hard to get as deep into Leo's mouth as possible, while at the same time getting Leo's fingers as deep into him as he could. He felt a steady pressure begin to build up, and his grip begin to tighten on Leo's hair. "I can't! Leo!"

He mouth opened in a loud, high pitched scream, and his hips arched upwards as his orgasm crashed through him in one wave after another. He released into Leo's mouth, and after each shot Leo swallowed, which only intensified Cecil's orgasm. He shook as his mind was enveloped in pure pleasure, with nothing else to think about.

Cecil's return to Earth was slow and hazy. Every so often he could feel his hips twitch with an aftershock, and he let out a small moan when Leo finally removed his mouth from his shaft, as he was still very sensitive. He watched as Leo made quick work of the last piece of fabric covering his member, and quickly lubed himself up. He positioned himself with Cecil's legs over his shoulders, his hands gripping Cecil's hips, and thrust in with one swift motion.

Cecil whimpered slightly, but the pain wasn't too much. He was relaxed from his orgasm, and Leo had done a good job of preparing him. No, it was the sensitivity that was getting to him. He still felt overstimulated from the blowjob and orgasm he'd just received, and was not prepared for Leo to enter him just yet.

Leo's grip was tight, Cecil could see his muscles contracting and expanding as Leo struggled to keep himself from pounding into Cecil. Cecil always admired the control that Leo had over himself, for his clients never restrained themselves to give him time to get used to the intrusion. Instead, Leo brought down one of his hands to stimulate Cecil's member, although he was having no trouble getting it up again. That was just fine. He wanted Leo to think he was ready, because he wanted to be fucked.

It took no more than a few strokes before Cecil started to move his hips, so Leo took that as a sign that he could move as well. He shifted his grip to grasp Cecil's leg firmly in it's place on his shoulder, and began a slow roll of his hips.

The stimulation he received from penetration was on a completely different level than the blowjob Leo had given him. It was deeper, more widespread, and gave him a sense of connection that nothing else could. Leo never failed to amaze him each time they had sex. He was large, to put it mildly, so Cecil was filled to the brim. Leo seemed to know exactly where Cecil's sweet spot was, and always entered on that angle.

Leo's slow roll focused on Cecil's prostate, which built up Cecil's sensitivity even more than it was. He let out a small moan, and began to move his hips in rhythm with Leo's motions. They began to build up a steadily increasing tempo, until Cecil was crying out his approvals and Leo was slamming into Cecil with unguarded strength.

"...Harder!" Cecil demanded, even as the back of his head was slamming into the arm of the couch behind him. His ass was burning pleasantly, while at the same time extreme pleasure was building up inside him as Leo struck gold with each thrust.

At Cecil's command, Leo quickly released Cecil's legs and twisted him around to where he was now on his hands and knees. Leo repositioned himself, one knee on the couch and the leg other supporting himself on the floor, and increased the strength of his thrusts, all without losing the quickness. Cecil moaned his appreciation, as the new position not only allowed for harder thrusts, but there was an increase in the depth of Leo's thrusts as well.

"Yes..." Cecil moaned, gripping the edge of the couch tightly. He felt pressure begin to build up in his abdomen; I'm so close! Leo released one of Cecil's hips from his death grip and reached around to roughly fist Cecil's cock. "Leo... I'm just—"

Leo growled low in his throat, his hips now slamming into Cecil with so much speed that Cecil couldn't keep up the tempo. He was thrusting into Leo's hand while at the same time trying to get Leo as deep into him as possible. "Fuck! I can't!"

It came suddenly. Harder than before, and with so much intensity that Cecil's vision went white. His mouth opened to release a sound that sounded like something between a scream and a garbled version of Leo's name. He went stock still, and clenched rhythmically around Leo, as he shot creamy liquid into Leo's hand.

He collapsed completely when it was over, exhausted by the sheer intensity of it all. Behind him, Leo was still thrusting into him, but it didn't take more than a couple thrusts of hiships to bring him over the edge. He buried himself into Cecil and his grip tightened to painful proportions. Cecil sighed as he felt that hot liquid fill him in spurts, and hear Leo growl out his name. There were times when they would come together, which was an amazing experience, but Cecil enjoyed this in a special way. It brought him joy to hear Leo say him name in such a raw way, and to see the unguarded expression on his face. It was rare, and tended to disappear not long after their coupling.

Leo pulled out of Cecil before falling down on top of his back. He gave a kiss to the bruise on Cecil's neck, "Eu te amo, Cecil."

Cecil smiled into the fabric of the couch. "I love you too Leo."

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